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Are those footballs?

Angela at Unexpected Art has started a grand tradition aptly named “Mouth of Babes Monday!”  You post some seriously funny comment, question or observation your children have made recently.

So the other day, Joseph, my 8-year-old, was waiting in the car with his great-grandmama who has been staying with us for a few weeks.  (She is so much fun and has a winning sense of humor!)  Anyway, she relayed this story to me.

A lady got out of her late model Cadillac and headed toward our van.  Edward was apparently riveted to her movements because he asked,

“Grandmama, do you think that lady has footballs tucked up in her shirt..see there?”  Grandmama stifled a laugh and finally answered, “No, son, I don’t think those are footballs.”

He looked incredulous.  “You mean they are her…her…her bosoms???”

“Yes, Joseph, I believe they are,” she answered.

Then his mind must have raced wildly because he sort of muttered under his breath, “I sure hope I don’t ever have to get in the car with someone like her.”

I guess this is all good news???  A healthy dose of stranger danger?

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12 Comments to “Are those footballs?”

#1 Posted by Peanut (30.09.08 at 10:40 )

And bonus… he’s afraid of women with large… uh, bosoms!

Peanuts last blog post..Waiting, waiting…

#2 Posted by Stonefox (30.09.08 at 10:49 )

Actually, Elizabeth, that is not funny seeing that as with age (and vicious children) mine are starting to take on the same shape. SCAR-RY!

#3 Posted by Angela Moore (30.09.08 at 11:16 )

LOL. That is too awesome.

Angela Moores last blog post..Mouth of Babes Monday #7

#4 Posted by Nina (30.09.08 at 12:38 )

Kids crack me up… Funny too funny!

Ninas last blog post..Mommy the TV is broken…..

#5 Posted by Patty O. (30.09.08 at 14:36 )

I LOVE the fact that Edward used the word “bosoms.” I would so love to have a conversation with him! What a smart and articulate, not to mention FUNNY kid!! That’s great!

Patty O.s last blog post..wasted cold

#6 Posted by Jamey (30.09.08 at 15:04 )

that is hilarious!

Jameys last blog post..Temp my Tummy Tuesday

#7 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (30.09.08 at 21:49 )

Footballs, huh? Not sure I want to know what he’d call mine…. 😉

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..You’re Lucky I Can Type At All…

#8 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (30.09.08 at 23:29 )

oh dear.

He’ll probably never want to ride in MY car then.


#9 Posted by Mrsbear (01.10.08 at 00:00 )

rofl. I can see how they might take up a lot of space in the passenger compartment of any vehicle, a couple of footballs stuffed in a shirt. That could smother a kid his size, I’m guessing.

#10 Posted by Christine (01.10.08 at 09:43 )

Well considering boobs are always a topic of conversation in my house since I have girls who so desparately want them. I just think it is so funny he called them bosoms! Who says that anymore?

Christines last blog post..Riddle Me Tuesday

#11 Posted by Tracey (01.10.08 at 16:03 )

Out of the mouth’s of babes. Too cute!

#12 Posted by Danette (05.10.08 at 19:12 )

LOL, that is too funny 🙂

Danettes last blog post..SOOC Saturday: Best buddies