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Feral Celts

First I eliminated the PS2 because I grew so weary of my children talking about Count Duku and General Grievous like they were relatives.

I kept the Wii because I felt it was therapeutic in some sense.   After about a day of homeschooling, I nixxed that, too.

For now.

Until I am worn down, yet again.  Which will happen.

(Those of you familiar with my unorthodox discipline techniques can see a little cash coming my way.)

TV got the punt except for a few random Olympics which I felt encouraged an awareness of Geography.

With all things electronic rapidly vanishing, the Leapster, which had languished underneath McD sacks in the back of the van for months, suddenly took a front seat.  Now we are battling over Spiderman math games.  (At least we are reinforcing multiplication tables.)

This lead to a resurgence of interest in Webkins.  I was slightly nervous when they made mention of those creatures because I feared our furry offspring had all passed on from neglect during the past three months.

I was wrong.  They are sturdy critters.

Still, today I took those Webkins away.  Again.

And now I have this:

(See my laptop on my kitchen bar in the background?  Yes, that’s where I blog!)

We studied the Celts today as part of our history curriculum, The Story of the World, Volume 2.  Immediately Edward grabbed a blue magic marker and begged to tint his face blue.  “Go for it!” I encouraged.

Two minutes later everyone was blue and begging to smear animal fat in their hair.

(One child suggested we render fat from a squirrel we could hunt in the back yard…he was quickly hushed.)

They settled for hair gel.

As I write, my children have tugged a fallen tree limb from the “woods” and are chopping away on its rotted trunk with plastic swords and make-shift “Chinese Stars” they have fashioned out of rock pieces.

Here is the place where they hone their stars:

They are being children.

They are filthy with blue faces, covered in insect bites, half-clothed, clutching half-eaten apples in one hand and Star Wars swords in the other.

Thank you God.

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11 Comments to “Feral Celts”

#1 Posted by lindy (22.08.08 at 23:54 )

Thank you for sharing. It warms my heart to know that precious children are being given a full opportunity to be creative children! I never understand the sword and fighting thing…but I gave that up a long time ago…

They truly are precious and God is good! Continue to enjoy them and having fun while “homeschooling”.

#2 Posted by MT (22.08.08 at 23:56 )

omgosh!!!! We had a webkinz resurgence yesterday after visiting a friend. Alex had to tag-along on a playdate for Belle and it was an ‘all girl’ household. Her 7 year old also had a ton of Webkinz so Alex took joy in carrying 59 webkinz downstairs from her room to the couch and then lining them up by species and genus and type, color etc.

So – after at least a month of our webkinz being in ‘their home’ (the frog hamper) today they came out.. same deal, except on my couch this time.

As for the leapster.. ours is outright missing – surely in daddy’s messy office which I dont even go in!!! Alex keeps asking “where’s my leapster?” When I tell him to go help daddy clean his office to find it, he’s not buying that. Caught him on amazon.com trying to buy a new one – apparently they came out with a new version!!!!

Now, as for your ADORABLE children – I love the creativity. I’ll have to show you what happened with blue marker over here…..

#3 Posted by Heidi (23.08.08 at 04:04 )

Sounds like they are being raised in a normal home to me. Wait, did I just say that?

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#4 Posted by danette (23.08.08 at 14:37 )

Wow, sounds like they are quite creative! My guys are creative in their own way, but aren’t much on “playing pretend.”

Right now they are upstairs creating yet another elaborate track, out of Thomas tracks and legos 🙂 At least Bearhug stopped tearing up Cuddlebug’s track and started helping him build :).

danettes last blog post..Stunning revelation (if you’re dh)

#5 Posted by mrsbear0309 (23.08.08 at 16:59 )

What fun! Thanks so much for sharing that. I really admire what you’re doing over there with your feral Celts. Marvelous. I mean it.

mrsbear0309s last blog post..Student Independence Day

#6 Posted by Patty O. (23.08.08 at 17:39 )

You are so awesome!!!! I love letting my kids have free rein sometimes and just going crazy, but most people I know look at me like I am absolutely insane. I think it is great to let them explore and have fun and learn. I just read an article in SI Focus where the author says that she thinks it is great to let kids do things as long as they aren’t hurting anyone or damaging property. I say “Amen, sister!” They are going to remember this stuff when they are adults and realize how lucky they were!

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#7 Posted by autismfamily (23.08.08 at 21:15 )

Great post and pics. My kids are 12 and 13 and don’t have many of these things. The older one likes to draw and read and play Nintendo D but we have games like AnimalHospital and Animal Doctor and spanish coach that he plays to learn.

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#8 Posted by EnchantedDandelions (24.08.08 at 00:38 )

What an AWESOME post! I love seeing pictures of other people’s kids being… well, kids!

Tonight, Isaiah was running around nakkie (middle of potty-learning) wearing a felt crown I made him, his sister’s tu-tu, and plastic sunglasses, pretending to be a cat. 🙂

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#9 Posted by EnchantedDandelions (24.08.08 at 00:42 )

What an AWESOME post! I love seeing pictures of other people’s kids being… well, kids!

Tonight, Isaiah was running around nakkie (middle of potty-learning) wearing a felt crown I made him, his sister’s tu-tu, and plastic sunglasses, pretending to be a cat. 🙂

#10 Posted by Pamela Kramer (25.08.08 at 08:19 )

rofl – We have those light sabors here too! Green and blue. Our kids would play great together. I know what you mean about the count! We don’t have any PS2 or anything, oh no just the computer games. Arg!

Pamela Kramers last blog post..Birthday – Day 144

#11 Posted by Carla (04.09.08 at 01:52 )

all electronics, other than movies during the 2 year old’s naptime, are relegated to Friday after “learning work” through Sunday night. Monday-Friday afternoon are “screen free” except for that darn movie. LOL It’s typically Magic School Bus or something.

and yeah…those same characters seem like family here too *sigh*

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