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Five Things I Love About My Body (I think?)


It’s not my topic.  Go blame her!  Or better yet, join her!  (You don’t have to write about your body; you can write about anything.  I was just tired and ran with Peanut’s topic!)

OK, I’ve been known to post photographs of various body parts healing, but I’ll leave today’s images up to the imagination.  (I think the tick thing yesterday was a tad “in-yer-face” for some people.)

1.  Curly-Q Leg Vein: When I was four, a 250-lb fireplace mantle fell on me, crushing me beneath it, but only breaking the vein in one leg.  This was one serious miracle which left me with a small “curly-q” vein on the back of my right leg.  My entire life I have been able to look at this and be thankful God spared me a horrific injury.

2.  Impressive Stomach Scar: I’ve written in detail about this before, but while pregnant with Edward, I had a suspicious grapefruit-sized tumor on my ovary that threatened the pregnancy and appeared malignant.  Doctors removed it with a 14-inch longitudinal slice to my midsection.  In a series of miracles, my pregnancy progressed normally, the tumor was benign and Edward was born!  I used to be quite vain about my flat stomach.  I could gain weight elsewhere but my stomach remained Sahara flat.  After this surgery, however, my stomach bears a deep purple furrow with what I like to call meandering “pits.”  (Sounds lovely, I know.)  It’s taken a few years, but now I love this scar because it reminds me of God’s promise for this child and His protection.  This scar also keeps some of my challenges with Edward in perspective.

3.  Arrow-Shaped Feet: Yes, since I was a young child, my feet have been shaped like arrows.  In actuality I have inherited some serious bunions.  While I have come so close to having surgery to correct these lovelies, every time the surgery has been scheduled, something has come up and I’ve had to cancel.  Since I became a stay-at-home mom, however, and can wear any type of shoe I want, I no longer have bunion pain.  Thankful?  Absolutely!  However would I manage two separate 6-week episodes of bed rest and crutches?

4.  Separated Eyebrows: I’m wretched at plucking and shaping my eyebrows, therefore I am quite thankful they do not grow together into some sort of “mono-brow” because that would be a lot to maintain and I’m not sure I’d be very good at it.  (See, I never thought about that until today.  Thanks, Peanut, for showing me more to be thankful for!)

5.  Cavity-Repelling Teeth: Seriously the only time I get cavities is when I have a baby, so I have three and I think that’s the end of that!  Or it could be linked to my flossing obsession?

So go visit Peanut and do your own Five Things Thursday!

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5 Comments to “Five Things I Love About My Body (I think?)”

#1 Posted by ali (07.05.09 at 16:46 )

Oooooh I have cavity repelling teeth too! I finally broke down and went to the dentist last year for a check up and I told the dentist my last visit was over 15 years ago. He was appalled and I was very smug when my check up came out perfect! IN YOUR FACE DENTIST! (Oh, yes, I was very smug)

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#2 Posted by Peanut (07.05.09 at 17:00 )

I love #4. I didn’t think of that one 🙂
I sure wish I had #5. Instead I have cavity-loving teeth. Or maybe it’s the warehouse-sized containers of candy that I accidentally buy 😉

Thanks for playing!

#3 Posted by mrsbear (07.05.09 at 22:14 )

*knock on wood* as of my last dental visit more than a few years ago, I’d never had a cavity. We should start a good teeth club.

Also, I never pluck. Luckily I’m spared the uni-brow and subsequent shaping too, unless there’s some wild unnaturally long brow hair poking me in the eye, in which case the tweezers are inevitable.

mrsbears last blog post..Don’t Wake The Monkey

#4 Posted by Helene (08.05.09 at 01:36 )

I feel the same way about my c-section scars. I have so many friends who hate their scars and complain all the time about it (I mean, no one ever sees the scar so what’s the big deal, really?) but I love both my scars because it reminds me of what I’ve gone through to have my children…it was the end of a journey I never thought would happen and the beginning of a new one…parenthood.

#5 Posted by kim (08.05.09 at 09:51 )

I think you are lovely

I just might do this post as well
b/c as women we often do not focus on the
good things and I need to do that today
Thanks 🙂

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