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GF/CF Friday Product Review: Zebra Dreams

Every Friday, I will review a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GF/CF) product from the perspective of my 6-year-old, Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for 6 months.

(HelloKittieMama from the BonBonGazette will also be posting reviews on her site, so please check her out! )

I personally have spent a small fortune trying GF/CF fare from countless grocery stores, health food stores and online venues.  Many of my choices have been met with Edward’s great disdain and disgust.  A few, however, had moved on to become treasured favorites.  It is my hope that these reviews will save others the pain and expense of throwing away $6.99 loaves of bread and $8.00 cookies!

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The “Zebra Dream” is a true winner from many perspectives.  The big draw is the white Oreo-like middle.  Edward’s first inclination was to scrape out that sugary innard and leave the dark chocolate cookie pieces for later.  Those pieces did languish on the plate for about 30 minutes while he ran off to jump on the trampoline.  He did return to them, however, and finish all but a few chunks.  (Even Sue consumed her personal twin pack without leaving too many crumbs.)

It appears that this separate “twin packaging” is an attempt to prevent these dry delicacies from crumbling.  Edward did note that he experienced “great thirst” after eating the cookies.  Still he proclaimed that they tasted like “cake,” and we all know cake is good.

Note what the package looks like after being dropped onto a tile floor from a 6-year-old’s grasp:

I’m not sure about the durability of these dreams in a school lunch.

Zebra Dreams: Fragile but Tasty!

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#1 Posted by MT (01.08.08 at 15:06 )

You know. Something Scary just happened. I posted mine and then I went over here to read yours and almost fell out of my chair. I had been going back and forth about reviewing THESE SAME COOKIES vs. the Chocolate Milk!!!! I went with the milk because my daughter when I took the cookies out of the cabinet my daughter announced they were “her pink cookies” because of the packaging and I didn’t want to have a meltdown when I gave them to her brother. Argh!!! That is really funny though that you reviewed them!!!!

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#2 Posted by GF/CF Friday Product Review: Zebra Dreams (01.08.08 at 17:54 )

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#3 Posted by autismfamily (01.08.08 at 20:52 )

These look really good and I know what you mean about the price of these items. Thanks for following me on twitter and glad to meet you. Turns out the other link and commenter here is someone I have known online for many years (MT) from epinions. Did you know that WholeFoods is on twitter. They follow many people and take suggestions too.

I have reviewed some items on my site:


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#4 Posted by Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle (01.08.08 at 21:48 )

They look pretty good to me, but I’m not sure if my son would be willing to try them. He is pretty suspicious of things that are “soft” or “squishy”. Of course, the fact that they are cookies would be a plus; he does eat the K*Toos sandwich cookies.

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my 5MFSN post today. I appreciate it!