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Guess What Santa Brought?

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Playing Santa

Felicia at Go Graham Go agreed to let me “Play Santa” over at her site and pontificate on a few top items on my children’s Christmas List.  Per usual, I am woefully late in fulfilling this mission.  Everything around here has been incredibly late, or just plain old incomplete.  Still my children have compiled lists, emailed Santa, refined lists, re-emailed Santa with edits, and sobbed because they received a “C +” on an online Santa Claus behavior quiz.

(That was today at church when Edward shared his less than stellar score with another little girl who claimed to have received an “A +” on her behavior quiz.)

“What can I do to improve my behavior grade for Santa?  I’ll do anything!  What in the world can I do?”  He cried woefully after sharing this sorrowful tale of mediocrity.

“Well, maybe just clean your room and stay seated at the table during meals.  Those were two heavily-weighted questions,” I encouraged.  “Oh.  Well, that’s impossibleimpossible!” he countered.  “I guess I’m stuck with a C +.”  He ran away happily.

It’s encouraging to see a child who so readily accepts average when it comes to behavior…

At any rate, my children have many items on their respective lists, the top one on each child’s list (if you combine all descriptions) being a “live, newborn Boston terrier girl boy puppy.”  Yes, it’s Sue who emphasizes the word “live” each time she is asked by friends and strangers alike.

“So what do you want for Christmas, sweet girl?” the hapless stranger or relative asks.  “A LIVE dog.  A live one.  He’s got to be ALIVE!” she shrills.  Apparently she’s seen battery-operated animatronic pups and she will have none of that!

Here’s her list written in her own three-year-old hand.  You can barely make out the word “dog” there with all the “Ho Hos.”  Still it’s there…

Yet back to Felicia’s project.  Since we have not received any of our gifts thus far, I believe I’ll share details on some perennial favorites during my almost 9 years of motherhood.

Every child needs a Cozy Coupe:

It is simply one of the grandest childhood toys around.  Joseph received one on his first birthday (he’s almost nine) and that same coupe has seen us through two additional children.  It has served as a fort, had three children stand on it at one time, careened down rocky hills containing children, stuffed animals, Star Wars action figures, been turned upside down and jumped on, sat out in the rain for years on end, had birthday cake and sidewalk chalk smeared all over it, and housed science experiments in its “trunk.”  It still looks fine with bright colors and is…well…see for yourself:

There are countless years of fun left still in this coupe!  (Yes, it really is my old Mrs. Beasley doll!)

We also have the Police Car coupe which I believe is a must for those with two or more children.   I’d personally love to see my old Shirley Temple doll gracing the back seat of that police coupe!

The other items we have thrilled to for years include anything Little People-related.  We currently own the Farm, Zoo, Princess set, Doll House and Nativity.  Again, many of these Joseph received from a wise Santa during his first Christmas!  Those durable Little People can battle Darth Vadar, withstand bubble baths, become mowed down by Hot Wheel cars, get lost in the van for years.  They are just fun, high-quality toys.  Sometimes I’ll put them up for a few months and when I get them back out, it’s honestly like Christmas all over again…

Our favorite is the Navitity set:

Now there’s a set I firmly believe every child should own!

Remember the reason!  Merry Christmas!

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Wordless Wednesday: Heaven if you’re Seven

After driving 2600 miles in 9 days, we are a tad tired.  We did have such a great time in DC and West Virginia!  The boys loved DC!  Here is Edward at the Museum of Natural History; we stayed there for 6.5 hours.  Yes.  He could have moved in!  I can’t wait to share more adventures once the mountain of laundry dwindles slightly…

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My Week in Review

It’s been a grand, busy week with a few notable happenings.  We are packing feverishly to go to Alabama to leave Sue with my MIL (for the first time), and then drive to DC (it’s only 12 hours) for H’s conference.  Then we are taking the boys to West Virginia to ski and toboggan!

Scarlet Fever Update: Sue is cured but Joseph succumbed to an allergic reaction that manifested itself with measles-like bumps all over his entire body and face.  Pleasant and itchy.  One bottle of Benadryl later, we have a new $100.00 antibiotic.  I was inspired by Mrs. Bear’s post to calculate the cost of Scarlet Fever.  $50.00 in copays, $84.00 in Amoxicillan, $100.00 in Omnicef and $4.00 in the eggnog that is apparently the only way to wash down the intolerable Omnicef’s “tropical” flavor.  It’s an expensive illness, if you ask me.  Especially considering that we actually make money on stitches!

