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WTH Wednesday: Giant Millipede

Yes, this would be “Moo,” our giant millipede, frolicking in the Little People zoo.  His nickname is “Mills,” after a friend Joseph met at space camp.  (Such an honor for that child.)

Moo/Mills dwells in Kim, the velvet ant’s old abode in Joseph’s room.  A few of you might recall that Kim occupied the former home of the the “last living kindergarten fish” who met his great reward during the summer of 2008.

As I look back through the old comments, I see that many of you are still around.

You are a brave, brave lot, and I salute you!

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11 Comments to “WTH Wednesday: Giant Millipede”

#1 Posted by Elle (31.03.10 at 11:14 )

I’m soooo not into giant millipedes. Kudos for you having one though.

You might want to change your link on our Mclinky. It links to your log in page! I’ll delete it so you can put up a new one 🙂

Thanks for playing What The Hell Wednesday with us!
.-= Elle´s last blog ..What The Hell Wednesday ~ 25 =-.

#2 Posted by kden (31.03.10 at 13:21 )

Worms don’t bother me much but centipedes do, must be the millions of legs.
.-= kden´s last blog ..What The Hell Wednesday # 7 =-.

#3 Posted by Stimey (31.03.10 at 14:57 )

I am completely horrified. Completely.

Good on you for loving the creepy little guy.
.-= Stimey´s last blog ..CSSBS&SSSS*: Day One & Two =-.

#4 Posted by Cassie (31.03.10 at 15:36 )

You keep that creature indoors? Ugh! The kids must love it though!
.-= Cassie´s last blog ..What the Hell Wednesday =-.

#5 Posted by Elizabeth (31.03.10 at 15:48 )

Stimey, I never said I “loved” the creature. Although he is the easiest living thing in this house. Throw some decaying fruit and a few drops of water his way and he’s good for like a week. I highly recommend the pet!

Cassie, yes we keep him indoors…in a secure cage of course : )

#6 Posted by Patty (31.03.10 at 19:35 )

Millipedes and centipedes tend to gross me out. I can handle spiders, beetles, flies, but millipedes give me the willies. Must be something about all the legs, I guess. I love that you guys have one as a pet. That’s my kind of pet: cheap, low-maintenance and if it dies, easily replaced.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..Thoughts while exercising =-.

#7 Posted by Mary (31.03.10 at 20:51 )

EEW Gross. You are a lot nicer mom that I am. I don’t the creepy crawly thing so well.

Glad to see you are back to regular posts. Its nice to “see” you again.

#8 Posted by Stacy (31.03.10 at 21:29 )

Okay, yucky. Sorry I couldn’t do millipede’s or any creepy crawly things. More power to you!

Thanks for joining us today!

#9 Posted by kim (31.03.10 at 21:41 )

So glad we finally get to see him especially after talking about him this weekend
I tell you I have not laughed so hard in a long time
It was a blast to finally see you!!!
We will need to get together again soon!!!!
Much love
.-= kim´s last blog ..Before and After =-.

#10 Posted by Helene (01.04.10 at 01:53 )

Eeeeeewwww, I can’t stand creepy-crawly types of bugs like that!! More power to you!! LOL
.-= Helene´s last blog ..You can pick on me…but do NOT pick on my child =-.

#11 Posted by mrsbear (02.04.10 at 18:58 )

Now that Kim was an exotic creepy-crawly. I don’t mind the millipede personally. I’m good with pretty much anything that is not a cockroach. We get those flying palmetto types here and seriously I have nightmares about getting one of those stuck in my hair. Egads.

We’re also considering letting the seven year old get some manner of reptile. I’m not feeding small mammals to anything. I can appreciate the food chain, I’m just not serving as executioner. Yikes.

And heck yes, I’m still around. You are the bee’s knees. 🙂
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..Recycled Roaches and the Spin Cycle =-.