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They Wreak Havoc

So, so quiet…infinitely peaceful…only the hum of the dishwasher competes with the occasional squeal of teens illegally driving golf carts up and down the hill in front of my house.

Why?  Because I have locked my children outside with a tupperware bowl, 1 cup of coffee beans, ½ cup of bread crumbs, an open can of expired black beans, 4 slices of defrosting and inedible Glutino bread and several sticks.  This is Occupational Therapy for the day!  At our appointment yesterday, our OT recommended we start mixing textures during our tactile pursuits.

Mix away, my dear ones!

Just visualize those neurons connecting!

This is the havoc they wreaked earlier today when I was trying to craft a post:

I suppose they were connecting neurons then, too.

Or perhaps driving me further toward seizing that sample box of Lexapro…

Posted on 29 July '08 by , under Autism Spectrum/Sensory Processing.

3 Comments to “They Wreak Havoc”

#1 Posted by Rachel Lacy (31.07.08 at 12:20 )

Your kids crack me up! I just spent a few minutes going through your posts. Hilarious! I love the Brown/Fountain story. Too funny!

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#2 Posted by Anonymous (01.08.08 at 06:46 )

That’s a great way to look at it! Connecting neurons. I must remember that.

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#3 Posted by andreacook (21.08.08 at 09:14 )

What’s the big deal? My house looks like that all day, every day. I only pick up 2 minutes before a guest arrives or my husband comes home. We have SO much in common girl! Seriously, we even have the same toys. You must be a very strong woman for God to have ‘blessed’ you with such a handful! Can’t wait to get to know you better through your posts!

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