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GF/CF Friday: Surf Sweets Candies


When Edward was in Pre-K, his teacher rewarded students for staying in their seats, completing coloring worksheets and raising their hands before speaking by proferring Skittles, Ring Pops, Dum-Dums, Pixie Sticks and the like.

Needless to say, Edward did not receive that much candy because he preferred to stand near the world map memorizing countries, write his own math problems to solve on the back of the coloring sheets or lounge in the reading center reading book after book.

Still, eliminating artificial colors, flavors, and high fructose corn syrup was our first step toward implementing what would eventually become the GF/CF diet to help Edward’s behavior.  Three years ago it was almost impossible to find sweets and candies that didn’t have colors and dyes.  We found a few items and brought them to class, but Edward soon tired of the same old lollipops day after day.

Life for the sweet lover who avoids the artificial is easier now, however, with a host of organic, natural candies.  I was delighted to learn about Surf Sweets candies last year, and even more excited when they sent me a sampling of their candies to review.

These confections are simply great with a “normal” texture.  They offer Gummy Worms, Gummy Swirls, Gummy Bears, Fruity Bears, Jelly Beans, and Sour Worms.


These treats are:

*Made with Organic Fruit Juice and Sweetners

*Natural Colors and Flavors

*100% of Your Daily Vitamin C

*Free of Corn Syrup and GMOs

*Made in a Nut Free Facility

*Gluten Free

According to Joseph, you can’t tell the Gummy Worms from the ones they sell at the ball park.


Sue thrilled to the Gummy Swirls would have eaten the entire bag if I had let her.


Edward embraced al of the Surf Sweet offerings, preferring, not surprisngly the Gummy Worms!


I just keep a bag of these in my purse and then when candy is offered at soccer or another event, I’ve got a swell substitute!

Thanks, Surf Sweets!

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4 Comments to “GF/CF Friday: Surf Sweets Candies”

#1 Posted by Patty (01.05.09 at 17:24 )

These look and sound great! Thanks for sharing. We have tried to cut out colors but it has been really hard, especially at school, like you said. I am going to check these out!

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#2 Posted by Nicki (04.05.09 at 20:14 )

Thats great that they’re coming out with more candy that is very similar to the usual candy, but can be enjoyed by EVERYONE!

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#3 Posted by Tari (07.05.09 at 09:18 )

I think I have to get these – we’re not eating HFCS or dyes and these would be great to swap with when the boys come home from birthday parties, etc, with things like Starburst and M&Ms.

I did find out last month that our favorite local cake bakery only uses natural dyes for their cakes! My MIL was in there buying treats for the boys for Easter and mentioned that they couldn’t have “all those pretty cookies” because of the dye. The owner was immediately sympathetic and told her that she NEVER used anything that wasn’t natural, because “even though the FDA says the other stuff was safe, I just don’t believe them.” Yippee!

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#4 Posted by Lindy Abbott (08.08.09 at 16:23 )

I was so happy to see you had visited my site. I miss our contact. I have several friends dealing with gluten free diets. It is so nice that you are about to share what you learn with others on the same road.