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Since we were kicked out, deemed unfit for, booted from, asked to leave, encouraged to find other alternative to our horseback riding class, I’ve been smashingly desperate for another activity for Edward.  I had planned a lovely, poetic post about a boy and his horse but I’m a tad bitter disenchanted with all things equine at his point.  Even so, I’ll share a few pictures:

Perhaps it’s for the best.

Anyhoo, yesterday I discovered a local “My Gym” class that sounded promising for our sweet lad.  (One child has some coordination issues and another is partially blind so the coaches are used to working on each child’s level.)  I signed him up on the spot.  (Half the price of the horseback offering, and so, so close to our house.)  Today was our first day.  He was pumped.  Did his version of a cartwheel all over the house, bounced tirelessly on his mini trampoline, hung from his chin-up bar throughout the day, etc.

On the way to the “gym” he asked his typical set of questions about new billboards he was seeing:  “Why would a man want to lose weight?  Don’t all men want to be big?  How does “beatrix” make you lose weight?”  “That’s bariatrics, buddy,” I explained.  “I think it’s the science of weight loss or something like that.”

I thought nothing of it.  A typical conversation.

Whoaa Nelly.

The class went OK.  I won’t bore you with the dull details.  Like the fact that both the coaches are named Zack, so Edward tried to crack a joke about how the coaches were “Zack squared” and nobody got it but me.

What happened directly after the class, however, has got me fretting.

Once the class ends, children are encouraged to get their “socks and shoes and stamperoos.”  Basically they are saying, get out and let the next class in.  So Edward is hustling about trying to find his crocs.  He’s sitting on the floor attempting to wrest his foot into the croc when he pauses and looks up.

I saw the whole thing from across the room where I was attempting to drag Sue out of the “sibling room” where they were debuting a “Care Bears” video.

Instinctively, I knew a less than positive event was unfolding.

In slow motion, I watched as that curly head looked upward toward a rather stout grandmother-type shuttling her granddaughter toward the shoe bin.  That sweet mouth folded into an “o” and before I could get to him, his penetrating voice rang out over the shoeless masses:

“Wow, you are ENORMOUS!  You should try that XYZ ‘beatrix’ place where they use science to help you lose weight…even though you are not a man!”

I cringed.  Everyone had heard.  I was so far away.  Nobody really knew he was my child.  What could I do?  The grandmother quickly gathered her charge and left.  Everyone else looked down uncomfortably…a few couldn’t help but stifle a smile.

In all fairness to my child, this sweet woman was quite possibly the largest person he had ever seen.

Talk about a “teachable moment.”

Still, friends, what on earth will I do next week when faced with this woman?

I’m not going.

I’m sending “H.”

Fresh perspective.

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#1 Posted by Heidi (22.08.08 at 00:49 )

This is hysterical. Boy, ya’ll know how to blaze some trails over there. Hee Hee.

Seriously, that may be what that lady needed to hear to get her motivated. She may thank you for it.

Then again, maybe not.

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#2 Posted by Mom on the Run (22.08.08 at 01:09 )

I would definitely explain his idiosyncracies to his coaches. Could he apologize to the grandmother the next time you see her. I think the grandmother might appreciate the gesture. You could phrase it “I didn’t get a chance to say anything at the last class, but my son would like to say soemthing to you.” Your son should understand that comments about a person’s physical appearance are not acceptable at all. I am sure that you have shared this with him.

#3 Posted by Anonymous (22.08.08 at 08:02 )

Oh, oh, oh!! From over here, that story is hysterical. From where you were- I would have died a thousand deaths right along with you. 🙂 You are a great mom! Never, never forget that!!!!

#4 Posted by danette (22.08.08 at 08:03 )

That’s hilarious, oh wow I’d be soo embarrassed too! We had to have a similar discussion with our boys about commenting on people’s appearance, especially since they truly did not understand it was rude or could hurt someone’s feelings. We did tell them it’s ok to say nice things.

One day while we were at Wendy’s, I was in the restroom and they were waiting by the sink (where I could hear them, of course) and someone else came in. Of course being their friendly selves they started talking to her and I hear, “Wow, you look FANCY!” LOL She kind of hesitated and said, “uh, thanks” After I washed my hands I saw her come back out and ya know, she did look fancy 🙂 She was all dressed up and even had a hat with lace on it. So I guess they were right :).

btw – I love “Zack squared” that’s so cute!! sounds like something my guys would say 🙂

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#5 Posted by acarlson (22.08.08 at 08:03 )

that anonymous post was me- I guess I forgot to write my username!

