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Free At Last, Kim the Velvet Ant Runs Free Again!

All is right with the world tonight.

Yes, after overwhelming concern regarding Kim’s well-being, we decided as a family that Kim should be set free!

As so many readers have pointed out, the velvet ant is nomadic.  And it’s tough to be nomadic in a 6 by 11 plastic Kindergarten Graduation Fish aquarium.  She did suckle at the sugar-water nectar H made last night, but we sensed it was not sufficient.

So, we all congregated this evening to allow Kim to taste, yet once again, that sweet smell of freedom.

She scampered.  She burrowed playfully under leaves.  She was utterly filled with joy!

And so were we.

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7 Comments to “Free At Last, Kim the Velvet Ant Runs Free Again!”

#1 Posted by mrsbear0309 (10.08.08 at 00:03 )

Yay for Kim’s freedom. You got off easy compared to that fish fiasco I just read about. Holy moly!

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#2 Posted by Tara R (10.08.08 at 02:15 )

that is a seriously scary creature.

I tagged you today.

#3 Posted by MT (11.08.08 at 00:27 )

Tag -you are it! I just gave you kudos on my blog with the “brilliante weblog” award.

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#4 Posted by Heidi (11.08.08 at 10:10 )

Elizabeth, keep writing, even if some can’t grasp it all. You did the right thing.

#5 Posted by Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle (11.08.08 at 19:45 )

Better you than me!

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzles last blog post..Magic Marker Monday: Happy and Sad

#6 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (11.08.08 at 20:33 )

What a great way to make nice-nice with nature, huh? Now go hug a tree!! 🙂

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Dear Little Man,

#7 Posted by Three Channels » Tagging (22.10.08 at 21:40 )

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