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Strange Mumbers Thisway


It’s a sickness, I suppose, how I am driven to participate in Kia’s mumbers game.

1 The number of cups of urine Sophie (our Boston Terrier puppy) decided to empty onto her ex-sofa.  (She gave it to me after it was nearly destroyed in the tornado; yet it is in fine shape and quite lovely.)  The “liquid” quickly soaked into the pad and the foam.  I ripped it off and rushed it to the cleaners who promised to put a plethora of tinctures guaranteed to possibly eradicate the smell and potentially not shrink the cushion covers.  Of course there is no guarantee.  Is there ever?

Edward to dry cleaner: “How did you escape from North Korea?  Don’t you think it’s weird how Kim Jong Ill worships his father Kim Song Ill?”

1 Number of dog bites I received last week, but not from my dog. We invited some friends over to hunt for tadpoles, a favorite past time and actual money-making scheme.  (I’ll have to tell that story later.)  While securing the gate after our hunting venture was over, our neighbor’s usually docile dog cleared the fence, grasped my arm and clamped down, leaving a deep tooth mark and slight scratch.  She didn’t “break the blood” so I felt somewhat safe from infection.  I did call my neighbor to let him know, and he assured me that she was a gentle creature, wouldn’t hurt a fly and probably became overexcited by all the children tadpole hunting.  Yes, this makes me feel so much better.  He did promise that he would be putting in an electric fence inside the perimeter of his actual fence once school is out.

2 Number of hours we waited at the pediatrician’s to have Joseph’s tick bite assessed.  I’m not an alarmist when it comes to bites normally but with four close friends plagued by Lyme disease, I can’t be too careful.  So when Joseph announced that the speck of dirt he found stuck to his arm was actually a tick, we all acted quickly.  We left with some super-expensive ($70.00) anti-bacterial cream.  Let me just say that we’ll be applying this salve to every open wound we encounter!  Banish thee MSRA bacteria!

April is the cruelest month.

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10 Comments to “Strange Mumbers Thisway”

#1 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (28.04.09 at 08:48 )

I love Edward. I really, really do. 😉 And yes, April is looking to be a very cruel month indeed.

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Monday Mumbers

#2 Posted by Monday Mumbers « Good Enough Mama (28.04.09 at 08:55 )

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#3 Posted by kim (28.04.09 at 09:03 )

I can not believe you got bitten by your neighbor’s dog
You were nicer than me – I would have been unkind …
Laughing at the North Korea comment – hilarious!
Oh and yesterday – I totally forgot about writing class
Cole climbed in the back of the van after school and said “mommy I am SO TIRED”
That is all I needed to hear – he went down for a nap and we missed writing class – oops
I hope we can get the boys together soon to play
Miss you

kims last blog post..Sometimes a girl just needs to eat a hamburger

#4 Posted by mrsbear (28.04.09 at 09:47 )

Hope you dodge the Lyme disease! Ugh. The $70 ointment will be worth it.

I’m also crossing my fingers for you on the sofa issue. I once had to get rid of a car due to a single toddler “accident”. It was never the same…

mrsbears last blog post..My Zombie Killing Arm

#5 Posted by Helene (28.04.09 at 11:11 )

I just love when you post the things that Edward says….that boy cracks me up!!! I’m glad your dog bite wasn’t any worse…how wierd that he went all beserk and bit you. That’s what makes me nervous about dogs…you just never know, even if they are normally friendly.

Glad you were able to take care of Joseph’s tick….my kids haven’t had one yet. “yet” being the key word.

Helenes last blog post..It’s National Safe Kids Week this week….

#6 Posted by BQkimmy (28.04.09 at 15:11 )

the part about the ticks reminds me of my childhood. we used to hunt mushrooms (morels) and would always end up getting ticks. my mom always acted like it was major surgery removing them, yelling at my dad to “be sure you get the head out”! ah, good times. lol

BQkimmys last blog post..Going it alone

#7 Posted by the domestic fringe (28.04.09 at 21:46 )

Sorry about your dog bite. Doesn’t sound fun.

I got a note today saying there’s a child with MSRA in my son’s school.

Yay. Swine flu and MSRA. Spring is bringing great things.


#8 Posted by rhemashope (28.04.09 at 22:41 )

Edward is hilarious! What did the dry cleaner say? What did you say? Inquiring minds want to know!
So sorry for your dog bite – your neighbor’s response seems… lacking.

rhemashopes last blog post..Perfect Patient

#9 Posted by Peanut (29.04.09 at 02:13 )

Rough week eh?
I can’t believe your neighbor’s dog bit you! Excited or whatever, that’s still a little crazy.
2 hours at the doctor’s office?!? I’m sending you a virtual massage by candlelight… because you deserve it! Or would you rather just have all the hair you pulled out back? 😉

Peanuts last blog post..True Confessions

#10 Posted by Stimey (01.05.09 at 23:00 )

Bummer on the dog bite and the billion dollar cream. At least it’s May now.