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George Washington’s Blood Chin

I’ve marveled before at Sue’s coloring ability which is true three-year-old art compared to her brothers who would just slap a random mark across a page and call it done.

Here is George Washington with what Sue calls a “blood chin.”


“See the blood?” she asks cheerfully.

“Yes, I see that red on his chin. What’s the deal with that?” I ask, certainly interested.

“Well, that’s his blood chin.  His chin has the blood,” she tells me matter-of-factly.

“Oh my!” I interjected brightly. “Was he injured some way?”

(I figured she might be remembering her own recent chin wounding and ER experience.)

“No, he was not hurt.  He just has this blood chin.  See it here?”

Alrightly then. I can’t argue.

Her brothers certainly thought this was all cool.

“Look!  It’s George Washington with a bunch of BLOOD on his chin!  Man, that’s awesome!  How did he really die?”

(I dare not tell them about the strange wheat bran poultices, blood-letting, emetic tartars or molasses, vinegar and butter tinctures.  No good can come of that knowledge!)

Many times I wonder how different she would be if she didn’t have brothers…


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12 Comments to “George Washington’s Blood Chin”

#1 Posted by Tonggu Momma (22.02.09 at 19:55 )

That is too, too funny… and I comfort myself by just saying that ole George cut himself shaving. (And did I ever tell you that the husband is a direct descendant of Martha Washington?)

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#2 Posted by Helene (23.02.09 at 01:19 )

That’s funny!! And even funnier that her brothers thought it was so cool!

Helenes last blog post..The top 10 things my kids will never hear come out of my mouth…

#3 Posted by Peanut (23.02.09 at 09:16 )

Interesting. I wonder where the blood came from?

I’m pretty sure the value of brothers is not fully realized until sometime in adulthood. Until then, boys are gross!

Peanuts last blog post..My big girl just got bigger

#4 Posted by Felicia (23.02.09 at 11:14 )

That truly is funny!!! What an imagination!!!

#5 Posted by kim (23.02.09 at 11:55 )

She is precious!
Love her creativity 🙂

kims last blog post..Mom is doing better

#6 Posted by mrsbear (23.02.09 at 13:18 )

What is it with boys and their fascination for gore? You have to admit though, it does make that friendly little cartoon that much more interesting. I wonder what her teacher had to say about it. Could he have also lost his nose during that unfortunate chin incident? 😉

mrsbears last blog post..When It Sneaks Up on You – HASAY Update

#7 Posted by Jaden (23.02.09 at 14:59 )

Of course! Blood chin. Shoulda known 😉

She would be totally different without brothers… But would you really want that??

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#8 Posted by astarte (23.02.09 at 20:41 )

A blood chin?! I wonder if she heard the term ‘blood kin’ anywhere and got confused?

#9 Posted by Elle (23.02.09 at 23:55 )

Blood Chin..too funny. Maybe his axe slipped when he cut down that cherry tree. I love the pic of the boys.

Elles last blog post..Mental Defective Monday 4

#10 Posted by Mom on the Run (24.02.09 at 10:17 )

That is funny. Kids do say some funny things. I’m a mom so I get what she is saying! Makes sense to me.

The whole girl-boy thing is funny. In my family we have two girls, then my son. My son is a combo of rough and tumble, yet quite emotional when he doesn’t get his own way. I wonder if this is because he has sisters or is it just the person he is.

You commented on my twitter post… I have found that I get responses by asking specific questions on twitter… “My child has…. Does anyone have any idea what I should do?” …when I need an answer. Now as far as conversations on twitter, I am a little shy. I see some people have conversations simultaneously with 10 or 20 people. My nonmultitaksing brain can’t handle that at all!

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#11 Posted by Patty O. (24.02.09 at 11:05 )

I often wonder the same thing about my daughter, who will soon have 2 brothers. She plays with cars and trucks and is not at all interested in dolls. Then again, I was sort of the same way when I was a girl….

Patty O.s last blog post..correction

#12 Posted by hopealso (at hippie dippie bébé) (27.02.09 at 02:38 )

I love this. This is why we have kids lol. Been meaning to check out the famous blood chin since I saw your twitter awhile back. It does not disappoint!

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