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Mullet For A Moment

God gave Edward hair that, well, truly reflects his personality—curly, wild, Einstein-like, uncontrollable.  Edward loves his hair long.  He likes to shake his head really fast so his hair will swing around, and preferably hit people.

With the advent of Summer, we’ve let a lot of things go around here—consider the van—and Edward’s hair is just another.  It just kept getting more unruly, ungovernable and more like Jim Morrison’s.  See the similarities?

(Let’s hope they stop here.)

Now that we have gotten questions about whether he’s a girl or not, though, we’ve had to move fast.

So at 4:30 today I had procrastinated enough, and dashed out thinking I could get a quick cut.  In this town?  Not that simple…the one haircut place for children was booked through the end of the day…we left with a stomping, angry Edward. (They provide unlimited gameboy use for children getting haircuts.)  After three more tries, I finally found a place.

“Can you cut it in a mullet so I can take a picture for my blog, and then we’ll finish the cut?”  I asked.  This young,  tattooed girl sized me up quickly:  “Whatever…” she murmured.  (I’m a 41-year-old wearing a baseball cap with my hair in two braids.)

But she completes the mullet cut and starts to embrace the idea.  Edward poses and preens—he’s loving the attention.

And now he looks like a proper boy:

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8 Comments to “Mullet For A Moment”

#1 Posted by Anonymous (20.07.08 at 09:53 )

I like Edward’s haircut. His turned out better than mine! 🙂


#2 Posted by Beck (21.07.08 at 12:40 )

Ah, he’s a handsome little fella/potential Lizard King.

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#3 Posted by Rachel Lacy (22.07.08 at 01:43 )

Lol — I LOVE that you had your child’s hair fashioned into a mullet for a blog picture. That’s awesome!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the BM Jewelry post. I’m with you — still a little squeamish about the idea!

Oh, and unfortunately those are not my shoes. I wish they were (“1” because I love them and “2” it would mean my feet were small!).

Have a great week.

Rachel Lacys last blog post..Monday’s Naptime = Question of the Week

#4 Posted by kerith (22.07.08 at 01:48 )

i love the curls…and the matching pics.

keriths last blog post..This is why you HAVE to love your kids…

#5 Posted by Primacraftymomma (22.07.08 at 10:29 )

OMG the mullet! So funny! I hope he appreciates his mother’s humor.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Primacraftymommas last blog post..Monday Reveal…

#6 Posted by acarlson (14.08.08 at 18:33 )

This is what makes you so fun. Who else would ask the stylist for a mullet so she could take a picture?? Who else would have even THOUGHT of it?? This is why I like you so much!

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