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It’s Kind of Pitiful…

that all I can manage these days is Monday Mumbers.  Not to discount that weight-loss maven, cupcake rejecting Kia or anything, but I have scores of unfinished drafts and still have nothing ready for this week!  Without further adieu:


3 Number of days I have before leaving for my brother’s “now-no-longer-a-surprise-wedding!”

77 Number of times I have panicked this weekend realizing all the things I still haven’t done to prepare for this event like: get children’s hair cut, (thereby qualifying for Stone Fox’s ‘Hair Dare’, I hope), buy matching shoes for boys (a wedding requirement), find a pair of khaki pants that will fit a rapidly-growing nine-year-old for longer than two weeks, lose 10 lbs, make pale pink rosette-shaped home-made mints with heirloom mint molds, and the list goes on…

20 Number of children at my house Saturday for a mudfest Easter egg hunt.  (We put down a tarp and taped off treacherous mud-seep areas!)


24 Number of fleshly-colored turkey hotdogs H prepared for the Easter egg extravaganza!


4 Number of “flesh-turkey” hotdogs consumed by guests.

35 Number of “standard beef” hotdogs relished by guests.

16 x 21 Dimensions of the over-sized Easter basket Edward insisted on using for the egg hunt.


2 Number of “pitiful” Easter decorations I put up before the party and H took pictures of to make fun of my decorating attempts!


Here’s my mantle graced with Easter lights and children’s pottery masterpieces!


1 Number of children who captured a caterpillar, placed it in an Easter egg lined with soft leaves and exclaimed, “This is Fuzzy, my new pet caterpillar!  She will live in this egg, build her cocoon here and live happily ever after until she comes out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly and follows me around, flying just above my head, for the rest of my life!”


Enough of the humorously pitiful!

What is truly pitiful is a fact our pastor shared with us today:  If you Google the word Easter in “images,” in the first 18 images (which comprise the first page), you will only see one image of Christ or the cross.  The rest are frolicking bunnies, bright eggs, ducks and fluffy chicks.  (Try it!)

Now that, my friends, is honestly pitiful because the true meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ!

He has risen!  He has risen indeed!  Hallelujah!


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14 Comments to “It’s Kind of Pitiful…”

#1 Posted by kim (13.04.09 at 10:15 )

Sounds like it was a great time!
Sorry we missed it
Have fun at your brothers wedding 🙂
Much love

kims last blog post..The reason we celebrate Easter

#2 Posted by JoyMama (13.04.09 at 10:40 )

Looks like a lot of fun!

I see your point about the Google images… on the other hand, all the Easter decorations at our place were about bunnies and eggs too…

We used a sunrise over at Elvis Sightings! 🙂

JoyMamas last blog post..Is this how it feels?

#3 Posted by Helene (13.04.09 at 12:10 )

We had the same thing happen with hotdogs at my kids’ b-day party awhile back. I thought all the moms would want their kids to eat the “healthy” turkey dogs but everyone seemed to be disappointed that there weren’t enough beef hotdogs!!

I love how you had the kids pray before the Easter egg hunt…I agree that it’s sad that many people forget the reason for the holiday. Same thing with Christmas, I’m afraid.

Helenes last blog post..Hide-n-Seek (Mommy style)….

#4 Posted by kia (good enough mama) (13.04.09 at 12:14 )

Now I’m craving a nitrate-infested, mystery-meat-containing hot dog. Thanks.

Also, I think it’s really unfair that your MM post is so much more interesting than mine today. Just sayin…

kia (good enough mama)s last blog post..We’re Ready for the Rabbit!

#5 Posted by Monday Mumbers « Good Enough Mama (13.04.09 at 12:18 )

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#6 Posted by acarlson (13.04.09 at 17:49 )

All I’ve got to say is that the hot dogs would have gone a lot faster if H had stopped pointing out the remarkable resemblance to flesh. You know, I’m as earthy as the next girl, but the flesh references were beginning to conjure up images of cannibalism and the like.

#7 Posted by Rhemashope (13.04.09 at 22:22 )

LOVE the picture at the end. You know how to host an Easter egg hunt, my friend!

Rhemashopes last blog post..The Case of the Unclothed Child in a DMR Office

#8 Posted by mrsbear (13.04.09 at 22:33 )

At least you found a solution for the muddy mud.

So are you now the proud owners of a pet caterpillar?

Also, your decorating abilities and my decorating abilities should get together and have coffee, they’d have a lot in common. 😉

mrsbears last blog post..Why Am I Not Getting Anywhere? – HASAY

#9 Posted by Stonefox (13.04.09 at 23:27 )

So much fun going on over here; you better send in the kid’s hair pics. I already have you entered. (If you are a couple days late I’ll let you slide since you are your awesome self. Plus I won’t draw until the 17th or 18th.) Anyways! I’ll be on the lookout!

Stonefoxs last blog post..Has It Affected You?

#10 Posted by Peanut (15.04.09 at 14:22 )

I love the last picture. I’ve struggled with how to have all the Easter fun without leaving out the Easter meaning. As usual, I’m learning from you 🙂

Oh, and the tarp… very smart!

Peanuts last blog post..My big girl, trying to be bigger

#11 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (15.04.09 at 15:38 )

Easter for me this year was almost as chaotic as Christmas. Sounds like yours was much the same. Enjoy the wedding! Of course, we want pictures of said Bible-bearer…please…


elaine @ peace for the journeys last blog post..Go Ahead … Live Your Easter

#12 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (15.04.09 at 15:39 )

As for the Easter bunny…

don’t get me started.


elaine @ peace for the journeys last blog post..Go Ahead … Live Your Easter

#13 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (15.04.09 at 15:40 )

and I’m with acarlson on the flesh-colored hotdogs…



ps: done now

elaine @ peace for the journeys last blog post..Go Ahead … Live Your Easter

#14 Posted by Elizabeth's Husband (15.04.09 at 23:40 )

2 – number of pictures of pitiful looking Easter decorations that I took, but then felt guilty about having taken and deleted, but was surprised to see posted here in this story.

Elizabeth’s Husbands last blog post..Van Prediction