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What The Heck Wednesday




Posted on 24 February '10 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.

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#1 Posted by Tari (24.02.10 at 21:06 )

you know the dog didn’t do it. a cat broke in, locked up the dog, and made the mess. the cat then glued the dog to that spot on the couch.

you have to watch out for cats.
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#2 Posted by Elle (24.02.10 at 22:18 )

Pictures really are worth a thousand words! LOL! Glad to catch up with you again!

Thanks for playing.
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#3 Posted by Tarasview (24.02.10 at 23:48 )

and just look at that dog trying to look all sweet and innocent! great picture 🙂
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#4 Posted by Stimey (25.02.10 at 01:17 )

Oh, that sweet dog couldn’t have done that. No way.
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#5 Posted by Carla (25.02.10 at 01:24 )

Oh those puppy dog eyes in the first photo…that sweet little doggy so totally didn’t do that mess….totally.

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#6 Posted by Julie (25.02.10 at 08:45 )

Uh-oh! That looks like something my Dixie would do. *sigh* If we can keep a sense of humor about it, though, then we’re good!!!
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#7 Posted by kim (25.02.10 at 13:33 )

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#8 Posted by Tonggu Momma (25.02.10 at 22:12 )

Uh-oh. Well… at least it’s not vomit. Although maybe that came later?
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#9 Posted by mrsbear (27.02.10 at 21:49 )

Of course, at that point, the only logical thing to do is snap a picture…before you strangle the dog.
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