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Summer Mumbers


9,854 Times I have asked Sue to stop playing the “pan flute” a well-meaning baby sitter bestowed upon Edward.


Yes, she’s a tiny Ian Anderson…


8 Numbers of bacon slices Sue and Edward felt H should have for his Father’s Day breakfast–that and a cup of mandarin oranges!  I guess nothing says Father’s Day like bacon.


And having lots of help while fixing a sprinkler system in 102-degree weather…


Why puppies and puzzles don’t mix well:


777,777 Number of prayers that have been prayed for sweet Elliot, who is doing quite well after his heart surgery and may actually come home this week!  Thank you for praying!


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14 Comments to “Summer Mumbers”

#1 Posted by Tonggu Momma (22.06.09 at 12:32 )

Nothing says celebration like bacon…. not for Father’s Day or birthdays or Christmas or Mondays or basically any day.

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Happy Father’s Day

#2 Posted by H (22.06.09 at 14:38 )

A pan flute (or pan pipe) is quite different. I believe what you have there is a dollar-store variety plastic recorder. Ian Anderson plays a flute.

The bacon was amazing! Thanks again.

#3 Posted by Elizabeth (22.06.09 at 14:45 )

Yes, I know, spoiled-sport, that it’s not *actually* a pan flute. Yet “recorder” does not sound interesting or melodramatic in the least…

Glad you thrilled to the bacon!

#4 Posted by Helene (22.06.09 at 16:40 )

The plate of bacon cracks me up! Somehow bacon does seem kind of like a very fatherly meal. My husband loves bacon too.

Puppies and puzzles or toddlers and puzzles…which is worst?

Helenes last blog post.."There’s fried zucchini, steamed zucchini, grilled zucchini…all kinds of zucchini"

#5 Posted by Tari (22.06.09 at 22:37 )

that’s some good looking bacon there …

Taris last blog post..The Perfect Father’s Day Activity

#6 Posted by rhemashope (23.06.09 at 14:05 )

Ha! The first thing I thought when I saw the pictures of Sue was ‘but that’s just a recorder!’

That bacon looks so yummy I can taste the syrup and pancakes (GF, of course. 8) ).

So glad Elliot is doing well.

rhemashopes last blog post..Wonder Child

#7 Posted by Tess (23.06.09 at 14:33 )

That plate of bacon looks good-Im so hungry right now-lol!

#8 Posted by Patty (24.06.09 at 15:28 )

My husband would totally agree with your kids that bacon rules. He thinks it should be its own food group and should be enjoyed regularly and in large quantities. I’m sure he’s jealous of your husband!

Glad to hear Elliot is doing well…

Pattys last blog post..summer vacation, SPD-style or help, I need some advice!

#9 Posted by Danette (25.06.09 at 01:30 )

Well, I’m clueless enough to not be able to tell the difference between a “pan flute” and a recorder, so it sounded good to me, lol. On the bright side, at least she’s playing that instead of pot/pan drums. 🙂

Good news about Elliot!

Danettes last blog post..Shop til you drop

#10 Posted by Peanut (26.06.09 at 11:20 )

Ugh, those flutes… Why do they even make them for kids? WHO thought that was a good idea anyways???

That bacon is making me hungry. Mmmmmmm. And it looks like you guys cook your bacon all perfect too, so it’s not all bendy. Me like bacon 🙂

Peanuts last blog post..Every once-in-a-while I get lucky

#11 Posted by Natalie Spontak (26.06.09 at 21:04 )

I think we have that very same puzzle! Is it a sea numbers puzzle with an octopus, turtles, starfish, and seahorses?

#12 Posted by mrsbear (26.06.09 at 23:31 )

Doesn’t bacon make every day a celebration? Mmmm, bacon. 8 just doesn’t seem enough.

We’ve had similar mishaps with puppies and plastic dinosaurs. We can never leave anything lying around here for too long.

So glad to hear Elliot is recovering well!

mrsbears last blog post..Wearing My Anger On The Outside – FFF

#13 Posted by Anonymous (29.06.09 at 07:58 )

It is Zamfir who is the master of the pan flute.

#14 Posted by astarte (11.07.09 at 10:20 )

I love that plate of bacon!!!!!!!!! I’m still laughing! I wonder what they would put on a plate for you? Lettuce? Flowers?

astartes last blog post..Literally Booked Announcement