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Submitting to Mr. Bubble

I know you are all on are on pins and needles wondering about the potty drama, and I am surprised to say we have had a certain amount of success with the Diego pants.  Simply put, the princesses can suffer in silence but Diego can no longer be put in such an, ahem, awkward position.

Somehow, Diego is far more important than Belle, Cinderella and Ariel.  I guess I could console myself with the fact that Sue does have two brothers, so it’s natural for her to shield the boy—right??  Is that good?  Is that bad?  I gather it’s a tad controversial if you think about it too long.

And now my book club is reading this book, Created to be His Helpmeet, about submission and I’m all queeged out about this, although I do agree with some parts.  (I guess part of me is still dealing with the reality of casserole caddies.)

But anyway, now that Sue has made her first tee tee “fountain” as she calls it, (when it is tee tee alone—no poo poo), her demands have begun.  It’s like she’s drunk with the power of it all.  “I’ll take my candy now…and this time I want CHOCOLATE…please.”

And the latest: “I don’t like this white…I need pink paper.”

I’m a slave to this potty stuff.  Remember, she starts her three-year-old preschool class in 22 days, and she must be potty trained by that point or she relinquishes her spot.   And if she loses her spot, I will have to entertain her all day, every single day, while I simultaneously homeschool my two boys.  And I have never homeschooled them together so I am just a wee bit nervous about all this newness.  (I’m sure you veteran homeschoolers out there are rolling your eyes at my whining–but remember, I’m an “accidental” homeschooler and I’m new to all this.)  I also won’t be able to carpool with my dear friend who has 5 children, is homeschooling three of them (also for the first time), and is about to adopt a 6th.

And all of this is a lot of pressure–pressure that has led me to consider importing 140 rolls of pink toilet paper from France.  (That’s the minimum.)  This is the color I believe Sue has in mind:

And here is a picture of the toilet paper laboratory (their word, not mine.)

In researching sources for tinted toiler paper, I found many people lamenting its disappearance from the US.  Why has it gone?  Irritation to the “private area,” of course, although the French toilet paper people claim to have perfected hypoallergenic colored toilet paper.  Alas, we don’t have that technology in the states.

I seem to remember avocado toilet paper in my childhood…and some pumpkin-like color.  These colors went great with the shag carpet my parents chose (and still have) in their bathroom.

And this leads me to an associated memory of Mr. Bubble.  Remember when Mr. Bubble was a powder that came in a large box?  He was simply grand–made the frothiest bubbles–and was such a happy, pink bubble man.

Here’s a link to the the commercial for those of you who are too young to remember.

Like most children growing up in the 1970s, I loved, loved, loved Mr. Bubble.  But then my parents discovered that he made our “tee tees” sting…and, lamentably, we couldn’t use him anymore.

Yet for some unknown/sadistic? reason, my mother kept the box for years and years and years.  Every time I opened that linen closet to procure a towel, or some white (or orange) toilet paper, Mr. Bubble jeered at me from the top shelf.  (Incidentally, the NIH has determined that Mr. Bubble did indeed cause “irritation to the urinary tract.”)

H was not surprised when I told about all of my findings: “Always back to the urethra…” he sighs.

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14 Comments to “Submitting to Mr. Bubble”

#1 Posted by GwynnsGifts (22.07.08 at 02:05 )

Wow, you sound like you lead a wonderfully crazy life. Sounds like you are on the right track with the potty training and I will definetly spend the rest of the night pondering the lose of colored toilet paper. Where has it gone and could it please make a comeback.

GwynnsGiftss last blog post..A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop: Gwynn’s Gifts…an Etsy shop that makes me smile.

#2 Posted by T@SendChocolate (23.07.08 at 05:46 )

I remember Mr. Bubble. Ouch!! I still don’t let my girls take bubble baths, meanest momma in the world that I am.

I found your blog from Karianna’s blog. I was at the Special Needs panel, too. I wish I could have met everyone there, and that we all had more time to sit and chat. It is such a wide, wide Blogosphere, but such a small, small group of us dealing with special needs.

I started a community autism blog called Autism Sucks, and anyone who wants to can write. The goal isn’t to monetize or build traffic, the goal is simply to provide support, all in one place, for parents in the trenches. This wasn’t going to be an ad for the blog, but I figured throwing it out there was a good thing, anyway. Would love to have you write…we love new perspectives.


Oh, and I homeschool my kids, too. I have a 14 yr old, and a 9 yr old and 6 yr old (both the younger ones are on the Spectrum, high-functioning autism)

Now that I have written a book in your comments, I will stop. Take care.


T@SendChocolates last blog post..What I Learned at Blogher ’08 #2

#3 Posted by Belinda Long (23.07.08 at 09:32 )

Ha! I remember Mr Bubble!

Belinda Longs last blog post..The Magic Timer

#4 Posted by ali (23.07.08 at 13:10 )

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen tinted tp in years! My grandma always bought the pink ones for her 3 granddaughters:)

alis last blog post..Howard

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