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Real Life Marriage

I adore Absolutely Bananas‘ writing prompts–particularly when I’ve been up and down all night with a son who had a less-than-favorable reaction to some new medicine.  (He’s fine now!)  So 4 cups of coffee later, I’m going to make a go at this idea!

I’ve learned a few things during my 14 years of marriage:

Most of the time we can spend time together in mutual peace and enjoyment!

Sometimes it’s nice to be alone with our thoughts:

Other times we can be together and still pursue our own separate interests:

Then there are times when your love is just too powerful for me!

And times when it is just right!

Happy 14 years!

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#1 Posted by Mrsbear (24.08.08 at 14:09 )

Saw you twittering, nice job with the photo story. Short and sweet. This year was our 13th year married, but 15 years together. I still like him okay. I’ll probably keep him. 😉 Congrats to you both. 🙂

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#2 Posted by Picturing of Life (24.08.08 at 14:58 )


Welcome to MBC dropper 😀 I added to the blogroll. See you around…

#3 Posted by Karla Akins (24.08.08 at 15:00 )

Last Dec. was our 25th Anniversary and we had a wedding again. It was fun to have our kids walk down the aisle with their spouses and have our granddaughters be flower girls. It just get sweeter and sweeter as the years go by! I never thought I could love someone this much!

#4 Posted by bananas (24.08.08 at 15:27 )

So sweet! I love your adorable photos.

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#5 Posted by MT (24.08.08 at 16:14 )

14 years! You go girl!!!!!

And those pictures.. they make me all ooey gooey.

MTs last blog post..GF/CF Friday – Cuz Kids Love Chicken Nuggets

#6 Posted by Peanut (24.08.08 at 16:48 )

What a sweet description of marriage! Very cute pictures!!

Peanuts last blog post..Happy Birthday Harmony

#7 Posted by Patty O. (24.08.08 at 17:03 )

Beautiful pictures! Wow. I love this post.

Patty O.s last blog post..unexpected blessings

#8 Posted by danette (24.08.08 at 20:34 )

Great post, and I love the pictures! We celebrated our 15th anniversary this summer so I can relate :).

danettes last blog post..Stunning revelation (if you’re dh)

#9 Posted by Heidi (24.08.08 at 21:42 )

So sweet! You did a great job with those photos.

Heidis last blog post..Empty-handedness

#10 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (24.08.08 at 22:09 )

Oh, I love the way you did this! It’s awesome! 🙂

I might have to do this one after all…

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..A)Watch Me Beg. B)Sensory Processing/Food Sensitivities

#11 Posted by Corina (24.08.08 at 23:34 )

Great post! The pictures were adorable!

Corinas last blog post..Can I chase monkeys around your establishment? I’ll pay you!

#12 Posted by Helene (25.08.08 at 00:06 )

I love this post!!! The pictures are so cute and tie right in with the story!!!!

Helenes last blog post..Hello Kitty has met her biggest fan!

#13 Posted by Pamela Kramer (25.08.08 at 08:16 )

This is by far the sweetest post I have read in a long time. I think our dragon will be around for a long time. We have tons of those Imaginex dinosaurs. He and is brother are very happy with his gift. lol

Pamela Kramers last blog post..Birthday – Day 144

#14 Posted by genny (25.08.08 at 10:16 )

What sweet pictures!

#15 Posted by Muthering Heights (25.08.08 at 11:26 )

What a cute photo story!

Muthering Heightss last blog post..Jeepers Creeper

#16 Posted by Jamey (25.08.08 at 12:36 )

Those pics are adorable! very nice post!

Jameys last blog post..And the bloggy award goes too….

#17 Posted by Rachel L (25.08.08 at 13:45 )

Aww — this is sooooo sweet!

Rachel Ls last blog post..Yeah, Alligators Don’t Work For Me

#18 Posted by Stacey (25.08.08 at 13:57 )

Those pics are so cute. I love how you narrated them

Staceys last blog post..My son the middle manager

#19 Posted by Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom! (26.08.08 at 01:28 )

Aww! So cute! Congratulations on 18 years.

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!s last blog post..Back to School Giveaway!

#20 Posted by Keep It Classy,Jen (26.08.08 at 13:38 )

Awww the kisses…how sweet!

#21 Posted by Mekhismom Aka Renée (26.08.08 at 23:52 )

This is a wonderful post and so true. Congratulations!

Mekhismom Aka Renées last blog post..The Love of a Child

#22 Posted by Rakhi (02.10.15 at 13:22 )

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