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Tiresome Tuesday: Kia, The Good Enough Mama, My Friend

Thank you Kia from Good Enough Mama for this idea!

Kia wrote a particularly vitriolic, authentic and fascinating post about the things she’s tired of!  I simply love reading her blog because she is so fascinatingly real.

I crave real these days.

Anyway, I read her post a few minutes ago and I decided that I feel so much the same way she feels these days.  So while I can’t hope to be as entertaining or neologistic as Kia, here’s a list of things I’m tired of of which I’m tired.

1.  Every day, without fail, my sweet three-year-old, whom I am trying to teach how to drink out of an “open big girl cup,” spills highly expensive organic ‘chochat’ almond milk all over my clean kitchen floor.  And it splashes up on the kitchen table, about 6 feet away on the tile, always hits school papers, and always mixes with cracker crumbs and craisins to make a glue-like, sticky ick mash that inevitably gets tracked by other children’s shoes throughout the home and all over the one light-colored area rug.

Every day, I get down on my hands and knees with a navy wash cloth (leftover from my trousseau when the ‘in’ colors were navy, hunter green and wine,) and clean, swab, scrub and rub this chocolately goo.  And every day I miss countless drops, which then become mixed with bagel crumbs, raisins, banana strings, carpet fuzz, grass and, despite my costly pest control service, ants.

I am tired of this.  It make me feel like a charwoman.  An incredibly over-educated charwoman.

2.  I am tired of my children picking their noses.  Every last one of them.

3.  I love my children’s creativity, but occasionally I grow a tad weary of the messes.  Yes, Edward has innovatively used a basket to become a life-like turtle.  Still yes, he dumped out 200 Hot Wheel cars in order to do so.

4. I am tired of that Jitterbug commercial about the cell phone service with over-sized buttons targeting an older population that is unable to add or retrieve phone numbers from their cell phone.  I am also tired of relatives who actually tape paper to their cell phones with the phone numbers of family members because they, too, are unable to use the phone to retrieve the numbers.  WHY CAN’T THEY JUST USE THIS JITTERBUG SERVICE?

5.  I am tired of trying to make meals for my family…lately my creativity has stopped at offerings like canned Mandarin oranges, plain noodles and re-heated chicken nuggets.

I am so weary.  This exercise, however, has made me feel better.  Thank you Kia!

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5 Comments to “Tiresome Tuesday: Kia, The Good Enough Mama, My Friend”

#1 Posted by kia (good enough mama) (08.10.08 at 10:27 )

Oh man! I could have written that bit about the Hot Wheels that are dumped all over the floor. Even the number of Hot Wheels is similar. We have at least that many, too. Blah. Sometimes creativity is way over-rated.

kia (good enough mama)s last blog post..Tiresome Tuesday

#2 Posted by Elle (08.10.08 at 18:49 )

We’ve got at least that many hot wheels and then 3 bins of legos and why do they always dump out the whole bin???? I’m tired of being tired.

#3 Posted by Patty O. (09.10.08 at 14:26 )

Oh boy, can I relate. I especially love that you called yourself an overeducated char-woman. That is EXACTLY how I feel. I may be stealing this phrase from you. I often think (while on my hands and knees cleaning up a mess or while the kids are crawling over me) that I am wasting my degrees…..

Patty O.s last blog post..What is SPD and why does it matter?

#4 Posted by Tari (10.10.08 at 22:22 )

My office pipes Headline News into the potty and that Jitterbug commercial is on every single time – I hate it too!

And if my kids dump clean laundry out on the floor to make a boat out of the basket one more time – POW, right in the kisser. 😉

Taris last blog post..A Funny

#5 Posted by andreacook (11.10.08 at 15:46 )

OK. So are you Moi? My daughter puts things on her back and pretends she is a turtle too!!!! Maybe we should arrange for them to marry some day. They are TOO much alike!

andreacooks last blog post..What Do I Want?

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