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Ash Wednesday

Because I do not hope to turn again


Because I do not hope


Because I do not hope to turn


Because I know that time is always time

I rejoice that things are as they are

Teach us to sit still

Even among these rocks,

Our peace His will

Posted on 27 February '09 by , under Faith is the Evidence.

12 Comments to “Ash Wednesday”

#1 Posted by Tonggu Momma (27.02.09 at 09:16 )

Love the new do!

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#2 Posted by mrsbear (27.02.09 at 11:55 )

It’s lovely, Elizabeth. And your hair looks nice too. 😉

mrsbears last blog post..Still a Winner (Just Not at County Level)

#3 Posted by Patty O. (27.02.09 at 12:07 )

I love it!!! It is really, really cute!

Patty O.s last blog post..random thoughts

#4 Posted by kim (27.02.09 at 15:20 )

Oh it looks ADORABLE!
I can’t wait to see you!
Do you like it??

kims last blog post..Soccer Season has Begun!!

#5 Posted by ashley (27.02.09 at 15:29 )

It looks beautiful! You are so brave! I have a beautiful picture of you and little girl. “She, (emphasis on she) looks good with short hair mamma.” Thank you sweetie. GOTTA love the honest.

Much love, Ashley

#6 Posted by Peanut (27.02.09 at 16:04 )

Wow! That is SO CUTE!! What a big change. Do you love it?

Peanuts last blog post..My big girl just got bigger

#7 Posted by BQkimmy (27.02.09 at 18:37 )

oh, I really like it!

BQkimmys last blog post..Goodbye to the Kazakh Curls

#8 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (27.02.09 at 22:29 )

Such a pretty new do. AND some sweet words.

Thanks for sharing!

#9 Posted by Stonefox (28.02.09 at 03:41 )

It looks great! You’ve got to submit this for the contest I am doing soon (FUN and PRIZES!) i will email you.

Stonefoxs last blog post..Spiritual Sex Part II

#10 Posted by the domestic fringe (28.02.09 at 21:28 )

BEAUTIFUL! Are you happy with it?


the domestic fringes last blog post..Vacation Land Getaway

#11 Posted by astarte (11.03.09 at 10:28 )

Oooh!!! nice!!

#12 Posted by Blogtos (24.03.09 at 16:47 )