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The Good Day

I felt like a terribly bad mother last night as I dreaded this day.  Not that it was some horrible blood-vial-drawing medical testing day, or IEP meeting day, or any of the other trying days we’ve all had as mothers.

It’s just that Edward had a 9 am soccer game, Joseph had a 9 am baseball game, Sue had a 12 pm soccer game and everyone had a school carnival extravaganza from 3 until 7.  So much stimulation in one day is generally a setup for major tantrums, family disharmony and general filial chaos.

“Apparent Short-Lived Harmony”

“Mild disdain for sibling’s soccer game forcing you to sit in the cold at 9 am on a Saturday.”

I arrived with an overexcited Edward, armed with a passel of gf/cf treats to combat the cotton candy lust and sprinkle cookie bake sale yearnings.  He bounced to his heart’s content, threw a whipped cream pie in the face of a beloved teacher, and met the school mascot.

(Is it just me or do you find this elementary school mascot a tad creepy?)

Still, the unexpected joy of the day came when Edward declared that he planned to play football with a gangly group of boys aged 7 – 16 that had gathered in the school playground.

Initially, my stomach flip flopped.  I tried to steer him back to the giant bouncy slide.  I cajoled him with dye-free jelly beans.  I even agreed to let him drink a glass of lemonade that I am certain was laced with any sort of menacing yellow dye.

Nothing worked.  He was bent on football and he raced on.

I was concerned that he would become upset and tantrum in front of all those children, but I was more worried that he would do precisely that in front of his brother who was a key player on one of the teams.  Balancing their relationship has gotten trying of late as Edward’s personality has gotten a little large for the school and his brother is more of a child who likes to shrink into the background.  Joseph loves his brother, but he is also ten, in a brand new school and trying to be a cool student-athlete.

Edward jumped in and was on fire–tackling 14-year-olds with abandon.  He was quickly recruited by the middle school boys who loved his spunk.  He played amazingly well, handling falls and tackles with aplomb and even calling a few plays.

And then at one point, the taller boys all tossed the ball to E, surrounded him with a wall of fourteenhood, and protected him through a rollicking touchdown.  Everyone cheered and gave E high-fives.

And that child beamed.  He shined.  He was filled with such a joy it was contagious.

I sat there on the sidelines wondering how I ever could have feared for Edward’s future.  Was this not God showing me a picture of His protection of my sweet child as he traveled this difficult life?  How could I continue feeling so full of fear with God’s promises so clear?

Yes I will have to say, as they day closes, it was a good day.

Even the part where I had to “man” some bunjee jumpy bouncy thingy!

(I’m still hoarse from all the warnings!)

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6 Comments to “The Good Day”

#1 Posted by goodfountain (22.03.10 at 16:35 )

Isn’t it great when things turn out precisely opposite of what we expected?

Hooray for a wonderful day!

#2 Posted by mrsbear (22.03.10 at 23:08 )

That makes me so happy for Edward. And you! And Joseph! Simply fantastic.

But that mascot really should be a little less ferocious…
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..Chatting Up the Grandparents on a Saturday =-.

#3 Posted by Stonefox (23.03.10 at 03:30 )

Well I was expecting a little more adventure from your crew (HA!)
.-= Stonefox´s last blog ..Guest Post from John =-.

#4 Posted by kim (23.03.10 at 11:46 )

that is a beautiful story!
So glad things went well 🙂
.-= kim´s last blog ..Before and After =-.

#5 Posted by Tonggu Momma (24.03.10 at 09:45 )

I am so glad y’all had such a wonderful day! And yes! that! mascot! is! creepy! Especially since I once had a nightmare in third grade about how a lion ate my head off.
.-= Tonggu Momma´s last blog ..Succumbing to Temptation =-.

#6 Posted by Patty (25.03.10 at 10:03 )

Wow, this totally brought tears to my eyes. I knew exactly the type of apprehension you were feeling as Edward started playing. I feel that way often with Danny, totally nervous he will do something that will upset the other kids or just make himself look “weird” to them. What a wonderful story about E. And I love how you apply this to God’s protection. So true.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..maybe I AM a superhero =-.