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Random Tuesday Thoughts Spoiled Eggbeaters


This is the Un Mom‘s creation and if you haven’t done it, you should start!

* I found a carton of Eggbeaters in my fridge a few minutes ago.  From November 2008.  Do you think it’s spoiled?

*  Edward is playing Upward Soccer for the first time, proudly expounding to anyone who will listen that his team is the Cardinals.  Trouble ensued, however, yesterday when he received his blue uniform because all the Upward uniforms are identical.  “Coach Kelly, Cardinal Coach Kelly, there are no blue cardinals.  I think we have the wrong uniform.  The cardinal bird is a bright red, Cardinal Coach Kelly!  Red, I tell you!”  Here’s what I wrote on his application form:  We need the most patient coach you have, please. And Cardinal Coach Kelly is amazingly patient…so far.

*  Although it’s early for the season and I haven’t been in any woods, I have contracted a huge ‘swok’ of poison ivy on my forearm.  How could this happen?

*  I haven’t adjusted to my hair but I’m still living up to the purse.  A friend had to go get the purse for me at the ball park Saturday because my children had to visit the squatty potty four times during an hour-and-a-half baseball game.  As she hefted it up, she described it as a “suitcase.”  I was a bit miffed until she began rifling around in it and pulled out an entire bottle of organic ketchup.  After two hours of sport, I finally set up shop on the bleachers with the ketchup, three orders of french fries and a pump bottle of hand gel.  This enabled me to watch the game for five minutes.

*  Edward downloaded $21.00 worth of games to my cell phone before I realized his new-found skills.  (Ignore my own inability to download new ring tones.)  Now he clutches my cell phone in one hand and a ketchupy french fry in the other while swigging a Sprite and pretending to watch his brother’s baseball game.


*  If I made an omlette with those Eggbeaters, how many of you would try it and why?

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19 Comments to “Random Tuesday Thoughts Spoiled Eggbeaters”

#1 Posted by kim (25.03.09 at 09:41 )

man I should have gotten him to set up my new cell phone yesterday
I have had it for a week and the directions just confuse me!!
SO I still have my old phone – LOL
Had fun yesterday lets play again soon 🙂

kims last blog post..Mothers

#2 Posted by Patty (25.03.09 at 09:58 )

I think I would actually try your omelette, mostly because it would be a meal that I didn’t have to prepare. After more than a week of nearly constant nursing, I feel like all I do is feed people (most of whom don’t even seem very appreciative of my efforts).

Pattys last blog post..Monday Mumbers

#3 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (25.03.09 at 10:04 )

Wow. Just wow. That is some serious randomness. I love the request for the most patient coach. I’ll have to try that.

Although I would totally be like Edward about the matching unis. How do you know who to pass to if both teams look the same?

And No. I would not eat an omelette with those eggs. My chef husband uses real eggs past the sell-by date on the carton, saying that they’re fine for a lot longer. I just have to block it out. I’m the one who gets suspicious of the milk the day it expires and throws it out just on principle.

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..Do or do not blog. There is no try.

#4 Posted by Tonggu Momma (25.03.09 at 10:11 )

My nephews played Upwards basketball and LOVE it. I hope they have a lot of fun, despite the blue uniforms. Hee hee.

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..A Lesson on How to Advocate

#5 Posted by Keely (25.03.09 at 10:42 )

I’d try it. Those expiry dates are more like *guidelines*, really. Right?

Also, how does sour cream go bad? It’s already sour. I apply that principle when it’s expiry date was 3 months ago and there’s no visible mold.

Keelys last blog post..In fact, I may forget I posted this at all, and then panic later: Random Tuesday Thoughts

#6 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (25.03.09 at 11:26 )

And who gave him the cell phone?

Our six year old daughter saved up her $ for a DS. We finally got it, and I wish we hadn’t. I began having flashbacks to years ago when I went through the same thing with my older sons. I began to notice some “personality” shifts because of it. I quickly saw it in my daughter, had to step back, and re-institute some “rules” regarding her time with the DS.

Have mercy…she’s not getting access to a cell until she’s married!!! For the record, my older sons are on my plan but have to pay for their phone and any other miscellaneous charges…from the very beginning. They both were also required to get jobs at 16–best thing any parent could give to a child…the gift of responsibility.

