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Hot Cross Recorder

“Thought I should let you know, I’m failing Recorder…the only one who can’t do ‘Hot Cross Buns.'”

My mind raced.  Recorder–some sort of online speed spelling bee? Yet another homework checklist organizer?

(I haven’t begun to discuss the adjustments we’ve made during our transformation from homeschooling to public school, but this is a grand example.)

Joseph continued, patiently, “When you achieve your goal, they tie a tiny white string to the end of it and then everyone knows you are a White Belt.”

I reel.  What are we tying a string to, and what’s this about a white belt because the last time I checked, nobody has done Karate since kindergarten.

“Mom,” he drones in that just-turned-ten kind of voice, “That blue plastic thing Grandad bought me from Target when he was trying to find all the school supplies because you hadn’t moved here yet.  That’s the recorder and we play it for music class.”

He continued to regale on the “fancy” Japanese recorders brandished by all classmates other than a suffering fellow called “Henry” who was left to languish with an older brother’s cast-off gray recorder which was, in Joseph’s astute estimation, “more cheap” than his own blue Target option and smelled of  apple sauce.

“Do you think it’s bad that I’m the only one in the Fourth Grade who can’t play ‘Hot Cross Buns?'” he asked, semi-concerned, “Because Mr. A told me today after I tried to play it that I needed a lot more practice.  I mean he said a lot more practice, Mom.”

“I didn’t even know you were playing any musical instruments at all.  How long have you been working on this recorder anyway?” I ask, the panic settling in.

“Eight weeks or so I guess.  Most people are on, like, song number 10, somethin’  ’bout some saints marching.”

This doesn’t sounds good.  This sounds like an “N” in music.

So cut to Friday afternoon.  See what I found in his backpack?



I am so proud of my white belt.

Now we are off to master “Merrily We Roll Along.”

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10 Comments to “Hot Cross Recorder”

#1 Posted by Patty (08.02.10 at 00:34 )

Wow, this school is serious about the recorder, huh? I have never heard of such a thing. I hope Danny’s school doesn’t do something like that when he reaches grade school. I so do not need the stress.

Glad he was able to play Hot Cross Buns. You never know when the ability to play that on the recorder might come in handy.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..Can you hear me now? =-.

#2 Posted by Elizabeth (08.02.10 at 01:06 )

You know I’ve got the other two practicing already! It’s serious business!

#3 Posted by kim (08.02.10 at 11:01 )

we have a recorder but I had no idea C had to actually learn songs on it – HA who know we might end up with an N as well LOL
And honestly I do not care one bit
That is what transitioning from homeschooling to public school has done for me – FREEDOM 🙂
.-= kim´s last blog ..Controversy about Choice =-.

#4 Posted by accidental expert (08.02.10 at 16:18 )

Ah, yes — the recorder. It was the bane of my son’s existence in 4th grade. He could never get the hang of it. I’m happy to report he made it to 6th grade without having to be proficient in the thing.

Love the blue recorder BTW. My kids only had the cheap white ones.

#5 Posted by Carla (08.02.10 at 19:22 )

Way to go “White Belt” Recorder player! 🙂

I can imagine the myriad details that are not part of your routine yet. I’m dreading that…and wondering is it really going to free us up or not? What about the mega amounts of homework? Perhaps we should just continue homeschooling….I can do that with 4 kids in the house, 2 of the preschoolers with attachment issues AND run a business…right?
.-= Carla´s last blog ..paralyzed =-.

#6 Posted by Mrsbear (09.02.10 at 15:55 )

I don’t know what it is about recorders that irritates me so much. My kids have all had their turn with it about the fourth grade level. I think I’m always more irritated that it’s considered an actual instrument when mostly it sounds like a toy whistle.

Glad he got the hot cross buns mastered. It sucks being left behind.
.-= Mrsbear´s last blog ..Dog Days and Not So Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

#7 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (09.02.10 at 16:14 )

Oh, so glad he didn’t have to use one from previous years ago. We always had to use old ones… the thought of that makes me shudder!

At least your son is having music class!


#8 Posted by Tari (17.02.10 at 15:50 )

we’re supposed to get those “belts” too – and it ain’t happenin’. i might be more motivated to urge him on, except his 4th grade teacher let it slip that neither of her two boys ever learned a note on the recorder, but became very adept at pretending to play during concerts. i think that’s our goal – to excel at faking it.
.-= Tari´s last blog ..Team Rubicon Documentary =-.

#9 Posted by Elizabeth (17.02.10 at 16:38 )

A worthy goal, Tari. He’s mastered the fake-singing, so this shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

Thanks for setting the bar so high : )

#10 Posted by Irish (24.10.16 at 01:48 )

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