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GF/CF Friday: Cloudy Jello

Every Friday, I will review a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GF/CF) product from the perspective of my 6-year-old, Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for 7 months.

Here he is with a temporary mullet:

Don’t you feel like you can trust his opinion?

While Jello is not typically a gluten or casein-filled product, it is filled with artificial flavors and colors, which are incredibly destructive to my son’s sensitive system.  I have, however, found a Jello-like product that my whole family will tolerate when it’s been several months since they’ve had “real Jello” and they have forgotten about the crisp, clear color and flavor of the true “Jello” brand.  Behold:

Jello is such an consummate part of childhood and I felt a considerable amount of sorrow that Edward was missing out on this.  Plus it seemed like such a good texture from a sensory perspective.

I first ordered this from the Squirrel’s Nest a web site devoted to gluten/casein/artificial color/artificial flavor-free candies and treats.  (I highly recommend them!  I ordered all Christmas and Easter candy from them this past year; their prices are fair and customer service is unbeatable!)  Whole Foods also carries this brand.

I think the picture says it all:

It’s OK.

I mean, you see the limpish thumb and the tolerant face.  It’s not the gleeful joy we’ve seen before with chocolate cake.  Still, it’s jiggly, it’s sweet, and I have found that other children will eat it.  And that’s cool because it is priced ($1.69)–only slightly higher than standard Jello.

I’m no photographer, but if you look closely, you might spy the cloudy nature of the product.  And while that is troublesome to those of us accustomed to the clear, jewel-like gleam of the Jello brand product, what is more confounding is best described by Edward’s question:  “What’s the brown dust in the bottom of my bowl?”

Yes, you can’t see it with my limited photographic skills, but there is a brownish sediment that settles to the bottom of the Jello-like product once it is molded.  Perhaps the beet juice coloring is the culprit?  I don’t know.

It won’t send children running in from the yard, but at least it’s sweet.

Maybe we can break out the microscope next week and research this mysterious brown sediment further.  In the meantime, I’ll buy it again.

I guess.

Maybe I should mold it into shapes?

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11 Comments to “GF/CF Friday: Cloudy Jello”

#1 Posted by Patty O. (16.08.08 at 14:20 )

I love your GFCF posts. Danny is not on a special diet, but I feel like I should definitely clean up his diet. I am scared to try a GFCF diet because I am afraid he would not eat anything then. I need to do more research.

BUT, we have been trying to reduce the artificial colors. I have heard that red dye is especially bad for our kids and I am actually allergic to it myself. I get terrible migraines when I eat it. And the stuff is in everything. I am going to check this site out. I never make jello, partly because of the colors. I think my kids might actually like this brand. we’ll see.

Patty O.s last blog post..I’ve been tagged

#2 Posted by Morningside Mom (16.08.08 at 15:52 )

I love that you are posting about different gluten free products. (T. has a peanut allergy and I always appreciate hearing about peanut free products we can use with him.) Yay for beet juice! At least for beet juice your kid will tolerate. 🙂

Morningside Moms last blog post..A Puddle of Fun for the Weekend.

#3 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (16.08.08 at 20:46 )

How about mixing it with some fresh or canned fruit, to distract from the brown dusty stuff? 😉

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..I Have a Schooling Dilemma and I Need Your Help

#4 Posted by MT (16.08.08 at 22:51 )

I wonder what the ‘brown dirt’ is? I haven’t tried this jell-o but will definitely give it a try since the kids like jell-o and I very rarely make it.

MTs last blog post..A Boy and His Bird, part deux

#5 Posted by Elizabeth (17.08.08 at 10:08 )

You know, MT, I think it’s some “beet sediment” from the natural coloring. Still, since it settles to the bottom, I guess you could make the jello in a mold, invert it, and then “shave” off the brownish sediment part–catastrophe averted!

#6 Posted by Heidi (17.08.08 at 22:04 )

Just left you a comment on your “about” page, don’t want you to miss it.

Is everything okay? You’ve been quiet over the weekend, just checking on you.

Heidis last blog post..Streakers and Tweakers

#7 Posted by Three Channels » A Measure of Earnest Love (19.08.08 at 16:13 )

[…] it was an incredibly mild version–one that rendered her fully able to consume the rest of the artificial color and dye-free Jello (which did not stain the carpet) and a Pedialyte pop (which stained the carpet, her hands, her […]

#8 Posted by sondaj (16.09.08 at 23:18 )

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#9 Posted by Social Bookmarking 2.0 (20.09.08 at 01:57 )

I don\’t normally leave comments, but your post really got me thinking! Thanks for this!

#10 Posted by Sylvia (13.01.10 at 00:10 )

Thank goodness!! there is a dye free Jello.Now I will allow my little girl to enjoy the bliss of eating something sooo good. No doubt, will be another customer of this product.

#11 Posted by Shannon (21.01.10 at 00:32 )

Yay! Finally…a dye-free Jello! Thanks so much for sharing this. I too have mourned the fact that my kids are missing out on this childhood staple.