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Neopet Disdain

I am not happy with the Burger King establishment.  Not happy at all.

Last week when we went for our weekly BK play date with neighbors, we did purchase BK Kids meals in hopes of procuring these much-touted Neopets.  We received said Neopets, complete with a rinky-rickety “box home” and a supposed “special code” that allows Internet play.  Here’s the home of the lovely “Grundo,” who, thanks to amazingly-progressive toy technology, is able to “move his antennae and arms!”

We frolicked happily in the Burger King wood chips with our Neopet dinosaurs and aliens that were surprisingly quiet and simple.  Everyone was happy.  I waxed poetic over my children’s ability to actually play imaginatively with creatures that don’t shoot a projectile, scream an incomprehensible saying or render a tattoo.

Happiness flew out the window, however, once we loaded everyone into the van.  Sprites were overturned and ketchup-smeared hands soiled Britax car seats.

“Where’s my Neopet’s super-secret code?”  Edward asked, suspiciously.

“Maybe it’s on the box,” Joseph offered.  We scan the box madly.  No code on the box anywhere.

In the meantime, Sue is screaming in her car seat because she just wants.to.hold.the.Neopet.box.  She cares not a whit about any secret code.

“My Neopet will not be web-enabled without a secret code!  He’s not even web-enabled!  I can’t take this!”  Edward warns from the back set.

“OK, let me figure this out,” I promise, always the peacemaker.  I drive the van over to the front door and pop out to peruse a poster advertising these creatures.  The poster alludes to a “code” on the BK Kids bag.

Great. Our bag is deep in the depths of some ketchup-encrusted cess-pool of a waste can.  Even I won’t stoop to digging it out.

I return to the van with the heroic promise that I will buy yet another BK Kid’s meal just so we can have the “delightful” bag.  (Insert other words in the spot where I typed “delightful” but thought a different word.)

I cruise up to the drivethru, order a meal for me (since I didn’t eat) and thrill to receiving the happy bag.  The drive-thru worker, a youngish teen, hands me the bag.

I put the car in park and peruse the bag, scanning desperately for the “secret code” as the youngsters in the back screel desperately, “Where’s the code?  What about the web-enabled code? Do you see the code?” Blah blah blah. I’m a fairly quick read.  I SEE NO CODE.

I unroll my window, lock eyes with the teen, and ask cooly, “Where’s the code, dude?”

“Code?”  He replies, looking bored.  “What code are you talking about?”

“The Neopet code!  The code that allows Neopet Internet play!  The whole raison d’etre behind the BK Kid’s meal!” I’m losing my patience.

“Code?  I don’t know nothin’ about no code.”

“Well,” I reply cooly, “The poster on your FRONT DOOR says the code is on the BK Kid’s bag.  I see no such code.”  The youth snatches the BK Kids meal bag from me and begins to scan it.  “I don’t see a code.  Wait, we did have bags with a code a few days ago.  Don’t have any more of those bags now.”

“This won’t work!”  I slowly begin to raise my voice, “You can’t play on the Internet without a code. I need a code and I NEED IT NOW.”

“Lady,” he drawls, the sweat popping on his slightly furred upper lip, “They don’t pay me enough to keep up this this kind of stuff.  I do not know. That’s all I can tell you.”

I thought about calling for a manager, but when I looked through the drive-thru window at said manager, I decided it just was not worth it.

We enjoyed a fun-filled week with our simple, non-web-enabled pets as they frolicked in the sun, played hide-and-seek and shared our meals.

Here is Sue sharing orange juice with her Neopet:

Fast-forward to today.  We meet our neighbors at BK.  They are eating, but we are having leftovers.  My sweet friend purchases two BK Kid’s meals for her children.  While the children play, she carefully lays out their meals on the hamburger wrapper, two brimming ketchup cups per child, the fries sprinkled beautifully next to the burgers.

It’s BK plating at it’s best.  Even I am getting hungry for BK fare.

