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Mumbers: When The Cat’s Away


She’s gone to the shore, she has.  And in her absence I reckon I can do just about anything I want with her Mumbers gig.

Who’s game?

Join me in a new Mumbers thrill.  Craft mumbersology specifically about Kia.  Let’s make it positive and do posts on the things we love about Kia!  When she returns from the beach all calm, tan and svelte, she can revel in the glory of our golden words.

Who’ll join me?  I don’t know how to do that Mr. Linky thing, but I’ll do an old-fashioned link if you’ll give this a try and we’ll see how many Kia-Featuring-Mumbers we can get!

10 – Number of months I believe I have been following Kia’s blog.

14 – This number proves what a great weight loss Guru Kia is compared to me because it shows the difference between our weight loss.   (Hint, it’s a word problem.  First person to send me the answer wins a box of Atkins bars.)

1,777 – Number of real-life depictions of mothering angst Kia bares to her readers and therefore makes them feel they are not alone.  It’s rare to find someone so authentic!

1 – Number of swear-words Kia has re-crafted innocently into something I can now use in my head on a daily basis.  You know the word I’m talking about.  I actually said it out loud to my children last week and they all looked at me, greatly confused and concerned.

57 – Number of times Kia has said things about her Mother-In-Law that certain of us wish we could say (or perhaps just think) but dare not to.  (Not me of course! I love my Mother-In-Law.  Seriously!  I got lucky!)

256 – Number of times I personally have sat in awe at my computer, rendered speechless at the birthday party plans, cupcake preparations, goodie bag endeavors or towel tricks.

77 – Number of colds, flus, maladies, reactions and rashes that Kia has tirelessly nursed her family through in the past months.  (Of course it may not compare to the number battled by Mrs. Bear, but remember, that woman has four children!)

27,893 – Hours of patience Kia has shown toward her sweet, brilliant boy.

357 – Number of times Kia has personally encouraged me with my own trying children…and truly meant it!

Have fun, sweet Kia!  We miss you!

OK, do your own “Kia Post” and I’ll link you!

Please read Patty’s post-tribute to Kia!

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5 Comments to “Mumbers: When The Cat’s Away”

#1 Posted by Stonefox (12.05.09 at 08:14 )

You are a fine friend, my friend. Can’t wait to see how Kia responds!

Stonefoxs last blog post..Woven

#2 Posted by mrsbear (12.05.09 at 21:46 )

What a great idea. I’m a day late and a dollar short (mostly because I’m not gainfully employed). I love Kia’s blog, her honesty always floors me. It’s great. And I love her retooling of that every so versatile swear word. Thanks for noticing how often we battle illnesses around here, I’m terrible at isolating them. One falls then they all fall. Inevitable. Wishing you luck on closing that 14 lb gap. 😉

#3 Posted by Helene (13.05.09 at 00:15 )

Sounds like I need to check this chica out….she sounds like my kinda mom!!!

BTW, I’m hoping you’ll participate in the We Heart Art carnival going on right now on my blog! I’ll have a Mr Linky up on Wed and Thurs for you to link your artwork!! Have you seen the prizes?? They’re awesome!!

Helenes last blog post..Kid’s Busy Box….an answer to every busy mother’s prayers!

#4 Posted by JoyMama (13.05.09 at 13:03 )

Riiiight — [slaps forehead] — she went to the beach! I had totally forgotten this important point when I posted my Monday Mum-mum-numbers this week at too-fecking-early in the morning. (There, I said it. Can’t say the Mum-word, but I can say the feck-word! LOL!)

Love ya, Kia! Hope you are wearing plenty of high-number sunscreen and getting good-number hours of sleep.

JoyMamas last blog post..Special Exposure Wednesday

#5 Posted by Patty (15.05.09 at 08:09 )

OK, I know that I am almost a week late, but I am totally in. I will start writing my post right this minute, so go ahead and link to me. I love this idea!

Pattys last blog post..why I will probably never win the mother of the year award