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I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back…

I can’t take it any more…the endless questions, the whining, the homeschooling, the dieting, the woefully short hair, the laundry mountains, the french fry-encrusted van, the GF/CF diet, growth hormone shots, spilled pie, puppy pee, poison control…

Nahhhh.  You know I love that stuff.

For the last three years I have spent one week each Spring at the National Stationery Show in New York helping my best friend with her invitation company, Prints Charming.


I’m leaving tomorrow at lunchtime and will miss you all terribly.  I’ll think of you while I luxuriate in an East Village apartment, brunch at the Sunburnt Cow, browse purse-dealers in China town and check out all the new invitation designs at the Stationery Show.

I hope to return with a bevvy of fascinating stories, but since my children will be staying behind, I’m not sure I’ll have have the same quality to which many of you have become accustomed.

I’ll give it my best!

Tootles for a week!  I hope to check in but don’t think I’ll have computer access!

Miss me!

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10 Comments to “I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back…”

#1 Posted by Tari (14.05.09 at 08:52 )

have a wonderful time – you deserve it!

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#2 Posted by mrsbear (14.05.09 at 14:25 )

I’m jealous. Miss you already. Have a fabulous trip and put the diet on hiatus for that fascinating brunch.

mrsbears last blog post..Artistically Inclined

#3 Posted by Stonefox (14.05.09 at 20:01 )

Have a great time! We’ll miss you!

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#4 Posted by Patty (15.05.09 at 07:58 )

Wow, I was just this morning fantasizing about what it would be like to be child-free for a week in a cool city. Hope you have fun! And be sure to share your stories, since I will have to experience this vicariously through you. At least for now.

Pattys last blog post..why I will probably never win the mother of the year award

#5 Posted by kim (15.05.09 at 16:55 )

miss you already
But pray you are having a BLAST!
See you next week!
Much love

kims last blog post..I had a GREAT mother’s day weekend

#6 Posted by astarte (16.05.09 at 23:16 )

Oh, that sounds wonderful!!!!!! Have a great time, and make sure you tell us enough about it so we can pretend that we went, too!

#7 Posted by Kia (Go Enough Mama) (20.05.09 at 21:27 )

Frig. Now YOU know how to vacay. Not me. I brought my husband and kid. STOOOOOOPid. You back yet? No? Me neither.

#8 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (20.05.09 at 22:39 )


You are probably just about an hour from me!!! Wah! I wish we had planned a little and I coulda hopped a train into the city to meet you 🙂 That is if I could escape my crazy kids!!!

Enjoy the peace 🙂


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#9 Posted by ali (21.05.09 at 19:10 )

Still not back yet? Good–make it last as long as you can!

#10 Posted by Danette (21.05.09 at 22:58 )

How fun, I hope you’re having a great time!

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