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A Cluttered Nightstand

Thanks to Monica Brand who posted about this on Twitter, I’m taking the plunge and sharing my cluttered, disruptive nightstand for this discussion hosted by 5 Minutes for Books.

As anyone can see, I have far too many books on my nightstand.  It almost looks like my children have stacked them up this way.  (But I did it.  And yes, I’m sure it breaks all the decorating rules–you should see my house!)

Still the books themselves serve as a peek into my life right now.  And this doesn’t include the stack of homeschooling books on the other side of this desk!

I’m 7 months into the GF/CF diet for my 6-year-old thanks to Healing the Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies by Kenneth Bock.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to truly understand the research behind why this diet works, not only for children on the spectrum, but also for children with allergies, asthma and a few other issues.

I have been reading Different Minds: Gifted Children with AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome and Other Learning Deficits and A Parents Guide to Gifted Children for at least two years now.  They have both helped me tremendously in my attempt at understanding the complex brain of my twice-exceptional child.  I read them and re-read them all the time since they tend to be a tad involved.  I, unfortunately, do not have a particularly complex mind.

Speaking of minds, Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, Transforming the Difficult Child and Raising Your Spirited Child are only a snapshot of the parenting books I have read over the years.  If you don’t think I have “spirited” children, you haven’t seen this:

(Wait til you see the Wordless Wednesday I have planned for tomorrow!)

Gilead has been a simple joy to read over the past few weeks.  I become so inspired reading Marilynne Robinson.  Her writing is refined poetry.  Reading her makes me want to edit and edit and edit.   (Now here’s a woman who could do a lot for Twitter!)  Plus her vocabulary is simply wonderful!  If I want to escape and relax, I reach for this gem!

Lead by the Perfume Stalker and her husband, my small group from church is reading Epic by John Eldredge.  Eldredge writes about life as a story we are thrust into the middle of with little to no explanation until we look to God.  This idea is precisely what led me to begin blogging in the first place.  Blog posts are fragments of my life story, or your life story.  I believe that by writing these fragments I will begin to find patterns in my own life which would direct me toward my part in the larger story God is writing.

And at the top of my teetering pile, always a reminder to breathe.

Yes, Breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life by Keri Wyatt Kent, has been my favorite in a rash of “simply your life” books I have read over the last year. I’m in no way remotely organized, but at least I am not taking two children to two different schools, homeschooling one and trying to run an online book business at the same time.

Baby steps.

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10 Comments to “A Cluttered Nightstand”

#1 Posted by Heidi (27.08.08 at 03:45 )

I’m one of those who can read many books at the same time too. But I have to say your nightstand has mine outnumbered! Happy reading!

Heidis last blog post..Ye Good Ole Neighbors

#2 Posted by Mrsbear (27.08.08 at 09:16 )

Wow, that’s quite a pile. Nothing frivolous there. It would certainly put my considerable fiction pile to shame. I might have to consider posting about my nightstand stack, I guess it’s reflective of me as well, somewhat unpredictable. You on the other hand are deep. 🙂

#3 Posted by Mrsbear (27.08.08 at 09:56 )

Also, I gave you a warm fuzzy award over at my place. It’s under the frog. You’ll figure it out. Happy Wednesday.

Mrsbears last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Warts and All

#4 Posted by andreacook (27.08.08 at 13:38 )

Hey EC! You can tell a lot from a person by the books she reads. And girl, you and I have SO much in common! You know about the long list of diagnoses we have, right? Am I crazy to think that perhaps my girls are just gifted and talented and spirited children? You are reading the books… what do you think? Can you give me a synopsis so I don’t have to read em too? 🙂

#5 Posted by Patty O. (27.08.08 at 14:26 )

Hmmm…. I think I may have to check out some of these books!

#6 Posted by autismfamily (27.08.08 at 19:14 )

That is quite a collection of books. Mine are all over the house in various spots depending on the topic. I was showing Matthew’s aide this AM two books before we headed over to the school for enrollment and tour.

I have the Outof syn has fun book too. Got Temple Grandin’s new book yesterday and need to read it quick so I can be one of the first on amazon and move up the reviewer ranks.

autismfamilys last blog post..Preparing for Enrollment in Middle School

#7 Posted by Jennifer, Snapshot (27.08.08 at 20:55 )

I LOVE the Spirited Child book. I haven’t read Gilead yet, but I’m sure I will sometime.

Thanks for joining in.

#8 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (27.08.08 at 22:01 )

I like this post idea! I might have to copy it. 🙂 Interesting that I have two of the same books on my nightstand! Your pile is waaaaaaay neater than mine, though!

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Big News! BIG! Huge! Ginormous! Gargantuan!!

#9 Posted by andreacook (28.08.08 at 14:16 )

OMGosh. That photo with your daughter in the basket looks oh-too-familiar! That is a common picture in our house too! Sometimes I can’t get any work done b/c kids crawl into my baskets or boxes… I get frustrated, then I realize how adorable they look! Kind of like an Anne Geddes babe on the spectrum! 🙂

#10 Posted by andreacook (28.08.08 at 14:48 )

That stuffed laundry basket idea is sensory input for the kiddos. In fact, at one of our last OT appointments, the OT had a large Rubbermaid container full of plastic balls for my daughter to sit it. The OT recommended letter her do her homework in something like that. I was like, “Yeah, right.” Those balls would be all over the house and they’d devour her homework along with her attention span for the math! Thanks for posting the picts and for commenting on my comments!