I’m not preaching here, really I’m not. Just some very random thoughts as I try to get off my duff and get on my way today.


#7 Posted by Helene (25.03.09 at 12:52 )

I think I have a container of cottage cheese in my fridge from Sept 2008…it just keeps getting shoved further and further back. I have no clue why I don’t just pull it out and throw it away. I consider it a science project of sorts.

I totally love the comment you wrote on your son’s application!! My older twins are starting T-ball in May and I think I may have to borrow that comment for the unsuspecting, unlucky coach who will have them on his/her team.

Helenes last blog post..In his defense….

#8 Posted by the domestic fringe (25.03.09 at 13:34 )

LOL! Ketchup in your purse? I guess a mom can never be too prepared.

My son is always bugging me for my cell phone. Why do our kids know how to use our electronic gadgets better than we do?

I like eggs, real eggs.


#9 Posted by GreenJello (25.03.09 at 16:29 )

EggBeaters taste spoiled no matter when the due date is. LOL!

#10 Posted by mrsbear (25.03.09 at 16:40 )

I love the randomness, so true to life isn’t it? Thoughts in my world are so rarely coherent or connected. Your fridge kind of sounds like my fridge. I’m so anal about eating expired stuff, even if it’s a day over I’m reluctant to try it…although if it smells alright I’ll feed it to the kids and husband. Does that make me a bad mom? 🙁

That Edward, he keeps you on your toes, doesn’t he? lol.

mrsbears last blog post..Cloudy Days and Random Tuesday Thoughts

#11 Posted by Rhemashope (25.03.09 at 22:23 )

No way would I eat your omlette!

You had me laughing at the fact that the french fries and organic ketchup enabled you to watch 5 min. of the game. Oh, I can so relate!

Rhemashopes last blog post..Know That I Am With You

#12 Posted by kia (good enough mama) (25.03.09 at 22:42 )

Chicklet, I am SO not eating that omlette. That’s disgusting. Is it green? And lumpy?

I love that Edward downloaded the games whilst you were unaware. This is awesome! Now take it out of his college fund, stat!

Keep living up to the bag, baby!

kia (good enough mama)s last blog post..With a Google Google Here and a Google Google There…

#13 Posted by ali (26.03.09 at 01:57 )

I’ll skip the omelette but hand over those fries!

#14 Posted by Peanut (26.03.09 at 08:22 )

Crazy what those kids can do with electronics. We were shocked when KK was two and she could totally run my iPod Touch without us teaching her a thing!

Um, will you still be my friend if I refuse your omelette?!

Peanuts last blog post..A hard week to write

#15 Posted by Jaden (27.03.09 at 08:54 )

I like your hair!! Thanks for stopping by…. oh and that purse is fab! Don’t you love it when you find a bargain and it’s the ONLY ONE?! Feels like it was meant to be… Shopping divinity, if you will 😉

Have a wonderful weekend… Oh and keep that phone away from your boy! Yikes! Wouldn’t want to end up with a $300 phone bill… I did that to my mom once.

Jadens last blog post..I Promised Fuzzy Birthday Pics

#16 Posted by Maddy (27.03.09 at 10:06 )

Ooo dear. I have similar issues with my camera being stolen and a zillion photos of primary colours suddenly appear but at least that doesn’t cost!

Maddys last blog post..How to insult someone in a foreign language

#17 Posted by Stimey (27.03.09 at 19:19 )

Dontcha hate it when your kids figure out how to download things, but for some reason you have to pay for them?

Stimeys last blog post..Stimey Is Happy.

#18 Posted by Elle (27.03.09 at 22:23 )

Sorry, I’m not trying those eggbeaters unless you come over and try one of the science experiments in my fridge. Did he download anything good? Maybe he can get you some new ringtones. How many people actually carry organic ketchup around in their purses? LOL! At least you put it to good use.

Elles last blog post..Aloha Friday ~ No Offense!

#19 Posted by astarte (31.03.09 at 12:06 )

I totally am with him on the uniforms – sounds like they should be the Bluejays or something!

You’d have to pay me a lot of money to eat that omlet, although it *probably* would be fine.