Let’s Drive 12 Hours to DC: Yes, it does sound fun, doesn’t it?  Tomorrow we will be driving 6 hours to Alabama to drop of Sue, after which we will gather for a Holiday Photo Opportunity for my MIL’s Christmas card.  I’m not sure what quality of holiday photo she is expecting after 6 hours in the car, but I guess we’ll see, won’t we?  I did get everyone’s hair cut to make sure we would be ready for this photographic extravaganza.

Here’s the finished product.  She actually allowed them to blowdry her hair!

Here’s my eight-year-old-going-on-15 with the specific haircut that allows him to “swoosh” his bangs to the side in a cool gesture:

Should be interesting…  The next morn we’ll arise at dawn to begin our trek to DC.

I’ll try to keep you posted!

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A Grand Award Bestowed

My gracious friend Kia granted me this beauty yesterday, and am so puffed up with pride I can hardly write:

I haven’t been this titillated since I was lauded with the “Kick Ass” award!

Like so many things in life, this accolade does have rules, and while I’m somewhat surprised Kia is actually following them, I firmly believe it is only because this award was granted by an actual MALE blogger:

1. Say one nice thing to a man in your life.

“I think you look rather fetching with your ski bib unzipped like that.”

The explanation:

Tonight H and I dragged out the old ski clothes for the surprise ski trip.  H has a conference in DC, so we are taking the boys, and then on the way back going to West Virginia to, at the very least, play in the snow.   (These are South Georgia boys and they’ve only seen snow once.)

Well, anyhoo, tonight we were trying on the ski clothes we haven’t worn since we had children and I’ll admit I was unable to bring my own ski pants over my thighs.  But that’s a childbirth thing, right?  I mean my hips spread to allow a child to be born, correct?

Well, H’s ski bib will not zip over his tum-tum.  (That’s what three babies did to him.)  He’s decided to wear it unzipped to his waist and cover the non-zipping portion with his metallic ski jacket.

The pictures should be grand!  Just wait!

2. List at least six ways that you measure success in your life (or for your blog).

1.  The van pulls out of the driveway and every child is wearing shoes.

2.  I manage to wear my extended wear, two-week contacts for eight weeks without contracting an eye contagion.

3.  I actually cook a perfect poached egg.

4.  At least one person reads this blog and leave a comment.  Yeah!  I’m not alone!

5.  My seven and eight-year-old boys can name the steps to salvation without thinking and my three-year-old has memorized the Fruit of the Spirit and the Lord’s Prayer.  Of course, I can’t claim that as my own success…

6.  My husband and my children still think I’m sorta fun.

3. Assign this award to six other blogs and leave them a comment telling the blogger that you’ve assigned them this award.

I’d love to award this to some people but it wouldn’t be prudent.  (You know who you are!)  There are so many others, and this is a hard call but I’m pressing forward with:

Bon Bon Gazette

Crazy Jugs

The Red Clay Diaries

Blue Monkey Butt

Down to Earth Mama

Van Pan (Finally a manly award you can actually flaunt!)

If you are a tad squeamed out by the award, just ignore it.  I never mean to offend!

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Nutcracker Dreams I Don’t Deserve

Every year beginning when I was three, my mother and grandmother would take me to the Nutcracker.  I grew up in Nashville, TN, and the ballet there was lovely and quite established.  I would dress in my best Christmas dress, tights and patent leather shoes.

One year, I even had a tiny white fur muff with matching hat.  I supposed looking back, this tradition meant a great deal more to me than I realized at the time.  I have mourned its passing each year since I left for college, and then later when my grandmother died right before my wedding day.

This year, however, in a sort of unexpected blessing, the tradition was rekindled with my tiny Sue who is finally three.  She’s old enough so sit through a ballet without wailing, talking incessantly or needing to nurse.  Right before my eyes, God has transformed her from a chubby, bouncing toddler in to a tender-hearted, long-legged, inquisitive little girl.

I have written before about my pregnancy with Sue, and how, after two miscarriages, I longed for a healthy baby with a fervency I’d never felt before.  I have many dear friends who have battled infertility for countless years.  Some have ended their struggle with a biological child, and others with the grand blessing of adoption.  I certainly cannot imagine those kinds of struggles, but I am certain that in loaning us Sue for a short time, God gave us His best.

So yesterday, when God blessed me with the chance to take my own smallish girl to the ballet, I relished in the event.  I tried to capture many moments in my mind and in my heart.

Here she is waiting in great anticipation for the ballet to begin.

She sat riveted to her seat, mesmerized by the music and the dance.  When we got up for intermission, she was worried that the ballet was over.  When we came back after getting our candy and taking a potty break, she exclaimed, “Oh goody!  We get to see it again!”

“Mama, I want to be there, on that stage, with them.  I want to be there dancing with them.  Can I be, Mama, can I do it?”

“Absolutely, sweetheart, absolutely.”

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