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I did decide to go!

OK, I’m off to New York!  See you in a week!  And thanks so much for all the encouragement.  I promise to come back with many stories!

Have a blessed week!


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Should I Go to New York and Other Guilt

Summer’s upon us.

And I’m running scared.

It’s not that I lament my children will be home with me twenty-four hours per day for the next several months.  I did homeschool them for a few years, so I am used to having them around.

It’s just that “last-few-weeks-of-school” frenzy has me crazed, and has disrupted Edward to the point that I’m considering pulling him out of school.  Yet since there are only two weeks left, that makes little since.


Plus I am supposed to got to New York during the last week of school so why would I blow that?

Why would I?

For the past four years I have gone to New York with my best high school and college friend to work a stationery trade show with her.  It is desperately hard work, but amazingly fun, and many times I believe this trip has saved my sanity and potentially my marriage.

(Yes, I know I’m overly dramatic, but I’m serious about the sanity part.)

Ok, B just walked in here, saw the title of the post, and told me I should go to New York.

I am just seeing poor Edward melt down in the wake of disrupted schedules, class parties and field days.  He simply cannot handle a schedule that switches Social Studies with Art and eliminates Math.  Throw in a Third Grade talent show that he is not able to participate in because he is in Second Grade, and I don’t know what will happen!

Do I think that I am the only person who can help him traverse these schedule-trashed waters?  Do I think that only I can make sure he is safe, well-fed and has enough books?

Can I go on this trip without crushing guilt?

Am I harboring unhealthy angst because he fell off the trampoline while I was in plain sight?

What is wrong with me?

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Peace for the Journey

I have loved Elaine Olsen’s blog, Peace for the Journey, for several years now.  Visiting her web site is like sitting down with a trusted friend for a quiet morning devotion where the coffee has exactly the perfect amount of cream and sugar.

Elaine is an incredibly authentic writer and friend.  One of my favorite topics she discusses is that peace is not the absence of conflict.  Now that is something I need to be reminded of on an hourly basis!

Well now Elaine’s first and most anticipated book is out!  I haven’t read it yet, but plan to do so, and I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the story God is writing through your own life to read it as well.

Elaine’s book is available through Amazon, WinePress and Barnes & Noble!

Have a blessed day!

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Roof Tampons, Petrified Cotton Candy and Other Flood Tales

My town has received 16 inches of rain in the past 48 hours!  Here’s a house in my neighborhood.

We almost bought this house six months ago when we were house-hunting.  We even had a contract on it, but pulled out because of some inspection issues:

The sellers told us we wouldn’t need flood insurance…

We do have water running through the crawl space of our house, but thanks to our trench-digging a few months ago, it flows right through the space and into the yard.  Not ideal, but certainly workable!

Plus we got to run the fire place all weekend to keep the deluge of rain from spilling out into the floor.  Nothing like a fire when it’s 75 degrees!

Earlier today we noticed a seeping brown spot in the playroom ceiling.

H went up to the attic to check it out, but the spot was almost beyond his reach.  He called down and asked me to find a long stick and several tampons.

What was the point of questioning him?  I grabbed the tampons.

He stobbed a few “medium flows” on the end of the stick and jammed them in the leaky spots.

So far they are working like a charm!  It will be simple to change them out if the rain continues.

Please don’t think I am complaining because we are blessed to be safe and dry, but we have been confined to the home since Friday afternoon, and the children have resorted to some rather creative sources of entertainment.

Sue taped paper plates to her feet and scooted about the house.

H  finally just went to the grocery store because we were seriously out of most staples.

We even resorted to cleaning out the pantry in search of interesting vittles and found this:

Yes, it’s petrified cotton candy.

Here’s the bottled water aisle in our local grocery:

Oh, and of course school is canceled for tomorrow!  And nobody is talking about rabid skunks anymore either, although there was a news story about a man and his parrot who were rescued by jet ski.

Still, seriously the flooding in this area has been epic, and many people are in true trouble.  So many homes were not in flood plains and therefore did not have flood insurance.

It’s got the makings of a fascinating week…

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