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Five Things Thursday


Peanut created this “Five Things” idea and I highly encourage you to check out her blog!  She is sweet, funny and authentic–plus she takes great photographs of her children who are too cute!

You are supposed to list five things that you love about absolutely any topic!  So I think I’ll write about things I love from this week!

1.  I loved it when Edward said to the checkout girl at Target: “You’d better be careful.  You might end up like Goody’s!”  (There’s a bankrupt Goody’s store next to our Target.)

2.  I loved it when Sue refused to go to bed until Sophie (our Boston Terrier puppy) came inside because she feared Sophie would be eaten by bats.

3.  I love how Joseph must wear this black “under armour” shirt for every single baseball practice.  Mind you, it’s a long-sleeved shirt and very tight to the body.  Today it was 85 degrees and he still insisted on wearing that shirt to practice.  After practice his hair was soaking with sweat yet he still asked, “Do you think I need to take a shower?”


What do you think?

4.  I am profoundly in love with this bubble maker that actually works!  Can you believe it?


5.  I love that children of all ages still thrill to bubbles.  This afternoon, I had children ranging from age 3 to 11 jumping, swatting, battling, shooting, eating, smashing and chasing bubbles.  Such a simple activity yet they all loved it!

The older children’s enthusiasm for such a simple past time gives me much hope for the future.


Much hope indeed.

Plus tomorrow is Friday!  And that, my friends, is wonderfully grand!

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4 Comments to “Five Things Thursday”

#1 Posted by Peanut (01.05.09 at 00:35 )

Awww, thanks 🙂 You’re too kind.

Um, do bats eat puppies? Do you have insanely large bats around your place? Eeek!

I’m still delighted by bubbles (especially bubble maker bubbles) and I’m… well… not a kid anymore 😉

#2 Posted by Patty (01.05.09 at 17:26 )

My kids have been so into bubbles lately. It always makes me smile how excited they get!

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#3 Posted by mrsbear (01.05.09 at 23:43 )

Even now, bubbles make me happy. And kites. Simple.

mrsbears last blog post..Flushed Undies and Other Blunders – Spin Cycle

#4 Posted by cbowman (04.05.09 at 21:50 )

We have that same bubble maker. It’s awesome! My boys love it.

cbowmans last blog post..A Night of Swing Dancing