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Not Milquetoast

My brother, sister-in-law-to-be and nephew are in town so it’s been slightly crazy.  They are having a secret wedding in a few weeks, so there’s a lot going on.  Sorry I haven’t had time to respond to any comments but I’ll be back on track Wednesday.  In the meantime, enjoy this!


Notice the glowing plastic wine glasses with 2% organic milk!




Why can’t life be this simple?


Good times!

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12 Comments to “Not Milquetoast”

#1 Posted by Helene (15.03.09 at 00:37 )

How cute is that??!! They are adorable, toasting one another and then drinking up their milk! Those wine glasses are pretty cool!

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#2 Posted by Peanut (15.03.09 at 01:17 )

Those wine glasses are VERY COOL! Enjoy the time with your family 🙂

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#3 Posted by JoyMama (15.03.09 at 07:31 )

Well, it *was* going to be a secret wedding… LOL!

Way cool milk/wine-glasses. Where did you get those?!

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#4 Posted by Tonggu Momma (15.03.09 at 08:37 )

So… are they practicing for the toast at the wedding?

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Sunday Linkage

#5 Posted by Laura (15.03.09 at 15:16 )

remind me to never tell you a secret!

Cute pix…cheers!

Lauras last blog post..Quirking Out

#6 Posted by Danette (15.03.09 at 16:06 )

LOL, not so secret anymore :).

Too cute, I love the pictures.

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#7 Posted by cbowman (15.03.09 at 22:13 )

Secret, huh? Not anymore! Cute glasses.

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#8 Posted by mrsbear (15.03.09 at 22:14 )

Hope the secret wedding stays under wraps. Obviously we won’t tell anyone.

And milk always tastes better from a plastic wine glass…;) Very cute. Enjoy the family time!

mrsbears last blog post..Walk On By – HASAY

#9 Posted by Carla (17.03.09 at 12:09 )

Cute glasses!!!!

and not so very secret wedding afterall. 😉

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#10 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (17.03.09 at 15:57 )

Oh, how I wish life could stay this simple. FOREVER… 🙂 Milk. Little girls and milk. Awesomeness.

Kia (GoodEnoughMama)s last blog post..Random Tuesday Whining and Complaining

#11 Posted by Stimey (19.03.09 at 14:01 )

Everything is better in a wine glass.

Especially wine.

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#12 Posted by the domestic fringe (19.03.09 at 18:45 )

Adorable. I wish life really were that simple.


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