She calls her children over to eat, and they rush over.  The three-year-old smiles sweetly as she takes her seat and daintily begins to dip a crispy fry.   The eight-year-old, however, scowls and begins to scan the table in a frenzied manner.

“Mom, mom,” he asks breathlessly, “Where’s the bag?  The BK bag??”

I sense his looming panic and I realize what’s about to transpire.

“Sweetie,” my friend explains patiently, “I threw it away when I got your food out.”

“THREW IT AWAY?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU THREW IT AWAY!  It’s got the Neopet code on it!  The code that allows Internet play!  I’ve got to have that bag, Mom!”

Thus, the Neopet frenzy has driven yet another usually mild-mannered, well-behaved eight-year-old into a raving lunatic.  Here is the coveted code:

Thankfully, we were able to retrieve the discarded bag, my children convinced me to buy just one BK meal so we, too, could finally taste the freedom of a Neopet Code, and we all returned home happy and excited to finally have truly web-enabled pets.

Fast-forward to this evening:

Edward slowly shuffles in, his face pale and wan, “Mommy, I feel like I’m going to pass out.”  I immediately run to his aid because with his hypoglycemia and all, he is a trifle prone to falling out.

“What is it buddy?  How do you feel?”  I ask, concerned.  “So very, very sad, Mommy.  My Neopet…he’s…he’s…dying.”

Apparently these “pets” do not subsist very long without their web-enabled food.  You’d think they would at least hang on for a few hours after the BK Kid’s meal purchase, however.

Gracious heavens alive!  Haven’t we been through enough?

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26 Comments to “Neopet Disdain”

#1 Posted by lindy (20.09.08 at 13:03 )

LOL! I gotta love this post down to the every detail! Web-enabled codes in our family started with Webkinz! Angela got her first at a birthday party 2-3 years ago…but we knew nothing about the beloved code! After the party, we looked and the code tag was missing…..some caring, sweet darling at her birthday party new about the CODE and stole it!
Of course, I had to go buy her a new webkinz, because her only one had no code. Yeah, this company had it all figured out. Loose your code philosophy…”finders keepers..loosers weepers!” Aren’t we teaching our children great lessons?!?

Zoom to today…dear daughter has about 10 or so webkinz….I had to limit her to one a month when she was webkinz crazy…and try to limit it to what she could save up on her own….it was not like she was stuffed animal deprived. She already had a family of Build-a-Bears and variuos other furry friends.

Webkinz trick: your account stays active as long as you buy and add one webkinz a year! So if she never wants to loose her virtual world of webkinz friends she will for life have to buy one webkinz a year to keep her account active! Boy did they ever think this one out!

At least her pets don’t die! I can’t stand the websites that let that happen! Do our children not have to suffer enough pain in this world without virtual suffering?

love you and nice blog…as always!

#2 Posted by kim (20.09.08 at 14:01 )

I am with you – We also got on the website last week and have you seen the games they have on there?!!
We are no longer allowed to play on the website – it is ridiculous!
Have a great Saturday!

kims last blog post..God Stop Friday

#3 Posted by Connie (20.09.08 at 14:32 )

Thanks for a good laugh. Your writing is hysterical. But what we stoop to for corporate America! I’m so glad that my dd is over her webkinz addiction. I remember searching for those things and how expensive they were. Now you can find them everywhere.

What has happened to our children’s imagination? Every toy has to “do” something. Thank goodness for old fashioned reading and writing!

Connies last blog post..Aye! Talk Like A Pirate

#4 Posted by Mrsbear (20.09.08 at 14:36 )

You need to forward this post to a BK exec. Seriously, they need to understand the depth of mayhem their so-called marketing genius creates for us parents. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to field a tantrum because the heavily advertised kid’s meal toy, has either run out or hasn’t been delivered to the local fast food establishment. Not to mention the amount of little crappy plastic toy clutter I’ve got to kick out of my way just to be able to see the floor of their rooms. Grr. Touched a nerve, did ya? This was hilarious btw. 😉 As usual.

