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Is it Monday?


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867 Number of miles logged since Thursday’s wedding pilgrimage.

4 Number of Tornadoes dodged yesterday during our attempt at returning home.

3 Number of children who howled during the entire wedding ceremony.

0 Number of howling children who were associated with me.  (Miracles, miracles!  And thanks for your prayers.  They were definitely felt!)

2 Number of times the bride turned around to leer at the sobbing children.

777 number of prayers I prayed during wedding about the potentiality of disruptive children associated with me.

3 Number of promised child-friendly items served at wedding reception.  Below you will find the actual menu.  Please select the most child-friendly choice and let me know what you think it is because I am having a hard time deciding upon, or perhaps simply recognizing, child-friendly fare.  I had to actually “borrow” a can of cling peaches from the pantry and plop them in a plastic cup so Edward would have something GF/CF to eat after the promised french fries and fruit medly “went missing.”  Sue subsisted on M n Ms with the bride and groom’s name imprinted.  Menu: Crackers with kippered herring, cheeze “starling” and hint of dill; sweet rolls with turkeyporkpatty; pounded chicken wrapped with spinach; garlic toast with tomato chutney.  Children flocked, they dined, they embraced the culinary wonder…

0 The number of blogs I have read, or emails I have answered, since Thursday.  I promise to catch up this week!  Please stick with me!

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16 Comments to “Is it Monday?”

#1 Posted by Tonggu Momma (20.04.09 at 23:45 )

This one cracked me up… well… except for the tornadoes. Yikes!

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Call it Divorce

#2 Posted by Mary (21.04.09 at 00:03 )

Sounds like fun. Glad to hear those rowdy children weren’t with you. Did drug them or bribe them?

Marys last blog post..Monday Mumbers

#3 Posted by Helene (21.04.09 at 02:13 )

I’m so glad to hear it wasn’t your kids that caused the bride to turn around and glare (I can’t believe she did that….oh, but one day, it’ll come full circle for her…karma works that way).

Yeah I’m having a hard time too figuring out which of those menu items is considered kid-friendly….certainly not the kippered herring. Although I did develop a fondness to it when I was young, only because my dad ate it all the time while watching football on Sundays.

Helenes last blog post..Apparently, I’m bossy and old….

#4 Posted by ali (21.04.09 at 11:08 )

Where’s the corn dogs and pizza?!

When my boys were 4 and 2 we went to a wedding and spent the whole time in the church’s nursery. We had to be there early for pictures and by the time the wedding started they were tired, hungry and irritable!

#5 Posted by Patty (21.04.09 at 13:13 )

I agree with Helene about karma and the bride, though I probably didn’t understand kids before I got married either (not that I do now, but I do know that it is really hard to ensure kids will behave especially during long wedding ceremonies!) Glad your kids were well-behaved.

And the menu? I know many, many adults who wouldn’t eat that food, let alone kids!

Pattys last blog post..Monday Mumbers–puke, chocolate and diets

#6 Posted by kim (21.04.09 at 13:24 )

I am so thankful all went well
I totally prayed for all of you!
And the menu was not kid friendly – bizarre that it was promised and then “forgotten”
Thank you again for calling yesterday
I feel so much better today
Thank the LORD!
Love ya

kims last blog post..The reason we celebrate Easter

#7 Posted by mrsbear (21.04.09 at 14:51 )

Woo hoo on dodging tornadoes and bridal glares. Although in defense of the other sobbing children, weddings can indeed be boring and sob worthy.

What is up with that menu? Is it kid friendly because they misspelled cheeze? Isn’t a starling a bird?

Glad you all made it back okay. You traveled a lot of miles for kippered herring. 😉

mrsbears last blog post..I Heart Spring and Random Tuesday Thoughts

#8 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (21.04.09 at 18:24 )

Those #’s speak a story all their own. Glad you’re home…relatively no worse for the wear.


elaine @ peace for the journeys last blog post..Ruby Tuesdays: A Mighty Woman (part five)

#9 Posted by Peanut (22.04.09 at 02:16 )

You’re right. There’s nothing on that menu that my kids would eat! Well, other than the m&m’s I guess 🙂

Tornadoes? That’s a little scary.

Glad you survived the weekend 🙂

Peanuts last blog post..Conversations with KK: Boys are Gross!

#10 Posted by rainbowmummy (22.04.09 at 05:48 )

I take it it was a childless couple who were getting married? She leered at them?!

#11 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (22.04.09 at 08:33 )

Tornado-dodging, huh? Who knew that could be such a fun hobby? 😉

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Ranting Randominity

#12 Posted by Monday Mumbers « Good Enough Mama (22.04.09 at 08:35 )

[…] Three Channels […]

#13 Posted by Tari (22.04.09 at 09:18 )

Kids and weddings – never a felicitous combination. I’m glad yours survived the ceremony without incident, at least.

Taris last blog post..Juvenile Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover it

#14 Posted by April (26.04.09 at 18:46 )

YIKES at the tornados. Scary!

Wow at the menu. Yeah, doesn’t sound very kid-accommodating to me, either. But I’m glad that your kiddos did well.

Aprils last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Just hanging out…

#15 Posted by Nelia (24.10.16 at 00:20 )

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