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Vigilante Mama

A drunk driver tried to run me off the road 5:30 Wednesday afternoon; he kept tailing me and trying to bump my bumper, and then he careened inches next to me on the off-ramp, our rear view mirrors parallel and nearly clashing as he swerved and swayed.

He barely missing hitting me (and my three children tightly fastened in their Britax seats).  This man continued to drive like a crazed person, swerving all over sidewalks and medians near my house and a nearby school.

I couldn’t believe it.  I followed the man.  I dialed 911 on my cell phone without looking down.

“What kind of car is he in, ma’am?”  the 911 operator asks.  “Champagne Mercedes, license plate _____.  Is that right, Edward?” I bark into the phone.

Edward knew.

He’ll know that license plate number the day he graduates from college.

“And what kind of vehicle are you in, ma’am?” the operator asked.  “Chrysler Town & Country minivan, silver-gray.  Soccer sticker on the back,” I countered.

I tailed the maniac while the dispatch planned the patrol rendezvous.  The driver realized I was there, relentless, and he hated me, I could tell.  But he almost hit my babies.  He wasn’t getting free if I had anything to say about it.  This beast almost hit 12 cars in rush hour traffic as I detailed his every irrational move to the 911 dispatch.

Granted I stayed safely behind the lunatic.  He would try to lose me by faking an off-ramp move, and then when I saw his plan and countered, he’d race over the median back onto the highway.  This continued for miles, my children, for the most part, oblivious in their seats, Edward reading Oliver Twist.

Finally we came to a traffic light.  I could see the officers flanking my left and right, ready for the kill.  And then the man flounders…he can’t stop…he rear ends the poor girl in front of me.  Her bumper flies, my children screel, the man gets out of the car and reels around.

Our eyes meet and he stumbles, incapacitated.  The officers surround him.

It is done.

Nobody was hurt.

One officer stops by to thank me and get my statement.  She explains, “Ahh, we saw him last night.  It’s not alcohol, most likely.  It’s probably a combination of prescription drugs.  Last night we dealt with him and he was let go.”

“Hmmm,” I utter angrily under my breath.

And then I launch into my diatribe –my children, my neighborhood, this man, aware of his own uncaring evil.

“Let’s not let him go again, shall we?”  I tell her, my eyes brimming with tears.

Let’s not let him go again.

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16 Comments to “Vigilante Mama”

#1 Posted by Patty (26.04.09 at 16:20 )

Holy cow. Good for you! I am so grateful that you did that. I know that man won’t likely be in my neck of the woods anytime soon, but still people like you make our world a little safer. I sure hope the police keep him this time.

And I am sooo glad none of you were hurt!

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#2 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (26.04.09 at 16:52 )

The adventures just never stop coming, do they? Wow. I’m glad you all weren’t hurt either. And that the kids stayed oblivious. I know I prefer it that way when something scares me; I’d rather they didn’t have to deal with it.

Good for you, tailing him. I’m really glad that he didn’t hurt anyone else.

And police? Keep him this time please.

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..Tantrums that would end if I would just buy her a ball and a hamster she could name Rhino Jr, and grammar hilarity

#3 Posted by Stimey (26.04.09 at 18:25 )

That is horrifyingly scary. Good for you for getting him caught. So scary.

Stimeys last blog post..Damn, That Kid is Awsome

#4 Posted by Natalie (26.04.09 at 18:44 )

Oh how scary Elizabeth! I’m so glad you and your family weren’t hurt. They had better never let that guy out again with a license.

Natalies last blog post..I Have a Question

#5 Posted by Tonggu Momma (26.04.09 at 21:04 )

Elizabeth, I am SO sorry this happened. And I am impressed with your vigilance. If you hadn’t done what you did, someone may have gotten seriously hurt.

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Sunday Linkage

#6 Posted by goodfountain (26.04.09 at 21:14 )

Great work, Officer Channel!

Seriously though. You did the right thing. Let’s hope the rest of those involved start doing it now too.

goodfountains last blog post..Some fears die hard

#7 Posted by Helene (27.04.09 at 01:35 )

Wow!! See, we need more vigilante mothers like you on the road!! Good for you! It makes me shudder to think of the “what ifs” in this situation. It could’ve been you and your kids who were hurt by this maniac…and who knows, you might just have saved someone else’s life by making that phone call!

Helenes last blog post..An unexpected treat….

#8 Posted by Danette (27.04.09 at 08:46 )

Wow, I’m glad no one was hurt. Good for you, making sure he got caught!! The road (and the neighborhood) is safer now thanks to your efforts.

#9 Posted by kim (27.04.09 at 09:48 )

WAy to GO!!
I have done that before – on the way to Nashville last year there was a drunk driver and he almost hit me
When I passed him he had a BUD and was just drinking away – crazy fool!
I called the highway patrol and gave them his car and license
I am so glad you and the kids were ok!
Much love

kims last blog post..Rambling all the way to your house

#10 Posted by mrsbear (27.04.09 at 10:47 )

I’m so glad to hear that you and the kids are safe. He could have killed someone! And that he’d been let off the night before with a warning, that’s unacceptable. You’d make a great superhero… safely chasing down the villain while the kids, safely ensconced in the minivan, read Oliver Twist! All kidding aside, nice job, you prevented an even bigger catastrophe.

mrsbears last blog post..My Zombie Killing Arm

#11 Posted by Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog (27.04.09 at 21:14 )

Hi! Long time no “talk” ! That was a scary adventure-glad nobody was hurt. Cant believe they let him go the first time.

#12 Posted by BQkimmy (28.04.09 at 15:07 )

Job well done. I think it was brave and honorable of you to make the call, follow him and be sure he was caught. I really hope they didn’t let him go again!

BQkimmys last blog post..Going it alone

#13 Posted by rhemashope (28.04.09 at 22:51 )

Wow – I felt like I was with you in the car. (We have the same exact minivan, btw). So glad no one was hurt, and hopefully this man will not be allowed on the streets anytime soon.

rhemashopes last blog post..Perfect Patient

#14 Posted by Peanut (29.04.09 at 02:17 )

Good for you for keeping up with him. That’s crazy. CRAZY! If I have any say about it (which I don’t), May will be a delightful month for you 🙂

Peanuts last blog post..True Confessions

#15 Posted by Carla (01.05.09 at 17:26 )

WOW!!! I agree, hope they didn’t let him go again.

So very glad you all are okay….and kids in Britax seats just makes me feel so much better. Love those Britax seats.

Carlas last blog post..Fashion Friday

#16 Posted by cbowman (04.05.09 at 21:48 )

Way to go, Vigilante Mama! I’m so glad nobody was hurt.

cbowmans last blog post..A Night of Swing Dancing