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Only Betty!


H’s great-grandmother was a baker of divine cakes–some homemade–but most, I am told, inspired by Betty Crocker.  She was known to taste a bite of someone else’s cake at a covered dish event and murmur under her breath, “Well, you can tell it’s not Betty!”

My own attempts at gluten-free cakes and cupcakes have been met with comments like “Sort of like quinine,” or “My…hmmm…can I get a glass of water?” or “It reminds me of unflavored corn pone.”  Usually Edward just licks off the frosting and leaves the cake for squirrels, much like this.


That’s why I got so excited a few weeks ago when the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free products showed up at my local grocery.  I made the cupcakes to prepare for Edward’s school Valentine’s party, and paired with some Whole Foods dye-free sugar sprinkles, they were decent.

As Edward explained, “The icing was great, the sprinkles pretty good and the cake is not that bad.”


While these cupcakes looked exactly like their gluten-infused counterparts, they were still dry and crumbly.  Betty’s fine, but we’ll keep looking for the PERFECT gluten-free cupcake!


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4 Comments to “Only Betty!”

#1 Posted by Patty (15.02.10 at 11:33 )

Is Edward casein-free too? Because if not, I think I have a recipe you guys might like. It is a chocolate mousse cake and whoa is it good! It uses no flour, but does use a tablespoon of ground almonds. The rest of the cake consists of 5 eggs, lots of butter and melted chocolate. Let me know and I can send you the recipe. It tastes like really smooth creamy brownies–totally moist and quite rich, but really, really good and pretty easy to make.
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#2 Posted by Patty (15.02.10 at 11:34 )

Oh, and quinine and corn pone? That is hysterical. Are those comments all from Edward? He is a hoot. I wish I had his vocab!
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#3 Posted by Elizabeth (15.02.10 at 17:55 )

Edward is GF/CF, so we don’t do casein although we do eat butter because it is just so hard not to do so!

The quinine and corn pone comments came from my mother!

#4 Posted by Mrsbear (19.02.10 at 00:27 )

“Not bad” seems like an improvement over “can I get a glass of water?” 🙂
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