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The Joy of Rain

We began our day with Sue’s swimming lessons which have been, by far, the most unusually pleasant swimming lesson engagement I’ve ever experienced with a three-year-old child.

In the past, I found myself chasing smallish boys through mud and trees, seeing tiny boys create a tee tee fountain arc over concrete to the delight of tiny swimmers, and screaming at seemingly-innocent boys to not let a frog or turtle drop into the pool.

I’ve found myself 8 months pregnant donning an unholy maternity swimsuit in a last ditch effort to salvage swimming lessons for a fussy, unexcited brother-to-be.

Sue, however, is cool with the swimming.  She saunters up to the pool, cover-up casually tossed over her shoulder, and sits down on the steps to await her turn.

Sue’s swimming lesson counterparts are two, 2.5-year-old boys.  These boys sob, cry, flee, screel and bargain endlessly for extra Smarties.

Last night Sue was describing the lessons to her daddy:  “I don’t know why I am in this class with these baby boys.  All they do is cry and run and cry, Daddy.  They are babies and I am not a baby.  I am a swimming girl.”

Today began with an overcast sky and slight drizzle.  I wasn’t sure the lessons could commence, but the rain held and Sue swam half the length of the pool to the delight of her “coach” and obvious chagrin of the sobbing, flailing two-year-old boys.  As we pulled out of the driveway, the rain began in earnest, coating the pavement with giant frog-like hopping drops.

I breathed a sigh of relief, for I revel in a rainy Summer day indoors.  Such a grand excuse to feed everyone lunch pancakes and allow them to play unusually noisy games like “hall ball” followed by mandatory solitary book reading.  (That’s my personal favorite.)

And as you might have guessed, the championship game was indeed rained out.  Yet that only gives the White Sox more time to recuperate, more time to contemplate and more time to prepare to DOMINATE!

Yes.  I do love the rain…

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4 Comments to “The Joy of Rain”

#1 Posted by astarte (05.06.09 at 09:03 )

Good for her with the lessons! That’s a girl!!!

I’m sad about the rain. Earlier in the week, it was supposed to have cleared up by today, so I bought the tickets for Josie’s bday trip to Hershey, only to find out yesterday that it’s going to rain all day, everywhere. Poop. BUT, I’m glad for your team, so now I’m not *quite* so upset!!! Go, White Sox!

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#2 Posted by mrsbear (06.06.09 at 02:05 )

It’s been raining here nonstop as well. I’m still in the process of getting my six year old in to a swim class. It will be his first where dad’s not in the pool with him, just the thought fills him with dread. You don’t think you could fax over some of Sue’s courage, do you? Please.

Good luck to the White Sox, hopefully they had plenty of time to recover, once the wet lets up.

#3 Posted by Laura (07.06.09 at 07:31 )

What an awesome post. “hall ball” – I will think of that next time I feel like the walls are closing in on me.

#4 Posted by Patty (08.06.09 at 18:30 )

We just had a rainy day exactly like that today, except that instead of hall ball, my kids built a huge fort in the hall. Good times. It is 5:30 pm and Danny is still in his pjs.

I love Sue’s comments about the baby boys and how she is a swimming girl. She is indeed! I am so impressed with her swimming prowess! And also impressed that she can hold it together while those around her are falling apart. At that age, it is hard to do.

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