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When chipmunks infest your car…

Back in the pre-van, salad days when I piled my two then-tiny boys into an early ’90s Camry, our lives were still just as crazed as they are today.  I wasn’t blogging back then, but I wanted to bring you just a taste of that life was like.

(Actually I was looking through old photos in search of a Wordless Wednesday when I came upon these jewels and just couldn’t resist telling this tale.)

One day, I haplessly left a bag of MiDel ginger snaps in the front seat of my car.  The boys were like 15 months and 3 at the time, so the cookies were good for teething and such.  Except one day the bag was in my car, and the next day, it was in the floorboard and the cookies were gone.

I didn’t think too much about it until I was driving around one day and kept hearing squeaking and scurrying in the car’s dashboard area.  Initially I thought it was just the steering wheel “purling” as it was want to do.  But when I hit the brakes hard and cookies rolled out from behind the dashboard, I knew something was up.

Chipmunk infestation!

Here I am banging on the dashboard to release the chipmunk’s hoard:

Now you see me pointing at the cookies and encouraging Pearl, our now-deceased tawny Chihuahua, to attack the beasts.

(She was absolutely the best and funniest dog!  I need to do a post on her sometime because six years later I still miss her terribly.)

Here Pearl begins to grow more interested in the situation.

You can sense the frenzy as Pearl hears the creatures scuttling about the cars’ entrails…

Alas, she is not successful in trapping the creatures, so our first plan is to set a “Have-A-Heart” trap.

Yet the ‘munks are too sharp, and as the days go by and they burrow holes through the back of the seat cushions into the trunk, we realize that we have to get serious.

Yes–that’s an old chicken nugget in the mouse trap.

And yes, it worked.

The babies were safe!

I’ve got another infestation story to tell next week, so stick around!

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16 Comments to “When chipmunks infest your car…”

#1 Posted by the domestic fringe (24.03.10 at 21:25 )

Boy, I’m surprised I don’t have vermin living in my car with all the food crumbs my kids leave around.

Loved the photos!

.-= the domestic fringe´s last blog ..Tuesday’s Nonsense =-.

#2 Posted by Patty (25.03.10 at 09:58 )

Holy cow! Chipmunks in the car. I never thought something like that could happen. I better go clean out my van now! I probably have enough crumbs and food to feed a fleet of chipmunks, though with my luck, I’d get mice or rats or something equally creepy.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..maybe I AM a superhero =-.

#3 Posted by Coreen Trost (25.03.10 at 22:34 )

Oh my gosh! That story beats mine when a friends cat got in my car while I was visiting her in the country and she scared the heck out of me on the way home, in the dark, when she jumped on my lap from the back seat. (I was a very nice friend, who likes cats, and took her all the way back home.) 🙂 Anyway, I would have freaked out at a CHIPMUNK! lol Wow, you and your dog were brave! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your story, it’s a keeper! ~ Coreen
.-= Coreen Trost´s last blog ..Spring Fever =-.

#4 Posted by Cindi (25.03.10 at 23:08 )

Following you from the MBC
would love for you to follow me too. 🙂

#5 Posted by Adoption of Jane (26.03.10 at 23:19 )

Your fist pounding car is too funny!
.-= Adoption of Jane´s last blog ..Weekend Warriors Meme #2 =-.

#6 Posted by mrsbear (28.03.10 at 12:34 )

That is one thing I’ve never considered, vermin infestations. And we’ve got a lot of food stuff rattling around in our minivan at any given time. Ack! I love that Pearl gave it a try. Convenient, even though you weren’t blogging back then, you got a great little photostory out of it.
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..What? I Used to Love Coccoon =-.

#7 Posted by Tonggu Momma (28.03.10 at 14:43 )

I feel guilty, but I am totally laughing over here. Only you…
.-= Tonggu Momma´s last blog ..Sunday Linkage =-.

#8 Posted by Tarasview (28.03.10 at 17:38 )

now THAT is a fabulous story that certainly did need to be told!! Tee hee. love it.

#9 Posted by accidental expert (28.03.10 at 21:55 )

Yikes! That would totally freak me out. I had a friend who discovered a mouse nesting in her car — while she was driving. Almost caused a huge accident. Those rodents can sure be persistent.
.-= accidental expert´s last blog ..Want a Little Challenge? =-.

#10 Posted by the crazy suburban mom (29.03.10 at 06:59 )

Thats hysterical! I have a minipin – not much bigger than a chihuahua …well, bigger but compared to other dogs not that much bigger and those little dogs are so funny! Following you over from harriets comment challenge!

.-= the crazy suburban mom´s last blog ..Film at eleven =-.

#11 Posted by Lynda Young (31.03.10 at 01:22 )

That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time
.-= Lynda Young´s last blog ..The Attitude of Age =-.

#12 Posted by Elizabeth (31.03.10 at 10:52 )

I am so glad to bring joy to so many! One thing I forgot to mention is that I also found other peoples’ garbage in my car. The chipmunks had stolen neighbor’s garbage and were hoarding it in my car…freaky…

#13 Posted by Myles (05.09.14 at 08:45 )

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#14 Posted by Beth (08.08.15 at 15:08 )

I have rodents living in my car. my vehicle. The vermin, suspected as being chipmunks leave acorns hulls in my air intake, pollen filters, engine, under my carpet and even in the roof under my sunroof. Besides, the destruction of my vehicle they have very tiny, dot sized, dark colored mites or lice that are infested in my seats and upholstery. I have bites and whelps from head to toe. The doctors do not know what they are exactly and I can not get rid of the chipmunks. Has anyone ever had this happen to them.

#15 Posted by beth (14.11.15 at 21:30 )

Upon further investigation they rodents where not in fact chipmunks but a much less known type of squirrel, specifically a southern flying squirrel family. Because flying squirrels are strictly nocturnal and move from nest to nest it was difficult for me to id the animal. Unfortunately the animals adapt to livening in close proximity to humans the problem continued for a long time. Once the individuals could be identified so was the cause of the lesions and skin irritation. The rodent can carry mites and louse to humans in-close contact with the nest. They can in fact carry disease known as epidemic typhus. If you have symptoms of high fever, headache, skin rash, sensitivity to light, and stomach symptoms and have been in contact with a nest or an individual like I was, see the refer your physician to the CDC website for correct antibiotics. Thank You to the local doctors and doctor at the CDC for investigating and helping me in this rare but growing issue. Wildlife control should be contacted, exterminators usually do not deal with these issues. I only write this in case anyone else out there happen to them.

#16 Posted by House (18.08.21 at 04:58 )

Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.