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Random Hand-Foot-Mouth Tuesday Thoughts


“Owwwww my thung!  My thung!  It huuuuts!”

I am awakened from a dead sleep to a tiny girl clad in polar bear fleece pajamas, her tongue thrust forward to show me what can only be the beginnings of the thrilling “Hand-Foot-Mouth” disease.  (A personal favorite!)

So I finally get her to agree to wipe her encrusted face with a warm washcloth.  I smooth back her hair, examine the spots around her mouth, and ask her to show me the carbuncular tongue.

This is when I gasp and recoil because the tongue has a thick greenish oooze covering it.

I reel–my mind races–surely this is some horrific infection–possibly the beginnings of gangrene.

“Does it hurt?” I wail, surmising that if there is pain, nerve endings are still alive.

“Oh Mama, that is just some of that green St. Patrick’s day flower cookie stuck on my tongue,” she smiles.



And I see you helped yourself to this before awakening me.  Is it possible that the green coloring and sugar are contributing to the pain of the sores?

It’s a good way to start a day.



Next the obligatory puppy-destroy.


It was a red, Nerf football.

Wait…this dog is like 18 months old…does she still qualify as a puppy?


Yet the joy, joy of my day was picking up Edward and seeing a telltale green scrap clutched in his muddy hand.  Yes, finally he is the recipient of a “Got Cha!”  It’s a school award lauding a child for some great deed.

“Well, it says the award is for ‘Citizenship,’ and I’m not sure what that actually is, but I got it at lunch and I did stay in my seat the whole time and didn’t spill my pears so I figure I’m doing pretty good.”

Yes, it sounds like you are!

(This whole idea belongs to the Un Mom, so go visit her blog and learn more about Random Tuesday Thoughts!)

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Luge Glasses

“See, we got all the ice out of the sandbox and we’re buildin’ our own Luge! Just like the Lympics!  Sorta like a puzzle!  It’s gonna go so faaaast!  Just watch and see!”


“Da, deh, deh da da da da da…you know the Lympics song?”


“It’s gonna be so speedy, we’re gonna need some special glasses to protect our eyes!”





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