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Guest-Posting at Domestic Fringe!

I’m guest-posting at Tricia’s this weekend, so please pop on over and check out her site!

Happy Spring!

Here are a few images from last Spring.  It’s hard to believe how quickly they grow!



Edward at T-ball!


Joseph hits a triple at C-ball!


Have a grand day!

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Monday Mumber Mumbo Jumbo Humbo


Thanks to Kia, again, for making Monday manageable again!

1 – Number of teeth Edward lost last week.  “My incisors are gone!  All I have are molars and canines!  I can no longer say the word ‘the’ beautifully!  I have no front teeth.  The train traveled…hmmm.”

H texted me this up-to-the-minute conversation while I was having dinner with Ashley of Many Sparkling Gems.  She looked at me so quizzically, as I’m sure you are too.

Translation: Edward has now lost all four front teeth and can no longer make the “th” or “tr” sounds just like Cindy from Brady Bunch, who employed a tongue twister book in her own cost-effective form of speech therapy.  (Would that we all had it so easy!)  Later Buddy Hinton, a bully who plagues Peter throughout this episode, aptly entitled “A Fistful of Reasons,” asks to borrow Cindy’s book after Peter knocks out his two front teeth.  “The train traveled” was part of a tongue twister.  The grand part of this tooth loss is that it brings Edward $5.00 closer to paying me back for the games he downloaded to my cell phone.  (Sort of like reading The Wasteland with the notes?)

450 Number of times per day I tell my children not to ‘W” sit…that it will lead to knee and hip replacements in later years…


10 – Number of days my neighbors are gone to the beach and are therefore unable to address the pool water seepage I discussed last week.

6 – Number of days before the “Big Easter Egg Hunt” held at my house…in the mud and pool water seepage.  Bring out yer rain boots!

3 – Number of times Edward asked the hostess at our local Mexican restaurant the definition of a composite number.  “So, how many composite numbers do you think you could name?”

5 – Number of clay items other children completed during a 6-week pottery class.

1 1/2 – Number of items Edward completed during the same class because he chose to harness all his creative energy into the one “pig-mouse” pictured here.  Understandable.  (There is also a claim of a penguin, which is the white lump next to the “pig-mouse.”  Since it has never been painted, I’m hopeful he’s created the amazingly rare “albino” penguin…)


Behold, the “Pig-Mouse!”


I can’t wait for it to grace my mantle!

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GF/CF Friday Review: Arico Chocolate Chunk Gluten Free Cookies


“They don’t even taste organic!”  Edward on the Arico Cookie!  (That’s a good sign!)


I picked up these beauties at Whole Foods while out of town, and I’ll have to say they look yummy, and are quite moist!  Other aficionados of GF/CF cookies might note that many are dry and troublingly uniform in shape.  Yet these treats look like “real” home-made chocolate chip cookies.  One might even call them “Chips-A-Hoy esque!”


Edward found them delicious, and even thrilled to them during Sue’s school indoor egg hunt today…not one whine over the forbidden hot-pink iced sugar cookies with sprinkles!

INGREDIENTS: Flour base (organic brown rice whole grain flour, rice starch, rice protein, baking soda), organic dark chocolate (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa paste, organic cocoa butter, non GMO soy lecithin, organic vanilla. Chunks may contain traces of milk protein due to manufacturing equipment), organic cage free eggs, organic cane sugar, chicory extract, organic agave nectar, organic palm oil, organic sunflower/safflower oil, calcium carbonate, natural flavor, sea salt. Contains eggs, soy and may contain traces of milk protein.

Here he is supporting Arico’s confection:


Edward, who has been on the GF/CF diet for over a year now, adored these treats!  That’s enough for me!  We’ll have to request these at our local Publix.


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