Mrsbears last blog post..A Moment’s Peace – Mommy Lesson #143

#5 Posted by autismfamily (20.09.08 at 15:18 )

Wow, we are a BK family too, but went to Mc Donalds the other night after back to school night and sat in parking lot to eat our plain cheeseburgers and fries. No ketchup here, my kids have never had it with their fries or at all. Nick likes lettuce on his burger but whenever I ask for just onions and ketchup for me it gets mustard.

My kids are too old to know about webkinz at 12 and 13, and I am glad. first heard about them last year.

Good luck

autismfamilys last blog post..Concerned about Horticulture and Adaptive PE classes

#6 Posted by Renée aka Mekhismom (20.09.08 at 17:00 )

What a funny and stressful story. My son is too young to know about this but I am sure my day will come. At least now you know about the beloved “code”

Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..Do Something

#7 Posted by wyndsong (20.09.08 at 17:20 )

Ok, that exhausted me just reading it all! I guess that gives me ONE reason to be happy my boys are older and eat twice as much as I do… they aren’t even slightly interested in the kid meals any more! LOL!

wyndsongs last blog post..Homeschooler & Author & Giveaway

#8 Posted by hellokittiemama (20.09.08 at 18:55 )

I am so glad Alex doesn’t like burger king or really any fast food lately – lucky us. I get a BK craving once and a while but wouldn’t even think to do the kids meal. Belle’s been happy getting the wiz of oz dolls from the McD that is in the Wal-Mart.

The web codes – we are resurfacing from Webkinz addiction issues…. I am sure this could happen at my house with the darn neopet.

#9 Posted by On The Verge (20.09.08 at 19:37 )

I can’t help but LMAO on this one. We just went to BK today to get the girls a Neopet. My husband threw the bag away with the code. He didn’t know!!! Oh the horror in my house not having that code!

On The Verges last blog post..What Is Your Ringtone?

#10 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (20.09.08 at 21:17 )

Wow. I had no idea about the exciting codes. Thankfully, neither does Little Man. We were at BK last week and procured a Neopet toy, which LM has yet to play with. I take it your kids saw commercials about the web-enabling?

Thanks, as usual, for the giggles and snorts. Much appreciated!

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..This “Fragile What” Chick is Fan-Fecking-Tab-U-Lous!

#11 Posted by Felicia (21.09.08 at 00:35 )

This post just made my entire night! I was laughing from beginning to end! I am so impressed with the fact that you returen to BK! 🙂

#12 Posted by flit (21.09.08 at 12:56 )

I used to spend WAY too much time on Neopets… never needed a code for the pets though … haven’t seen the BK thing… maybe it’s only in the US

flits last blog post..Reasons to go back to school

#13 Posted by laura phelps (21.09.08 at 15:45 )

are your neo pets plastic? wtf? ours are fabric and small and lame…though the kids LOVE them…and wait…there is a code??? what code??? Oh, we sooooo dodged THAT bullet….

our nightmare involved McD’s and Wizard of Oz toys, that were really BATMAN toys…for the GIRLS…not a Happy meal at all…and an even UNhappier car ride home.

laura phelpss last blog post..He’s just a man who can’t say "NO"

#14 Posted by andreacook (21.09.08 at 20:37 )

You are so cute! My hubby and I just read this together and giggled so much. We wish you and your family lived closer to us! We also have that blue IKEA cup. Enjoyed your story a lot as usual!!!

andreacooks last blog post..Sunday Scribbling: Invitation

#15 Posted by Danette (21.09.08 at 21:33 )

Oh no! I was cracking up laughing reading this post, I don’t think I’d be going back to BK any time soon. And after all that, the trauma at the end is just so sad!

My kids have discovered games on the internet (kid games) but not web-enabled pets yet. I’m not even quite sure what a “web-enabled” pet is or does. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough…

Danettes last blog post.."Go check your schedule!"

