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Luge Glasses

“See, we got all the ice out of the sandbox and we’re buildin’ our own Luge! Just like the Lympics!  Sorta like a puzzle!  It’s gonna go so faaaast!  Just watch and see!”


“Da, deh, deh da da da da da…you know the Lympics song?”


“It’s gonna be so speedy, we’re gonna need some special glasses to protect our eyes!”





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#1 Posted by Lisa - Alterity (01.03.10 at 13:30 )

Awww…how cute! Your own little Lympics in your back yard! The kids look like they had a lot of fun 🙂
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#2 Posted by kim (01.03.10 at 15:52 )

Goodness I do not envy you and all that snow
I am loving our sun and 50 degrees and this weekend it will be 65 and sunny
AAHH perfect 🙂
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#3 Posted by Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom (01.03.10 at 17:17 )

I miss snow… glad you have found some great ways to enjoy it and the ‘lympics 🙂
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Heather from Couponning101
Acting Balanced
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#4 Posted by mrsbear (01.03.10 at 17:37 )

So glad to see safety comes first with your clan. 😉
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#5 Posted by Stonefox (02.03.10 at 01:44 )

Ha!! Love it! (Can you believe we are in shorts and T-shirts here?!) So glad to be catching up with you.
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#6 Posted by April (02.03.10 at 09:32 )

Looks like you had a lot of fun 😀
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#7 Posted by Tari (02.03.10 at 13:31 )

nice that they picked the sport someone died in – it’s always good to know that kids love to be safe.
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#8 Posted by Patty (02.03.10 at 18:50 )

This is too, too funny!

#9 Posted by Ada (03.03.10 at 07:30 )

Wow that is so beautiful.. Looks like kids had fun. Love winter time.. I haven’t experience it then… I am from March comments
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#10 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (03.03.10 at 12:35 )


Priceless 🙂 🙂

Looks like they need to freeze over the sandbox a few more times to get a bigger track 🙂
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#11 Posted by Elizabeth (03.03.10 at 14:20 )

Don’t think they didn’t ask to turn on the hose…more than once : )

#12 Posted by Three Channels » We all scream for snow cream…right? (08.03.10 at 14:05 )

[…] Luge Glasses […]

#13 Posted by Vic (09.03.10 at 17:25 )

Nice! That’s such a natural look for them. Next thing you know they will be olympic athletes!
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