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Pretzels & Plastic

There’s really nothing all that profound going on today except I went to bite into a Rold Gold sourdough pretzel and saw this:

It’s some sort of translucent plastic rod that’s broken off from the pretzel factory equipment, I’m guessing.  This is such an awesome find I’m not sure what to do, but I’m terribly excited!  Do you think I’ll get free Rold Gold pretzels for life?  Here’s the bag:

Oh, and my house is so crumb-ridden that ants are, in Edward’s words, “feasting gloriously.”  He and Sue have spent the last 45 minutes finding more crumbs on the floor to feed to the ants.  It’s a good day here.

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4 Comments to “Pretzels & Plastic”

#1 Posted by mrsbear0309 (23.07.08 at 22:37 )

That’s awesome, I mean as long as you didn’t swallow any portion of it. You might want to hold out for a free trip to Disney, or a new car, to go along with a lifetime of pretzels. I’m actually having a huge ant problem now also, if I leave anything remotely foodlike anywhere in the house, they’re on it. This morning I found a colony dismantling a roach in my hallway, they’d actually split it in half and were carrying it into my walls. Ack! Now I’ve admitted my house is full of ants AND roaches. Yick. It’s really mostly vermin free. 😉

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#2 Posted by promosyon canta (31.07.08 at 11:05 )

Thanks for the link. Sounds like interesting read

#3 Posted by Anonymous (19.11.08 at 11:13 )

That’s so cool!

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