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Mumbers on Wednesday


Yes, yes, yes I am well aware that it is Wednesday.  Still this makes me only two days behind, right?  That’s pretty good for me these days!  I’m sure Kia will forgive me…right Kia?

1 Number of ticks H removed from my inner arm last night.  (What is it with my family and ticks?)  We used the “Pine-Sol” technique, and yes it works wonders!  We simply saturated a cotton ball with Pine-Sol, applied that to the beast for about 5 minutes, and the fellow expired.  H pulled him out with tweezers and his entire sucking apparatus came out too!  There’s not even a mark!


Note:  Contrary to what you might surmise, I am not a health professional; in fact, the only college-level science course I took was Geology of Weather; please consult your own doctor before attempting this tick eradication technique.

2 Number of paper plate masks my children created with their babysitter while I was book scouting.  (Yes, I love this babysitter!)


2 Number of inches Edward has grown in the past four months since he began growth hormone!  Our endocrinologist estimates he will be in the 50th percentile for height according to his peers by the time he is 10.  (Considering he has spent most of his childhood on the 1st percentile or below, this is grand and glorious and such a blessing!)  Two more inches and he will be roller coast bound!

7 Number of anti-bacterial gel bottles my three-year-old has gone through to combat her Swine Flu fears.

“I don’t want to be a pig, mommy!  I want to stay a girl, or at least a boy!”

Note:  anti-bacterial gel will strip furniture!


$21.00 The cost of a homeopathic immune-booster I bought for the children to help combat Swine Flu and Edward promptly dropped on the tile floor, shattering all that immune-supporting goodness throughout the kitchen in a flash of blue glass.

5 Numbers of hours I believe my boys could spend per day wrestling.  Now that we have added the puppy, it’s even more fun!


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5 Comments to “Mumbers on Wednesday”

#1 Posted by mrsbear (06.05.09 at 22:24 )

Wednesday is close enough to Monday for me.

Ugh, I hate ticks almost as much as I hate overflowed toilets. 🙁 I’ll have to try the Pine-Sol trick next time I find one grubbing on one of the kids. I took chemistry in college so I guess that makes me qualified to deem this a valid theory.

Yay for two inches. Boo for $21 of wasted immune system booster juice. And cleaning up blue glass to boot. I’m willing to bet if it were a $5 bottle of medicine it would have survived unscathed.

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#2 Posted by the domestic fringe (07.05.09 at 10:11 )

I’ve gotta try that tick trick. My husband had one the other day.

Thanks for the great tip!

#3 Posted by ali (07.05.09 at 11:10 )

Ugh. Ticks. Hate them! My son had one on his head once when we were at the barbers. It was so embarrassing!

#4 Posted by kim (07.05.09 at 11:14 )

thanks for the pine sol info
We have not had any ticks yet but I am sure
it is only a matter of time
And my boys are the same way about wrestling
As a matter of fact in last Sat games Connor decided to wrestle with Luke during a throw-in
I was so embarrassed!
Love ya

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#5 Posted by Peanut (07.05.09 at 13:31 )

Ew, ticks! You didn’t have to include pictures. I would have believed you!

Where did you find your babysitter? I need me one of those!!

Thanks for the heads up on the antibacterial-gel! I love that she thinks being a boy would be better than being a pig (she hasn’t yet realized that they are often the same thing!)