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Edward’s Solo

I was a nervous wreck last week because Edward was chosen for a solo in a school musical about ancient history.

I became nearly overwrought the morning of the event when he claimed he knew everyone else’s parts.  I assumed he meant he knew their parts to the songs, but in reality he had memorized every speaking and singing part in the entire 45 minute play.

I started to panic.  I could just see him breaking out and usurping the Confucius role, or running over and throwing King Tut out of his couch while belting out a soliloquy.  Not that he would mean to disrupt, it’s just the the drive to entertain is so strong that many times he has been overcome and stage productions such as these have not ended well.

One such example is the time the preacher at our largish church learned that a then two-year-old Edward had memorized “The Lord’s Prayer” and invited him to recite it in front of the whole congregation.  Edward thrilled to the attention and applause, but assumed that he would be called to the stage the next time the congregation gathered.  It was months before he could pass by a congregational event without rushing the stage.

Also not soon forgotten is the spelling bee fiasco of last year when I wrote:

“Spelling Bees are not a place to flex burgeoning acting desires.  Spellmasters are not entertained by a first grader who lavishly calls out to the crowd of 200 in a dramatic Shakespearean voice, ‘What is my word?’”

“First graders who treat Spelling Bees like ‘stage shows’ are quite displeased when disqualified from the bee for accidentally saying an errant letter before correctly spelling their word.  They might cry, flail and break down as they are wrested from the stage by their mother.  In front of 200 people.”

I still haven’t fully recovered…

I am happy to say that while my heart pounded and I prayed furiously, Edward sang his Mesopotanium tribute perfectly!

And when he was finished, he sat down.  Yes, I saw him mouth the other children’s parts throughout much of the play, but he stayed seated.

A big milestone for us!

I thought a few of you might get a kick out of the lyrics to E’s rather utopian song, “The Land Between Two Rivers.”

Day by day, year by year, building a land like no other.  Never stop, never fear, build for your sister and brother.  Two rivers, many people, come together on the land.  One vision, all people, the land between two rivers is our home.

Please also note that E does not thrill to the new nickname his brother has coined for him, “Two Rivers.”

Still, you can imagine how we have augmented the song to fit various situations: “Never stop cleaning your room, never fear handwriting practice, pick up Legos for your sister and brother…”

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8 Comments to “Edward’s Solo”

#1 Posted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up (06.04.10 at 20:07 )

I think that really is a huge milestone. I am a new follower from MBC and I love what you did with your kids heads on the background! Very cute!

.-= The Girl Next Door Grows Up´s last blog ..A Love Letter By You and For You! =-.

#2 Posted by Natalie Spontak (06.04.10 at 21:29 )

Ah, another 2 year old with the Lord’s Prayer memorized. Hannah also had it memorized at 2 and LOVED to recite it for anyone who would listen. Thankfully she never attempted to say it in front of the congragation!

#3 Posted by Mary (07.04.10 at 00:56 )

Wow thats huge! My oldest has the opposite problem. He’d rather hide under his chair than speak to a crow of more than 2 people. His teacher tells me he is making progress and he doesn’t even blush when he answers questions in class.
.-= Mary´s last blog ..The Official Sponsor of Birthday…..We are having a party!!! =-.

#4 Posted by mrsbear (07.04.10 at 09:28 )

I love reading about his (and your) victories. I honestly don’t remember the details of the spelling bee, I didn’t realize it had a difficult ending. I’m kind of an expect the worst kind of mom, so much better to be pleasantly surprised than to be caught unprepared.

Yay, for Mr. Two Rivers.
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..Photographic Evidence =-.

#5 Posted by Patty (07.04.10 at 15:22 )

Oh, that’s great! Glad it went well. I understand as Danny has a few of the same tendencies. I like this sentence:
“it’s just the the drive to entertain is so strong that many times he has been overcome”. This has happened with Danny as well. He LOVES it when people laugh at him so, for example, a couple years ago when he was rehearsing the children’s program for church, it didn’t go well. The kids laughed when he said his part because he used a funny voice. This was bad, because then whenever the rehearsed, he used the same funny, squeaky and annoying voice and thought it was hysterical. he was still too young to understand (I think) that it wasn’t appropriate. Or maybe he just didn’t care.

Luckily, we managed to get the kids to stop laughing during rehearsal, so by the time of the performance, Danny was no longer interested in using a weird voice.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..autism, appearances, and awareness =-.

#6 Posted by kim (07.04.10 at 20:07 )

So thankful everything went well 🙂
.-= kim´s last blog ..Before and After =-.

#7 Posted by Tari (09.04.10 at 10:17 )

go E!
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