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A Pencil Sharpener Honesty Lesson


Since I enrolled Edward in social skills immersion public school during October, I have become accustomed to emails from his teachers which usually have subject lines like “A Situation Today,” or “Not sure how to handle this one please help,” or sometimes simply “Edward!”

(Eureka!   You see now why I haven’t blogged lately.  Not that I don’t have any content, per se, but that I haven’t yet built up the emotional stamina required to withstand all this teacher input!)

The latest one involves an award-winning titanium pencil sharpener, a pencil eraser and my second grader.

Apparently Edward approached his teacher with a concern that the pencil sharpener was “broken,” only to be corrected by a well-meaning (and honest) classmate who offered details regarding Edward’s attempts to sharpen the eraser end of the pencil to which Edward retorted something to the effect of “Silence!  Don’t speak about it!” obviously trying to hide the fact that he had indeed shoved the a$$ end of a Ticonderoga into a rather expensive sharpener that was naturally a gift from a classmate’s  attorney-father.


His explanation?  “I thought it would be interesting and entertaining.”

Sound familiar?

So cut to the Office Depot where we are purchasing a new titanium pencil sharpener for the class.  Edward locates the sharpener and approaches the counter where he carefully studies the box while waiting for other patrons to complete their purchases.

“Look–it says this sharpener is three times stronger than steel!” he muses, garnering the attention of the waiting patrons.

“Is that your personal experience with the sharpener?” I ask coyly.

“Uh, no……….ma’am,” he says looking up at me sheepishly.

And then he’s on.  People are looking, he’s got an audience and he is ready!

“This sharpener broke at my school so now I’m sellin’ my brand new Star Wars Lego Separatist Shuttle complete with Nute Gunray, Onaconda Farr and three Droids.  Sellin’ it to pay for the broken titanium sharpener,” he announces, a little too proudly, to the “audience.”

Yes you are, baby.

Yes you are.

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7 Comments to “A Pencil Sharpener Honesty Lesson”

#1 Posted by Crysm (16.02.10 at 22:14 )

oh man. That cracks me up.
.-= Crysm´s last blog ..It’s Just My Luck =-.

#2 Posted by tubalcain (17.02.10 at 01:02 )

Loved reading your latest post. We miss seeing you guys.

#3 Posted by Patty (17.02.10 at 11:47 )

Classic: “Silence! Don’t speak about it!” I just LOVE Edward.

Of course, I am not the one receiving all the emails, nor have I had to buy a new titanium pencil sharpener.

Look at it this way, though, Edward has a very inquisitive, scientific mind…. Is that comforting at all?

As always, it’s a funny post, anyway!
.-= Patty´s last blog ..Groundhog Day, Valentines and Umbrellas =-.

#4 Posted by Elizabeth (17.02.10 at 16:37 )

Thanks for reminding me of the sunny side, Patty : )

#5 Posted by kim (17.02.10 at 20:01 )

Oh my goodness
I love the Silence let’s not speak about it !!
Well at least now he knows what happens when the wrong end goes in the sharpener
And we have been through about 3 pencil sharpeners because for some reason they are a source of fascination!!!
Let’s talk soon – I miss you!!!!
.-= kim´s last blog ..Solar System Project =-.

#6 Posted by Mrsbear (19.02.10 at 00:23 )

I have a problem with donating an award-winning titanium pencil sharpener to a second grade classroom. I hope it wasn’t as exorbitantly priced as it sounds.

Edward has a scientific mind, who are they to restrict his intellectual development?

“I thought it would be interesting and entertaining.”

Clearly, it was both.

.-= Mrsbear´s last blog ..Reason #857 Why I’m a Terrible Mother =-.

#7 Posted by Elizabeth (20.02.10 at 11:04 )

Well, that sharpener set Edward back a cool $34.99. We did sell the Star Wars set online so it’s all good : )