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Things We Say to Psychologists

We’ve seen our share of neuropsychologists, developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, play therapists, physical therapists and the like, in our search for the best way to help Edward, who is delightful and charming at times, but a far cry from neurotypical.  At one of our latest appointments, we met an extremely kind clinical/developmental psychologist whom we warmed to immediately.

She got down on Edward’s level, looked him straight in the eye and asked him where he would most like to travel.  Edward had an immediate answer:

“Well, I’d most like to go to Antarctica where they have lots of permafrost because did you know that if you pee there your urine would immediately freeze and fall to the ice?”

“Yes…well…that is interesting…and certainly true…I guess…”  (She looks at me…I smile knowingly.)

“So, Edward, tell me about your family,” she asks next.

“Well…my Daddy doesn’t smell very good…actually he smells kind of like urine…sometimes he takes a shower to smell better but other times he just rubs on lotion…actually most of the time he just uses the lotion.”

The therapist shakes her head knowingly.  (H is not in the room.)  She looks quickly to me, (actually I’m undaunted), and kindly comments,  “You know we hear all kinds of things in here.”

Yes, I’m sure you do, and I’ll bet before we’ve run through our $500.00 on this evaluation, you’ll hear a lot more…

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2 Comments to “Things We Say to Psychologists”

#1 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (06.08.08 at 21:17 )

Wow. Sounds like home. Except it’s Mars. And the fact that the researchers have found water on Mars. I’m glad I’ve found your blog. It sounds like our boys have a lot in common!

#2 Posted by farmerjeanh (12.09.08 at 18:56 )

Does his father actually smell like urine? If he does you may have your diagnostic answer-I smell like Mouse Pee and have Mitochondrial Disease. This can cause all sorts of neuro issues. The odd body odor is one of the symptoms. There are different manifestations in different individuals, and its hereditary. My Father smelled awful, I smell not quite so bad.