#6 Posted by mrsbear0309 (22.08.08 at 09:41 )

I’m with you, I would send hubby to the next class just cause my head would be buried so deep in the sand I’d be incapable of driving.

But yeah, speaking practically, a few words of apology could smoothe things. She’s not likely to have forgotten that particular exchange. Especially when it’s phrased so uniquely. 🙂

Gotta say, I do love his perspective. “Don’t men want to be big?” Blogging about that was a no-brainer. 😉 Hope some of that red in your face has come out.

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#7 Posted by Jaden (22.08.08 at 11:24 )

haha, That’s too funny! At least it’s only someone you’ll see weekly… When I was about two, I made a similar comment about my Mom’s boss… He had tapped me on the head as he was walking by, and I yelled across the room to her: “Mommy, who’s that big FAT man?”
I can only imagine how many times she had to apologize.

No worries, I’m sure you’ll have the chance to embarrass him back when he’s older 😛

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#8 Posted by Elizabeth (22.08.08 at 11:40 )

Yes to all of you who are concerned I haven’t addressed this particular exchange with him! I have, I will and I’m sure I’ll have to continually remind him for the next several months. (That’s what I meant by a “teachable moment.”) He really did feel bad about it after we discussed it, and he cried for at least 30 minutes.

This was a biggie, though, and something I thought we had learned last year. And yes, I agree an apology is in order!

Thanks for all the good ideas!

#9 Posted by Karla Akins (22.08.08 at 15:15 )

What a CHARMING blog you have! I can hear your accent clear across the pond. I am a stout lady myself, and I would have giggled and agreed with the boy! But then, I’m a Mom with twins who have autism, and I just never know what they are going to say next. Children are fascinating and honest creatures. I adore them, and once they get past the idea that I’m, er, fluffy (most don’t notice), we get along famously. Thanks for sharing such a sweet, funny story! It made my day!

#10 Posted by MT (22.08.08 at 15:44 )


I would have peed in my pants on the spot.

Actually, I almost did when I read this.

Bummer on the horseback riding but sounds like you found a really cool class/program for him!!!!

#11 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (22.08.08 at 22:54 )

Oh man, I’m totally dying over here! Of laughter and horror all at once. Thanks a lot. That’s classic! I’m truly in awe of your boy. And also so very glad that today, it wasn’t my kid saying something embarassing. 🙂

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#12 Posted by Tara R (23.08.08 at 00:27 )

my son asked a farmer in our town who had lost his arm in a tragic combine accident if Darth Vadar had cut off his arm because he was part of the force.


the farmer looked at him like he was insane.

but then it got worse.

He said “don’t worry. you can just get a pretend arm like Luke got in Star Wars and then you can put it in fire and everything and it won’t hurt!”

The poor farmer is trying to walk away but my son keeps following him suggesting ways he can grow back his arm.

Oh the joys of kids.

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#13 Posted by Patty O. (23.08.08 at 17:46 )

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think this is actually normal. I mean, he didn’t mean to offend anyone, he was just making an observation that was plain for all to see. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but maybe she won’t recognize you next time??? It could happen. Anyway, he’s a kid, he’s bound to make comments like that and I think it is really hard to make kids understand why something like that is inappropriate. It seems to me that it is something that takes kids quite a while to get (and heck, I know quite a few adults who never did quite get that some things shouldn’t be said).

Sorry to ramble, but I think this is an American thing we are hung up on. When I lived in Hong Kong, I learned that the Chinese people just made observations, especially when they saw someone overweight. Two women told me I was fat within the first week I was there, which of course hurt my feelings, until later when I told one I was on a diet and she was totally surprised. She hadn’t said it to insult me, she was just making an observation. OK, I have babbled on enough.

#14 Posted by Jamey (24.08.08 at 11:28 )

Oh my, yes I would be embarresed, But he wasn’t doing it to be mean. Sounds like he was very sorry. I am over weight and sometimes kids say stuff to me, but I know it isn’t cause the want to hurt me, it’s cause it’s true. If I was that lady, I probably would have laughed and said “your’right, I should try that” If she has a problem with your son, that is her problem not his.

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#15 Posted by Three Channels » My Head is Spinning (30.08.08 at 00:55 )

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#16 Posted by Lissi (06.09.08 at 06:05 )

I laughed out loud! I know it must have been so embarrassing in the moment, but children being so innocent it is so very funny. 🙂

Zack squared is pretty clever too.

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