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Love in the Time of Swiffer



Edward on Swiffer:

“Why won’t that mop leave that lady alone?  I think if I were that mop, I’d find me a new lady–one that didn’t have a mop and had never even heard of ‘Swiffer.’

“Do you think that mop is in ‘puppy love’ with that lady?”

Posted on 27 March '09 by , under "Did He Just Say ?".

13 Comments to “Love in the Time of Swiffer”

#1 Posted by kim (28.03.09 at 11:18 )

I think those commercials are creepy!
I am with Edward – leave that lady alone and stop serenading her – just stop it!

Love you

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#2 Posted by the domestic fringe (28.03.09 at 12:09 )

That is SO funny! I’m cracking-up.

I’m hosting a give-away today. Enter by midnight Sunday for a chance to WIN!!!


#3 Posted by Tari (28.03.09 at 13:19 )

now you can explain the concept of “stalking” to him 🙂

Taris last blog post..If Only

#4 Posted by JoyMama (28.03.09 at 13:57 )

Smart kid. Stalked by your old mop… now if that doesn’t give you a reason NOT to switch to Swiffer… besides the expense & ecological incorrectness, of course!

Can you tell that I have not yet succumbed to the lure of Swifferdom? LOL!

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#5 Posted by Elle (28.03.09 at 20:10 )

LOL! That mop is kinda creepy. I wouldn’t want it stalking me.

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#6 Posted by ashley (29.03.09 at 16:09 )

I am clueless! So confused. Ashley

#7 Posted by Helene (29.03.09 at 22:30 )

LOL…he says the cutest things!!! My niece always makes fun of those commercials too…and she’s always singing that song “Baby Come Back”…ugh!

I’m excited about the story on Van Pan…I’m gonna go check it out!

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#8 Posted by mrsbear (29.03.09 at 22:37 )

lol. That mop does tend to be a bit of a stalker. No means no. Get on with your life. Once again, that Edward is an old soul with abounding wisdom. I do love my Swiffer though not as much as my vacuum, Swiffer won’t put a dent in my dog hair invasion.

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#9 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (29.03.09 at 23:21 )

neither the swiffer nor the mop have to worry about competition at my home. The sponges war it out over here…which one will warrant a bucket of soapy water, my hands and knees, and willingness therein!

I don’t think they’ve ever wanted my affection.


elaine @ peace for the journeys last blog post..One

#10 Posted by Andrea's Sweet Life (30.03.09 at 00:14 )

They don’t make restraining orders for mops, apparently.

Good job getting the organic diaper cream out, I’m going to have to try that concoction of yours. Thanks!

Andrea’s Sweet Lifes last blog post..Beans With a Side of You Don’t Wanna Know

#11 Posted by kia (good enough mama) (30.03.09 at 13:08 )

Sounds like E is a bit of a player. You better keep an eye on that one! 😉

kia (good enough mama)s last blog post..Monday Mumbers

#12 Posted by Three Channels » Because Mondays are trying enough… (30.03.09 at 23:27 )

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#13 Posted by astarte (31.03.09 at 12:07 )

Those commercials are so stupid! She needs to get a restraining order on that mop! They’re almost as bad as the ones with the giant termites that knock on people’s doors and try to get let into the house – Orkin, I think they’re for. YUCK.