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Steak-Ummms & Sketchy Internet Connectivity

I haven’t abandoned blogging, but between swimming lessons, irrational bat fear, Huck Finn camp black eyes and trying to teach cursive to a 7-year-old, I’ve had little time online.

Seriously, my Internet connection is sketchy again–it’s up for like 30 seconds at a time–so I’ll be doing short, quick, blog bursts that I’m sure will be a relief to some.  (In fact, I’ve tried to post this for two days and haven’t been able to do so…)

Joseph, who is nine, is quite interested in learning how to prepare food for himself, which I applaud!  H reminisced about his own childhood culinary forays and popped up, not surprisingly, with the Steak-ummm.

(No, I didn’t know they still made that product either.)

H set Joseph up in the kitchen with hot pads, a spatula and a non-stick pan.  He plopped the package proudly on the countertop.

Here is an opportunity to test yourself.  Study this photograph and see if you can determine what’s offensive and troubling about this image.


So Joseph walks over and begins to study the package.  He then quickly tosses it aside like so much filth and cries, “Horrible!  Dad!  Why?  Why? Why would you try to get me to eat horseHorse! Aghhhh!  What is wrong with you?”

H is puzzled, “What are you talking about?  Horse?  What do you mean?  Steak-ummms are pure beef!”

Joseph, a child who can discern diced broccoli hidden in apple muffins, is wary and shrewd: “You can’t fool me.  I know horse when I see it!  Look here–‘Hot, sizzling Philly’…everyone knows philly means horse!”

Mean, mean daddy…

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4 Comments to “Steak-Ummms & Sketchy Internet Connectivity”

#1 Posted by Helene (13.06.09 at 17:22 )

So funny! That Joseph is quite a character…he’s always saying the funniest things!

My dad used to love Steak-Umms. It was the highlight of my day to make him a steak sandwich loaded with sauteed onions and cheese. They were actually pretty good, if you could get past the flat frozen yucky looking meat!

#2 Posted by Kim (14.06.09 at 19:48 )

That is the funniest thing!

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#3 Posted by mrsbear (17.06.09 at 00:25 )

hahahahahaha. Philly. hahahahaha. I would have never guessed. Although he could be right.

mrsbears last blog post..My Sun Scorched Random Tuesday Thoughts

#4 Posted by astarte (11.07.09 at 10:17 )

HAHAHAHA!!! Actually, I wasn’t at all questioning that they might have horsemeat in them until the end there – having eaten them as a child, I wouldn’t have been one BIT surprised!

astartes last blog post..Literally Booked Announcement