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Someone Else’s Life

Two Thursday mornings ago I woke with a start–a three-year-old’s puffy nighttime pull-up snuggled against my knees, a pink sippy cup denting my cheek and the toenail of a tousled 7-year-old wedged in my shin.

Granted I’d stayed up until 1 am the night before cramming fashion news in an attempt to blend with New York.  I cast aside all my light blue jeans and only packed the dark.  Do people still wear heels with jeans?  Is there any possibility I might pull off a black empire waist dress with tights and boots?  I know scarves are in, but what the heck is a Spring scarf and how would one tie such a thing?

Hours later, I found myself settled in a crowded Atlanta airport, novel in hand, surrounded by hordes of people sucking down lattes and clacking away on laptops.  Everyone appeared busily important.  They all hurried and rushed.  Some dragged carry-on luggage while others text-walked, amazingly negotiating the miasma of carts and swirling suitcases with little effort.

“I used to be one of you,” I thought.

I used to be a “director” of something with stacks of business cards, power point presentations and contracts.  I criss-crossed the US from meeting to presentation to consultation, clad in perfectly pressed Anne Taylor suits and important pumps.

Yet now I lounge on this vinyl seat sipping bottled water and reading a mindless novel, not actually caring when my flight becomes delayed two hours.  For the first time in so many years, I do not actually have to be on time.  I text my friends in New York who are easily able to change our dinner reservations to a later time.

When the plane touches down at La Guardia, I smile a prayer-thanks and breathe deeply.  I am so, so far away from South Georgia.  Nobody knows that I homeschool, struggle with feelings of inadequacy, and have a child on the autism spectrum.

I leisurely stroll toward baggage claim, noting the footless tights and loosely-gathered buns that apparently denote the current “New York” look.  As I look toward the baggage carousel my eye catches a name written on a largish scrap of poster board: “Elizabeth Channel.”

My sweet friends have called a car service.

Tears spring in my eyes.

I feel like a star.

Dmitri, my driver, assists graciously with my luggage, hefting the 49.5-lb suitcase into the trunk of the Lincoln Town Car with apparent finesse.  I sink down into the leather while the streets and lights of New York whoosh by…

Surely this is someone else’s life.

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13 Comments to “Someone Else’s Life”

#1 Posted by Helene (26.05.09 at 16:15 )

Awww, that was so incredibly thoughtful of your friends to send a classy car service for you!! I bet you did feel like a star!!

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#2 Posted by Patty (26.05.09 at 17:42 )

That sounds so great. I hope the rest of your trip was just as wonderful!

Pattys last blog post..Do Not Panic

#3 Posted by mrsbear (26.05.09 at 19:12 )

You deserve to feel like a celebrity, even if it is for a brief stretch. It sounds a little surreal actually, not being Mommy and trying to blend among the sophisticates. Just coordinating all those outfits would have been work for me, I’m so used to deferring to the blue jean/tee-shirt SAHM uniform, I panic when I have to dress up. Panic!

mrsbears last blog post..What Terror Awaits and Random Tuesday Thoughts

#4 Posted by Molly (26.05.09 at 19:28 )

Oh that is so awesome.

There is something about New York isn’t there.

Enjoy your trip!

Mollys last blog post..8 Reasons to Volunteer for Your Child’s Sport

#5 Posted by Kim (26.05.09 at 20:13 )

sounds wonderful!
and getting back to reality was probably a tad harder than expected – huh?! 🙂

Kims last blog post..summer time!

#6 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (26.05.09 at 23:07 )

I love this post Elizabeth! I’m not sure why, but I think because it’s so real and honest and wonderfully written. I was actually there with you in the airport; seeing the sights and hearing those lattes and feeling the importance of the self-impressed and those who are desperately trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t … fit. That was never intended to fit.

Enjoy your time away.


elaine @ peace for the journeys last blog post..Ruby Tuesdays: a Mighty Woman (part eight)

#7 Posted by she (27.05.09 at 00:06 )

Oh, how I love NYC. I’m so glad you got to go! And that your friends treated you like the STAR you are!

shes last blog post..Required reading. . .

#8 Posted by Peanut (27.05.09 at 02:19 )

Sounds glorious!

Peanuts last blog post..One thing I’m working on: Let’s talk about sex, baby

#9 Posted by ashperkins5 (27.05.09 at 07:51 )

Oh what a wonderful chance to get away! I am so glad you are not that girl, because I need you and we are in this together!

I am envious. I cannot seem to get out of South Georgia! Well, I guess I went to a funeral – does that count?

#10 Posted by Laura (27.05.09 at 18:43 )

Well I’m glad you treated yourself, and know that in the blogosphere you and your life will never be anything short of fabulous.

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#11 Posted by Carla (27.05.09 at 22:05 )


and I wonder if there is someone who was in the Atlanta airport, sipping their latte and click clacking away on their laptop who saw you…and had similar thoughts but in reverse? KWIM?

You deserved to be treated like a star! 🙂

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#13 Posted by rhemashope (23.06.09 at 14:01 )


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