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“Tik Tok” Ke$ha in the School Lunchroom…Really!

So the boys plop in the van excitedly yesterday afternoon.

Joseph delivers the news: “Well, it was an exciting day because a ‘Star’ came to the lunchroom!  You know that ‘Kesha’ girl who sings some song like ‘Tik Tok’?  Well, her brother is in fourth grade, too, and she came to eat lunch with him.  You wouldn’t believe it, Mom.  Those girls were all like coming up to her and getting autographs and screaming.”

My mind races.  I am not up on pop music, but something about this Kesha does ring a bell.

“Mrs. Carter doesn’t  know who this Kesha is either so she Googles her on the Smart Board and up pops her web site and it’s got like this box with her face…so it goes her face, and then a bad word, and then switches to her face.  And Mrs. Carter is trying to cover the whiteboard so nobody can see the bad words…it was awesome!  You don’t even want to know what the bad word was!”

I’m sure I don’t.

My sweet capitalist continues:  “Lots of people were getting autographs on paper towels, and I was wondering how in the world can you sell a paper towel on Ebay?  So I got her to sign my lunch card with a Sharpie.  I figure I can black out my own name, put a gold kinda chain on it and sell it on Ebay for at least a hundred dollars!”

At least!

This whole time Edward is sitting by,  just listening, so I ask, “E, were you in the lunchroom when this Kesha was there?  Did you see her?”  E is not impressed, “She looked old to me, and all these girls were running up there to her but why would they care?  She’s just some kid’s sister!”

We sit down to watch the video and I wish I had recorded their reactions.

“Look at how she is going to jail for all that alcohol drinking!”

“Why would she brush her teeth with ‘jack?’  Why doesn’t she have toothpaste?”

Quickly I realized watching the video was not a smart parenting decision…

Still, this whole experience has given us so much to talk about as a family.

One of the perks of living in the Music City?

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12 Comments to ““Tik Tok” Ke$ha in the School Lunchroom…Really!”

#1 Posted by Carla (13.03.10 at 16:32 )

Guess that could be a perk? But, I don’t know who she is, and now I’m a little scared to google her. 😉
.-= Carla´s last blog ..Lost tooth smiles are the best =-.

#2 Posted by Patty (13.03.10 at 21:57 )

Oh, this is hysterical. The funny thing is my sister loves this Tik Tok song. I had never heard it until I was driving in her car one day. My 5 yo niece knows the lyrics to that song. Scary…. I do like the way Joseph thinks. That kid’s gonna be rich someday.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..sixth sense =-.

#3 Posted by Shelley (14.03.10 at 11:42 )

This is funny! My 5yo autistic son loves this song! (I have a 16yo daughter who is listening to music in her room!) I was told he was singing this song in library the other day..LOL!!!

I don’t like him watching the video..but I don’t mind if the song comes on the radio.

Following from MBC!!

Hope you have a great Sunday 🙂

#4 Posted by elliej (14.03.10 at 13:37 )

Interesting and Entertaining posts you have here. Glad I’m now following. I also subscribed for email, I don’t want to miss an entertaining post. I follow from MBC
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#5 Posted by Harriet (14.03.10 at 16:12 )

Hi there.
I’m just stopping by to see how your comment challenge is going.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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#6 Posted by kim (15.03.10 at 09:39 )

FUNNY and I have no idea who that is ….
Needless to say I won’t google it while the boys are around – hehe
.-= kim´s last blog ..Before and After =-.

#7 Posted by mrsbear (15.03.10 at 15:00 )

Of course I had to Google the video. Never heard of her personally before now, I’m still trying to decipher what part of waking up hungover in a bathtub with one shoe is glamorous. LOL. Brushing your teeth with Jack is just inviting gum disease!
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..The Sickness Shroud =-.

#8 Posted by Elizabeth (15.03.10 at 15:08 )

I would think that Jack tooth brushing would also render your teeth brownish, but then again, I’ve not tried it!

#9 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (15.03.10 at 20:27 )

Sweet innocence…

Not for long.

Enjoy it.

.-= elaine @ peace for the journey´s last blog ..remembering the story… =-.

#10 Posted by sugarplumtreasures (15.03.10 at 23:24 )

following you back from MBC

#11 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (17.03.10 at 00:00 )

OMGosh!!! My 5 year old likes the song but she knows the RADIO version which is somewhat censored and she doesn’t know what it is saying. YouTube can get you in trouble with looking up the lyric versions LOL.

So, did he put his lunch card on eBay? LOL!
.-= hellokittiemama/MT´s last blog ..Giving Big for One Small Wish =-.

#12 Posted by Elizabeth (17.03.10 at 22:46 )

Yes, I have heard about Kesha on American Idol! Thanks to those who let me know that lunch card just quadrupled in value! Can anyone say “college fund?”