#16 Posted by Elle (21.09.08 at 21:48 )

Somehow my kids, and us, missed the code. So unless someone tells them about it or they read your blog, I think I’m in the clear. We’ve got enough with Build-a-Bear and Webkinz. I don’t need Neopets too. Besides, I need to be on the computer blogging.

#17 Posted by architect (21.09.08 at 22:48 )

yup.. i truly understand you.. kids go wild over some happy meal…

they just got to have them..


architects last blog post..Gothic Scene

#18 Posted by jaden (22.09.08 at 14:17 )

Damn you, BK. Damn you and your blasted codes. Is it too sane to ask why they don’t print the codes on the pet itself, or at the very least on the little plastic bag they come in? Why on EARTH would they begin to think that trusty Burger King would be able to put the bags with the right toys?!? hrmm… Seems like a set-up, if you ask me. 😛

jadens last blog post..**Friday Fill-Ins #4**

#19 Posted by elizabeth channel (22.09.08 at 14:53 )

in case anybody reads this my internet has been down since sunday and i can only use my phone to post comments to my own site…weird…can somebody email stone fox heidi at momsministryandmore and tell her my predicamnet…we arr working on something together and i dn’t want her to think i am ignoring her…also can u email alyssa avant lifefrommylaptop and tell her too not sure when internet will be restored so difficult

#20 Posted by shannon (22.09.08 at 17:03 )

Aaww man! don’t they know its a meal for a kid? Now we have to explain death?? That whole things sounds exactly like something we would go through:). We are cheap tho, we all get burgers, fries, and a drink share. My kids get excited when they go somewhere and get their own soda haha. Those toys just drive me batty because that’s how they are when grandma takes them and they get one. Thanks for the laugh today!!


#21 Posted by Patty O. (22.09.08 at 18:41 )

Wow, what an ordeal. This makes me glad I don’t really frequent BK (not for any moral or health reasons; it’s just that Wendy’s is cheaper and their drive-thru is much easier to get to than BK’s in my town.) I would have seriously wanted to throttle that worker who blew you off. He obviously has no children. Thanks for the laugh–and the glimpse of what I am sure is to come in my household as the kids get older. Sigh.

Patty O.s last blog post..at what point do you have to let go?

#22 Posted by Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom! (22.09.08 at 19:39 )

LOL, my friend just went through this same ordeal with her daughter and son.

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!s last blog post..True friends are there for the grunt work.

#23 Posted by shooter (03.11.08 at 18:17 )

Actually Neopets has no web enabling codes that I know of, the codes are to get rare items for your pet, you create the pet online free of charge and play with, its not like webkinz, you dont have to buy a plushie to play, and the codes on the plushies like you get at wal mart are for items on the site, you are not actually creating that pet. Anyway, I am sorry this happened to you, even knowing what the code actually is we had a meltdown too the day we found out to late they ran out of bags, my kids were so upset, I was too, the codes go on my account, lol, I have played Neopets for 39 months, have well over 5 mil points and am totally addicted to the point I have gone premium which means I pay monthly to get even more free stuff. I love the site, just wanted to clarify that the codes are just for free items.

#24 Posted by Elizabeth (03.11.08 at 22:46 )

Hey Shooter! I tried to email you directly but if bounced. Thanks for the clarification! I’ve got a few leftover codes if you’d like them. Thankfully we’re done with neopets! Email me directly (elizabeth@threechannels.com) if you need them!

Thanks again!

#25 Posted by Anonymous (14.12.08 at 12:26 )

Neopet accounts are free. You don’t need a code, it just gives you extra items. Also, neopets can’t die. They can have the “dying” status, but they will never actually die. It means they are hungry.

#26 Posted by Cyan (18.12.08 at 21:05 )

I had the same experience at Burger King when I got a kid’s meal in a regular, code-less bag. Burger King had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for a bag with a code on it, so I left empty-handed.

If it makes you feel any better, though (I doubt it will) Neopets is free to play without any kind of code. As some earlier commenters said, the code on the bag just gives out a free item.