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Like Going to War

“Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.” -G. K. Chesterton

My brother will wed his lovely, albeit much, much younger, bride this Friday evening at a small church wedding in Nashville.  My group (three children and one husband of almost 15 years) will be sleeping in a friend’s home on a single blow-up mattress because my brother’s home is the site of the wedding reception.  We could have elected to stay in a hotel but why eschew such grand stories for mere comfort and a decent night’s sleep?

Seven cousins under the age of seven will serve as flower maidens, dripping rose petals throughout the church, clad in matching dresses, bows and ballet slippers yet to be purchased.  Three boys, nine and under, will serve, alternatingly, as ring bearers and Bible bearers.  Each boy will be wearing a matching pastel tie that each has loudly, vehemently, and honestly rather angrily, rebelled against, threatened to throw off at the last minute, etc.

Edward has been chosen as Bible bearer, thus we spend the rest of this week reminding him that Bible bearers have no speaking parts, no singing parts and no dancing parts.  Bible bearers, like spelling bee participants, are not entertainers.  They importantly, yet silently, walk down the aisle, clutching the Bible tightly, looking neither to the right nor the left, brandishing no strange gestures, no mouth noises, no unusual facial gestures, simply walking slowly, holding a Bible, and then standing still for the duration of what I pray to be a short series of wedding vows.

I’m not holding my breath.  Would you?

Here is Edward today receiving a proper wedding hair cut–his busy hands unable to leave alone the fire bell that graces the “hair cutting fire truck” into which he was nearly unable to fold his gangly legs.





That child has fun wherever he goes!  Would that we all had such attitude!

Yes, I’m going into battle here.

Please pray for me.

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13 Comments to “Like Going to War”

#1 Posted by JoyMama (15.04.09 at 06:48 )

Here’s hoping that it’s only the wedding that resembles a military campaign, and not the ensuing marriage! 🙂

I wrote about our flower girl adventures last October, and adventures they were indeed… May your relatives be as tolerant as ours! Just keep telling yourself: whatever happens, it will be cute and it will make a good story to tell later.

JoyMamas last blog post..Bad Form

#2 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (15.04.09 at 10:10 )

Yikes! You ARE going into battle.

I’ll pray.

If anything, Edward will have fun. 😉

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..Her sh** may not stink, but it DOES sting

#3 Posted by mrsbear (15.04.09 at 10:34 )

Whoa. That sounds…like an adventure! Weddings, for me, have always been a little tough to sit through, more so when trying to keep my fidgety, expressive brood, under wraps.

Edward’s hands are a blur in that picture. Tell me he had a patient stylist.

He’ll do fine as a Bible bearer. I’ll be praying you don’t have too many blog worthy stories upon your return. 😉

Have fun, air mattresses are way better than those stiff hotel beds…sort of.

mrsbears last blog post..The Misery That Is Age Two

#4 Posted by kim (15.04.09 at 11:07 )

Praying for you
I know you will have a nice time
And Edward will do great 🙂
Love you

kims last blog post..The reason we celebrate Easter

#5 Posted by Tonggu Momma (15.04.09 at 13:38 )

Oh my lands. That sounds like an… er… adventure. I shall pray for you. You’re gonna need it!

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Life Ala Tongginator

#6 Posted by Helene (15.04.09 at 13:52 )

I love that last pic…totally looks like the hairdresser is going in for the shave and then suddenly pulled her hands back like “whoa…this kid won’t stop moving”. LOL!!

Hope the wedding goes smoothly….the good thing is that Edward is totally adorable so if he does do some “entertaining”, I’m sure no one would mind (well, maybe your brother and his future wife….but I think even they might giggle)

Helenes last blog post..14 signs that motherhood has swallowed you whole…

#7 Posted by Peanut (15.04.09 at 14:19 )

Sounds like you’ve got an interesting weekend ahead. I hope you don’t hate me for saying that I can’t wait to hear the stories 😉 (Hey, I’ve been around here long enough to know 🙂

#8 Posted by astarte (15.04.09 at 14:40 )

Oh, my goodness!!! With that many children, the wedding’s going to be interesting!!!!

How much younger is she?

#9 Posted by the domestic fringe (15.04.09 at 22:26 )

Oh, he’s going to be adorable! I can’t wait to see pictures. Enjoy your trip and your air matress.


#10 Posted by she (16.04.09 at 13:37 )

Oh, I think he’ll do just fine! What a cutie pie! Love the photos!

#11 Posted by Patty (18.04.09 at 12:46 )

That’s gonna be some weekend! Personally, though, I think it would really liven things up if Edward did a little dance down the aisle. Of course, it’s not my wedding… Good luck!

Pattys last blog post..IEPs, Domain Meetings and Oreos

#12 Posted by Stimey (19.04.09 at 13:29 )

I am going to have to use that quote a lot more. Good luck!!

Stimeys last blog post..Complicated

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