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GF/CF Friday Product Review: Glutino Crackers

Today’s review features Glutino’s Gluten Free Crackers.

First, let me say that these crackers are incredibly attractive.

There is something about the “Glutino” name stamped within the cracker that hearkens memories of fancy Pepperidge Farm cookies.  This nuance, however, is lost on my 6-year-old GF/CF reviewer, Edward, who has been on the diet for 7 months.

Edward was a lover of all thing Ritz as a younger child, so his first inclination was to lick the Glutino cracker.  Apparently, it did not hearken any special Ritz-like memories for him because he refused to try it.  I slathered peanut butter, jelly and honey in an attempt to coax him to try at least a small smattering.  Not even a smackeral.

So, you are left with my opinion, as well as that of Sue, who just turned 3.  Sue thrilled to the cracker as long as it was swimming in jelly.  She is the same way with bread, so I am not sure what that says about this particular cracker.

I will say the cracker has a delightful smell and pleasant crunch.  The next thing the palate is addressed with, however, is a disturbing saltiness.  I am a lover of salt, but this is excessive.  The cracker is almost reminiscent of a Pepperidge Farm Table Water Cracker with a salty, almost bacon soda-ish flavor.  The aftertaste does linger.

I would struggle to eat these crackers.  I tried them with my favorite cheese and they overpowered the cheese.

I don’t see these as winners.

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7 Comments to “GF/CF Friday Product Review: Glutino Crackers”

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#2 Posted by Heidi (29.08.08 at 23:06 )

Overpowered the cheese? Wow, those are some healthy crackers.

Heidis last blog post..Our Examples

#3 Posted by Mrsbear (29.08.08 at 23:50 )

Erg. Sounds nummy. I’m giving you another award. Cause I’m your biggest fan. Try and stop me!

Mrsbears last blog post..It’s Lovely to Be Loved

#4 Posted by autismfamily (30.08.08 at 02:38 )

Those look good. I am tagging you with my first meme I received. It is six unspectacular quirks.

Here is the post with rules:


autismfamilys last blog post..Six Unspectacular Quirks

#5 Posted by hellokittiemama (30.08.08 at 13:41 )

I’m going to post mine this weekend – yesterday when I went to boot up… nothing happened. My husband had to completely redo my laptop when he got home from work… didn’t get it back til this morning!!!

hellokittiemamas last blog post..spinning in circles

#6 Posted by Renee aka MekhisMom (30.08.08 at 22:27 )

Sounds like this will not be on the shopping list. Nope. Salt is the enemy.

Renee aka MekhisMoms last blog post..And a Little More About Me

#7 Posted by Mary (05.09.08 at 20:53 )

Yum! Unfortunately, I can totally sympathize with your poor little boy. I’m allergic to wheat and milk and have done the diet. I’ve since fallen off the bandwagon many times. My allergies aren’t lethal – I just get cold symptoms and a bit fatigued. But I do lose a lot of weight when I’m on my good for me diet. Maybe I’ll try these crackers!

Marys last blog post..Thank you, Mom Bloggers!